How to maintain health in autumn?


Don’t mess with the autumn, learn the correct way to maintain health

How to maintain health in autumn?
Don’t mess with the autumn, learn the correct way to maintain health

After the hot summer, the weather is slowly getting colder and transitioning to a cool autumn. At this time, everyone must understand some autumn health knowledge, so that it can prevent the autumn from getting angry and dry.

Autumn is easy because of the loss of water in the body, and there are various health conditions, so let’s take a look at how to maintain health in the fall.

Is it wrong to post autumn?

After a long hot summer, people eat full of cold food, the spleen and stomach function is a certain degree of attenuation at this time.

In addition, the custom of autumn fall 寮€濮?began to make up for the loss of summer.

However, the autumn weather is cool and it is easy to increase the appetite. Suddenly eating too much will even increase the burden on the nitric acid channel, and it will easily lead to deformation of the body.

Therefore, before the arrival of autumn and winter, you should give the spleen and stomach some rest time, you can choose some direct digestion, nutrition, temperature and humidity food to eat, such as fresh fish, yam, dates, lotus seeds, you can also eat beans and fresh vegetables.

How should autumn be healthy?

1, the climate is dry, the diet should be nourishing Yin and lungs after the fall of the air is also coming, so that people in the body are likely to lose moisture in the fall, which will lead to dry skin, chapped lips and sore throat.

Therefore, in the autumn should be based on nourishing Yin and lungs, you can eat more cooked sesame, walnuts, glutinous rice, carrots, good nourishing Yin and lungs, nourishing effect.

You can also eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the vitamins needed in the body.

Avoid eating foods that are easy to get angry, such as onions, ginger, garlic, and peppers, which can exacerbate the symptoms of getting angry.

2, lungs are prosperous, should be more acid diet autumn is the most suitable season to eat sour.

Acid wood, autumn belongs to gold, gold wood, in fact, that is, the autumn lungs are very strong, you can cut off the liver wood, and the sour taste into the liver, is the correct taste of the liver, this time should use acid to nourish the liver.

Autumn is the most redundant season for wood, and you can eat some acid to ease it.

Such as apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, cherries, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, tomatoes, etc., can nourish the lungs.

In addition, autumn health care should pay attention to timely replenishment of water, which can prevent skin roughness, skin wrinkles, itchy skin and other symptoms caused by dryness in autumn.

In the fall, you should also pay attention to maintaining the normal humidity of the lungs by pouring warm water into the cup and inhaling the nose with the nose for 10 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.

Easy and casual home weight loss program


Easy and casual home weight loss program

There are several ways to eat and lose weight. When eating, you should slow down and eat slowly. You should try to chew a few mouthfuls for each bite of food and slowly swallow it. This will give the brain time to form a “full” signal.Stimulate the hypothalamic satiety center to eliminate obesity. When the blood sugar rises to a certain concentration, the satiety center will send a stop signal.

銆€銆€So try to choose foods that take time to chew, such as vegetables, crude fiber foods, etc.

If you gorge, you only have to eat the food in a few minutes. The center has not yet had time to send a signal (usually it takes 20 minutes to signal), and it will be eaten.

Therefore, slow food is a good way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Eat more popcorn popcorn contains a lot of fiber, but the conversion is close to zero.

銆€銆€Trying to eat pollen is a very popular way to lose weight in the United States. Taking a pollen preparation can even restore your tired body and can also reduce your weight.

銆€銆€Vegetables and fruits can not be less scientific research shows that eating more fruits and vegetables can help to lose weight.

Because meat foods are easy to become adults in the human body and make people fat.

Proteins or carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables are not easily converted into adults, especially green vegetables that do not contain sugar, which is especially effective for weight loss.

The cellulose, special substances and water contained in vegetables are positive for reducing body weight and reducing slight piles.

The fiber in vegetables has a shorter residence time in the intermediate than other foods, which can prevent the body from excessively absorbing nutrients and reduce accumulated storage. The transformation can promote the slight decomposition of vegetables and consume trace amounts in the body, thereby reducing trace accumulation.
Celery, leeks, white radishes, green onions, pumpkins, etc. are all good dishes for weight loss.

銆€銆€Potatoes won’t make you fat. Many people treat potatoes as fat foods, but it’s not.

Both potatoes and sweet potatoes contain starch, but their starch content is as high as 70% or more, and the true starch content is only 20%. It also contains “incorporation of fiber” which can produce “satisfaction”, so it is used instead of staple food.Weight loss effect.

The reason why potatoes are regarded as fat food is because some people cook improperly, put the good-end potatoes in French fries, potato chips, and a medium-sized non-oiled baked potato contains only a few thousand calories.The conversion energy contained in the initial French fries is up to 200 kcal.

