The most popular hot concept for investors in 2018: a song of ice and fire in the capital market

The most popular hot concept for investors in 2018: a song of ice and fire in the capital market

In 2018, the capital market staged a song of ice and fire. Looking back on 2018, one of the deepest feelings for many investors is the endless stream of new policies and popular concepts, and the cold possible numbers.

However, under the new policy and strict supervision, the ecology of the capital market has improved, and there are changes in and out, and the capital market is becoming living water.

  As Liu Shiyu, the chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission said, “The stock market feels like winter. Since winter has come, spring is not far away.

“So, in 2018, some New Deals have become the fulcrum of the future stock market spring?

What sickness has quietly left us?

Which stocks suffered from black swan, some angels fell, and some stocks broke out?

  On January 26, pensions entered the market, making the market “not bad money” News report from China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Lu Aihong said in Beijing that the investment and operation of China’s basic pension insurance fund has steadily advanced. Beijing, Anhui and other 9 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities)Signed a $ 430 billion entrusted investment contract, 2731.

500 million funds have been received and investment has begun.

-As of December 28, the top ten shareholders of 22 companies including Chongqing Construction Engineering, Quartz and other stock companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have directly included investments in basic pension insurance funds.

  On February 22, the Free Trade Zone was launched, and A-shares set off a “speculation” market Shanghai ranking China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Pilot Area Promotion Work Leading Group Meeting to deploy and advance the reform work of the Free Trade Pilot Area in 2018.

——The concept section of the A-share free trade port rose sharply, setting off a “fried map” market.

  When the first CDR was released on March 30, the State Council issued “Several Opinions on the Pilot Pilot Program on Intra-company Issuance or Depositary Receipts of Innovative Enterprises”.

On October 12, the Securities Regulatory Commission formally issued the “Regulations on the Supervision of Depositary Receipt Business of Shanghai and London Stock Market Interconnection (Trial)”.

——During the promotion of CDR, and other companies considered to list in mainland China in the form of CDR.

In June, Xiaomi expected an application for CDR issuance, and the CSRC cancelled Xiaomi’s issuance review.

  April 25 Promote the development of “Internet + medical health” The General Office of the State Council formally released the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of” Internet + Medical Health “”, which clearly pointed out the perfect “Internet + Medical Health” service system to strengthen industry supervision and securityProtection.
-At present, many provinces have issued a series of measures to promote the development of “Internet + medical and health” documents and informationization.

In the big year of medical informatization, the medical sector has become one of the few growth sectors in 2018.

  In the early morning of May 15th when the A-shares were “increased in motorcycles” plus “income into the rich,” Ming Sheng announced the results of its semi-annual index adjustment, announcing the division of A-shares into the MSCI emerging market index from June 2018, involving a total of 234A-share listed company.

On September 27, FTSE Russell, the world’s second largest index company, announced that it will split A shares into its global stock index system, and A shares will be classified as secondary emerging markets. From June 2019, A shares will be classified as secondary emerging

——A preliminary entry of A shares into the global market.

  The official release of the 5G standard on June 14 gave birth to the U.S. 5G international standard-setting organization-3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) approved the fifth generation of mobile communication technology standards (5G) and the new air interface (NR) independent network construction (SA)) Function freezes.

5G has completed the first stage of full-function standardization, and industrial commercial enterprises have entered a comprehensive sprint stage.

— 104 “5G concept stocks” are happy.

Among the top ten bull stocks in 2018, the biggest increase was China Stone Technology, which has gradually increased nearly three times. The bull stock gene: big customer support + 5G concept.

  On July 16, breaking the boundaries of the company and promoting the professional integration of the deputy secretary-general of the SASAC, the news report Peng Huagang pointed out when restructuring the central SOEs, and then he must step up efforts to break through the boundaries of the company by promoting free transfers, paid acquisitions, and the establishment of joint-stock companies.Promote professional integration.

-“Mixed change” goes one step further.

Large state-owned enterprises such as China Unicom have joined the mixed reform team.

On November 14, the SASAC informed the state-owned enterprise mixed reform that the listed company has become an important carrier for the state-owned enterprise mixed reform.

  On August 7, the State Council issued a comprehensive urban cross-border e-commerce pilot zone. The State Council announced that it agreed to establish cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in 22 cities including Beijing, Hohhot, Shenyang, and Changchun.Name) Comprehensive experimental area for cross-border e-commerce.

Nine cross-border e-commerce concept stocks such as cross-border communication, liaison and interaction, Huading shares benefited.

——From January 1, 2019, the new cross-border e-commerce retail import policy was officially implemented.

  On September 15th, some foreign individuals came to open an account. According to the relevant regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, from September 15th, eligible foreign natural person investors can open A-share securities accounts.

This time, two types of personnel are mainly opened to open A-share securities accounts internally. One is a foreigner working internally; the other is a foreign employee of an A-share listed company who works overseas and participates in the distribution of incentives.

-Can foreign retail investors adapt to China’s stock market?

  On October 19th, several ministries and committees spoke for the relief of private enterprises. Yi Gang said that in order to alleviate corporate financing difficulties, the People’s Bank of China is studying to continue to introduce targeted measures, including the implementation of private enterprise bond financing support plans.Promote equity financing support plans for private enterprises.

-At present, many ministries have spoken out intensively to support private 佛山桑拿网 enterprises.

Under the guidance of the private enterprise rescue policy, companies such as Oriental Garden, Tianzhou Culture, and Zhengye Technology have been assisted.  On November 5th, the Science and Technology Board and the registration system in Hope Central decided to establish a science and technology board on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and pilot the registration system to improve the multi-level capital market system.

—— On the afternoon of December 18, the meeting of the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission held a meeting to quickly set up a science and technology board and establish a pilot registration system.

  On December 28, the Xiong’an New Area General Plan was approved. On December 28, the State Council officially approved the “Hebei Xiong’an New Area Master Plan (2018-2035)” with the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

-As of the end of 2018, 118 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have been listed as “Xiongan New District Concept Stocks”.

Most of them are infrastructure companies such as Jidong Cement, Dongfang Yuhong, and Beijing New Building Materials.

  On January 2nd, “Dark Horse Rich” Wang Renguo lost contact with Thai Health on the evening of the same day. The company was unable to contact the actual controller and chairman Wang Renguo, and the relevant information was still being verified.

On May 9, Wang Renguo lost contact twice.

It was not until November 14th that Taihe Health announced that Mr. Wang Renguo had performed his duties normally, but always explained the cause of the “lost contact”.

— In 2018, the chairman of the merged companies, such as Wanjiale, Nanfeng (right protection), and Steyr, all experienced “lost contact”.

  On February 5th, where did scallops go to Zhangzidao (right)? Zhangzidao once again announced that the stock of oyster scallops was abnormal, and “where did the scallops” became a hot topic.

On February 5th, Zhangzi Island announced that the bottom-seeded scallop scallops were weighed. The scallops died due to the decline in the amount of bait organisms and abnormal seawater temperatures.

-Natural disaster or human disaster?

As of December 8, Zhangzidao was still being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  On March 19, the “Jin” blockchain spot Jinjiang shares were regulated. On March 19, Yinjiang issued an announcement saying that it received a letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asking for instructions on whether there was any speculative promotion of the “Hot Blockchain” hotspot concept.

The Air Force said, “Seniu Gold Service, a participating enterprise, has reached a strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Qianmai Forensic Identification Center, and has landed the world’s first blockchain electronic data forensic identification certificate.”

-From January to March 19, more than 20 listed companies have been monitored for blockchain spots.

  Putuoshan’s listing on April 2 caused controversy. Putuoshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Putuoshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. updated its prospectus.

On April 11, the official website of the Chinese Buddhist Association stated that Putuoshan “listed” and reorganized the local Buddhists with their vulgar and commercial notoriety, promptly attracted outside attention.