What makes people fat is not the potatoes themselves, even the oil they absorb. People who have cooked potatoes and potatoes know that the oil absorption of potatoes is very strong.

Remember, using a potato to lose weight is to use it instead of a staple food, rather than treating it as a vegetable.

銆€銆€Tofu is also a diet food, and it is a high-nutrition, high-mineral, low-fat diet food. Protein-rich is good for strengthening the body and increasing satiety, which is conducive to weight loss.

Suitable for simple obesity people.

銆€銆€Chewing gum can also lose weight A UK study shows that chewing gum can lose weight.

According to calculations, chewing an hour of chewing gum can consume 11 calories.

This number may not seem to be attractive enough for dieters, but you think about it, as long as you are okay, chewing a chewing gum, you can easily lose a few pounds of meat in the long run, so the weight loss effect should be strong for you.Let’s go.

銆€銆€Two meals a day are faster. This is a very strict diet diet. Obese people can easily lose two or three pounds of meat in a week.

The diet is to eat two meals a day, and the food selection should be carried out within the prescribed range.

銆€銆€Each meal includes: 100 grams of lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood; a small plate of cabbage; half a thin toast; an apple or orange, can be added with no impurities, such as lemon juice or vinegar, plusA moderate amount of salt or pepper.

Drink a moderate amount of coffee or tea. You can’t use other foods instead of the above foods.

The energy of the diet recipe is 1045 kJ and 2090 kJ throughout the day.

銆€銆€No matter how long the two meals are, you can only eat two meals a day.

After a few days, the weight of obese people will drop quickly.

The two-day diet method generally needs to last for 21 days. If the ideal weight has been reached, the diet can be stopped in advance.

After adopting this diet, the intestinal peristalsis will be reduced due to insufficient food to be digested. At this time, laxative or glycerin can be used, and it will be normal after 3-4 days. It is necessary to drink plenty of water (at least 6 days a day).8 cups).

The effect of this weight-loss method is ideal. The income of obese people will be more vigorous. The sweating will decrease after the activity, the hypertension will be relieved, the hypertension will be reduced, and many symptoms and signs related to overweight will gradually disappear.

銆€銆€Drinking plenty of water should strongly promote water as one of the indispensable elements in the human body. Drinking at least 6-8 cups of boiled water per day can also bring about weight loss.

Water can help stimulate abnormal metabolism in the body, and can also suppress excessive appetite; water can prevent fluid retention, drink enough water, transform the body to update the body fluid, and diuretic drainage.

Drink a cup of warm water 20 minutes before each meal, and have a feeling of fullness in the reconstituted stomach, which is good for relieving fatigue; water can help to eliminate the toxic residues produced by the replacement of tiny cells; drinking water before breakfast can be overnightIt is beneficial to the kidneys to stay in the stomach, and to supplement the lack of water in the blood to prevent the onset of coronary heart disease; when the water is accumulated, the skin is rich and the lubrication surface is soft.

Therefore, whether it is from the perspective of health or weight loss, drinking water is a good method and should be strongly promoted.

Especially obese, usually drink more water.

銆€銆€Several methods of exercise to lose weight The gasp weight loss method accelerates consumption with continuous normal fragile movements.More than 30 minutes a day, continue to step on the fitness bike until “breathing”, avoiding increased appetite due to wide appetite after exercise.

銆€銆€Skipping Weight Loss Method Jumping rope is a full-body exercise. Regular skipping can improve heart and lung function, improve jumping ability, volume, endurance and body coordination, and make body posture light and fit.

Because of the large amount of skipping activity, it can consume the body’s feces, so the weight loss effect is very obvious.

銆€銆€Dancing and dancing can be both entertaining and fitness.

According to the scientists, jumping for an hour of social dance is equivalent to walking four miles away. At the same time, it can also adjust the role of coordinating the whole body muscles, which can not only improve health but also have a good effect on weight loss.

銆€銆€Swimming weight loss method When the swimming muscles keep moving, the action of the water flow can make the muscles of the human body develop and full, make the body become fit, well-balanced, eliminate excess, achieve the purpose of losing weight and maintaining normal weight.

銆€銆€Several other methods of weight control are taken for 5 minutes a day for 5 minutes a day, which is very necessary for slimming.

Observing the shape of the body due to obesity in the mirror can effectively suppress appetite.

銆€銆€The rhythm of life and excessive work stress caused by self-massage during bathing can also lead to obesity.

In the bathtub where the water temperature is close to the body temperature, it absorbs the massage of the water, and cooperates with kneading, twisting, etc., not only can stretch the whole body, but also the best way to shape the beautiful curve and slim down.

銆€銆€Massage the body with natural salt to warm the body by bathing, massage the body with natural salt, rinse with hot water, and finally use cold water or warm water to strengthen the firming effect.

銆€銆€Wipe your tongue with a towel and choose a towel with a slightly rough surface. Wipe around the left and right sides of the tongue to remove the tongue. If you feel uncomfortable at the beginning because the towel is dry, you can use the towel first.

銆€銆€step 1.

Hide the right finger in the towel, gradually extend the tongue, hold the tip of the tongue with the left hand finger, and then rub the right tongue with the right finger to the tip of the tongue, and do it back and forth 5 times;

Use your right hand to fix the tongue, and the left hand to wipe the top of the tongue, 5 times back and forth.

Twice a day, you can stay healthy (weight loss), prevent oral diseases and keep your breath fresh.

銆€銆€Appropriate restrictions on sleep time Many people know that limiting food intake can lose weight, but do not know the limit of sleep time can also achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Foreign scientists have shown that limiting sleep time can help obese people lose weight.

They found that most patients with long-term insomnia lose weight and exceed standard weight, while most of the over-sleeping time exceeds the normal required sleep time.

銆€銆€The results of this study show that the length of sleep has a lot to do with body fatness.

When the normal person’s sleep time is reduced, the energy consumption is increased accordingly, and some redundant aunts are eliminated.

Of course, limiting sleep time is not unlimited, because people’s sleep time is too small, it can also cause disorders of the body’s function and suffer from various diseases.

The correct way to limit sleep time is to get up one hour early every day, practice aerobics, take a walk, and limit the daily sleep time of 8 hours to 7 hours, which not only achieves the purpose of weight loss, but also is not easy to cause disease.

It is best to do 5 things to prevent summer colds.


It is best to do 5 things to prevent summer colds.

The hot cold in summer is due to a “heat” word.

In a hot environment, the human body’s pores are open and the sweat is leaking. At this time, the body’s resistance is reduced. If it is accidentally cold, the body’s adjustment mechanism prevents the sweat pores from suddenly occluding, heat and sweat should not leak, and heat accumulates.There is a hot cold, also known as “hot cold.”

The course of a hot cold is about 3-7 days. It usually manifests as discomfort in the nasopharynx. At the same time, it is accompanied by head sinking, fatigue, and the course of the disease progresses, the nose becomes thicker, followed by fever, cough, sore throat.

銆€銆€The main symptom of a hot cold is fever, but it is not obviously cold, which is obviously different from the cold of the spring and autumn flu.

The hot cold is often difficult to reduce after sweating, and the external high temperature is compelling, so it is particularly uncomfortable to catch a cold in the summer.

銆€銆€Therefore, the United States “Health” magazine recently published a document, published “to prevent summer colds to do 5 things.”


Avoid hot and cold.

Generally, the temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and the suburban temperature is 4 掳C.

Entering the home from the top, it is best to adapt to the reorganization in the room without air conditioning, and then enter the air-conditioned room.


Avoid insufficient sleep.

The weather is hot and expensive, and lack of sleep accelerates the body’s immunity and makes it easy to catch a cold.


Do not drink water.

Water is good for the body to digest and absorb nutrients, turn food into energy and enhance immunity.

Water also helps the body eliminate toxins.


Avoid refining sweets such as white sugar.

Refining white sugar and polysaccharide foods can cause the immune system to be “burnout” and the disease can take advantage of it.


Reduce stress and stay optimistic.

Poor psychology such as pessimism can lead to an increase in the release of hormones such as cortisol, which directly suppress the immune system.

Professor of Southern Medical University, Peng Kang, chief physician of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Southern Hospital, reminded that if the course of disease is more than two weeks, it will not heal or worsen. Further examination is needed to rule out whether other diseases have occurred.

What kind of caress can get results


What kind of caress can get results

Real sex experts can use their fingers effectively, especially for women who want to reach their climax by caressing the clitoris. It is more effective to make full use of the ten fingers.

Therefore, it is good to use the fingers, and women are sensationally sensational, which is the key to making women feel happy.


For the neck, under the arm, wrist, foot and other parts, use the gentle caress of the four fingers from top to bottom, aiming at the stimulation in a straight line, this caress can provoke women’s sexual desire.


For the buttocks and thighs, the massage is the main method, like a big picture.

This will allow the body to naturally relax, and the resistance will gradually disappear.


For the buttocks, breast cancer, and the nipple are drawn with a small circle, and from the top to the side, a massage is given, and four fingers are used simultaneously, and the spiral care is more effective.

In particular, the center of the top is slightly near, because it is very sensitive, so it is very good to press it in from the anus to the waist with the index and middle fingers.