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province later responded that the listed assets are purely business operating assets and do not involve any religious assets.

-As of December 29, there has been no update on the road to Putuoshan Tourism.

  In May of the Xingmei crisis, Qin Hui was banned from entering the market and reported by the Beijing News. Some Xingmei Cinemas owed their employees wages for months, and the social security provident fund could not be paid on time.

Qin Hui, the actual controller of SMI Holdings, voiced in the group’s WeChat group, asking that the March (wage) and all social security be resolved by May 10.

-In September, Qin Hui was imposed by the Securities Regulatory Commission with a five-year ban on the securities market.

In December, the SMI subsidiary cinema line was closed again, and about 140 of the 320 theaters operated by SMI Holdings in China were temporarily suspended.

  On June 14th, the day when BGI ‘s trap “enclosed the door”, BGI was reported on the Internet that “false high-tech fraud is suspected of bribery law enforcement and large-scale fraud of state-owned assets”.

On June 27, BGI issued a statement stating that it had not participated in a real estate project in Jiangsu.

In July, BGI repackaged the “cancer door”.

  On the day of the outbreak of the Changsheng Biological Incident on July 15, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice regarding the illegal and illegal production of freeze-dried human rabies vaccine by Changchun Changsheng, a subsidiary of Changsheng Biological.

Subsequently, the details of the serious violation of Changsheng Biovaccine were investigated step by step, and the persons responsible were arrested by the public security organs.

On December 11, Changsheng Bio received a prior notice of compulsory delisting for major illegal acts.

——On December 23, the “Vaccine Management Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft)” proposed changes for the first time.

  August 19 African swine fever struck multi-company performance reorganization According to information released by the Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the 19th, from August 3 to 15, in Shenyang, Liaoning, Zhengzhou, Henan, and Lianyungang, Jiangsu, threeIn the region, three cases of African swine fever were found.

As of November 22, 74 related epidemics occurred in 47 cities (districts, alliances) in 20 provinces across the country.

-Shuanghui Development, Tang Renshen was affected by the epidemic, and Tianbang shares, Wen’s shares and other companies were affected by embargo measures to transform their performance.

  On September 13, major environmental pollution such as Luoping Zinc Power (right protection) was deemed to be issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision and Enforcement of Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision and Enforcement, which put forward the need to focus on investigating major cases and strictly prohibiting “one size fits all”.

Since the beginning of this year, listed companies Zhongluoping Zinc Power and Shanxi Sanwei have been eliminated due to major environmental pollution.

-CSRC officials stated that they will continue to maintain a high level of enforcement of major environmental pollution information disclosure violations, and strictly implement administrative penalties in accordance with the law.

  In October, Fan Bingbing was fined for tax evasion. Tang De fell by 60% in seven months. Fan Bingbing was taxed for tax evasion, late fees, and more than 800 million bills. The film and television industry tax self-examination began.

On October 8, the State Administration of Taxation issued a document requesting that from October 10, 2018, film and television production companies, brokerage companies, performing arts companies, star studios, and other high-income employees in the film and television industry in various regions, since 2016Self-inspection and self-correction of tax declarations.

— Since the end of May, Tangde Films is expected to have fallen by nearly 60%.  On November 5, the kindergarten was decapitalized, and Vetron was “shot.” On November 15, some opinions on deepening the reform and standardization of preschool education were issued. Among them, private parks are not allowed to be listed individually or as a part of assets.

Listed companies may not invest in for-profit kindergartens through stock market financing, and may not purchase for-profit kindergarten assets by issuing shares or paying cash.

-27 listed companies involved in offline kindergartens, such as Victron, encountered changes.

  On December 28, Zhonghong retired and was delisted from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Zhonghong Co., Ltd. became the first “delisted fairy stock” in China’s A-share history.

-The delisting system has been strictly enforced. Six companies have delisted this year.

  B04-B05 Writer / Beijing News reporter Li Yunqi