The vicinity of the clitoris is a very sensitive area, so be careful to caress, don’t be too hasty.

Especially with the fingers rubbing around the top of the pubic bone, the sensitivity of the clitoris will increase to reach the boiling point.


Finally, go slowly to the clitoris. First, use your fingertips to gently touch the surroundings, and vibrate to stimulate the stimulation. Then slowly narrow the range and remove it to the clitoris.

At this time, even a small stimulus will have a great pleasure, and even reach the climax immediately.

銆€銆€After the end of the caress, instead of inserting in any way, the woman vibrates by pleasure, the vagina will stretch tighter and the pleasure will be higher, and the satisfaction will be higher.

In addition, some women can not satisfy the caress of the clitoris, only the caress of the vagina can reach the climax.


First, fix the female hands on the top of the head with your hands, and then use your fingers or tongue for intense caress.


Then use a pair of feet to press the female’s foot from above.

In this way, you can use the other foot and shrink the vagina, if you can squeeze it in a way that is detached.

At this point, the penis should not be rushed to insert, as long as the fact of collision, it will lead to the woman’s expectation and make the vagina become wet and hot.


Repeated vaginal caress.

Excellent use of G points.

It has recently been found that it is easier to find the G point at the anterior wall of the vaginal entrance two or three centimeters.

It is placed in a shallow place, and the G point is the size of a coin. I heard that once it is stimulated, it becomes a pleasure and a transparent liquid is injected.

銆€銆€The method is to insert your finger into the vagina, pay attention to the reaction of the woman, and then insert.

Any position method can stimulate the vagina.

However, men make good use of the waist, and it is easier to find the G point by the normal position method and the post position method.

The shallow insertion is performed, the stimulation is given toward the G point, and the motion is performed like a circular motion.

What do you know about the effects of drinking tea that have been misrepresented by rumors?

What do you know about the effects of drinking tea that have been misrepresented by “rumors”?

A small number of people like tea, talk about tea, and there are not a few people who are healthy with tea.

Coupled with drinking tea can also effectively reduce blood lipids, blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, can prevent cardiovascular disease, so that this “healthy first killer” cardiovascular disease away from us.

Because the catechins contained in the tea have a strong lipid-lowering function, it can effectively protect the capillaries, make the blood vessel wall gap, increase the effective diameter, and enhance the elasticity. Even when the blood vessels are damaged, the tea polyphenols can also function as blood vessels.Get restored.

It is very beneficial to the relaxation of human blood vessels, enhances the elasticity and properness of microvessels, and helps prevent the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular effects.

Among them, tea pigment can also scavenge free radicals to inhibit starch peroxidation, protect cells from damage, and maintain their structural and functional metabolic activities.

But in drinking tea, in addition to protecting the cardiovascular system, we may also have these misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding 1: The strong tea can 鈥渨ake up鈥?after drinking. The alcohol in the wine enters the blood through the turbine channel, and is first converted into acetaldehyde in the liver, then converted into acetic acid, and then decomposed into carbon dioxide and water excreted through the kidney.

Drinking strong tea after drinking, and caffeine in tea can quickly exert diuretic effect, thereby promoting acetaldehyde (a substance that stimulates the kidney) that has not been decomposed into acetic acid to enter the kidney prematurely and damage the kidney.

Myth 2: Drinking tea can cure people. Some people think that tea is just a very safe drink and a good medicine for treating some diseases.

I don’t know, for some patients, it is not suitable for drinking tea, especially those strong tea.

Because the caffeine in strong tea will make people excited, insomnia, increased metabolic rate, is not conducive to rest; will lead to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, kidney disease and other patients with rapid heartbeat, and even arrhythmia, frequent urination, increase the burden of heart and kidney.

In addition, caffeine begins to stimulate the secretion of gastrointestinal tract, which will indirectly lead to the healing time of ulcer disease; while the residual matter in tea has astringent effect, which makes the peristalsis slow down and aggravates constipation.

Beware: don’t sit on the sofa for a long time


Beware: don’t sit on the sofa for a long time

According to the “Health News” report, Jiang Aunt has the habit of sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.

Recently, she always felt a sore neck and neck pain, but sitting on a hard chair did not feel this way.

In fact, this happens to be caused by reading a newspaper on a soft sofa.

銆€銆€Sedentary sofa reading and reading newspapers, it is easy to cause the above symptoms, especially for the elderly with cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.

The reason is that the sofa is relatively speaking, and its elasticity is that the person sits up to the hip and the back muscles are elongated at the back of the pelvis.

銆€銆€Reading in this position, if the two hands raise the book, close, the alignment and the eyes are comfortable, but the support will not last long and will naturally sag.

At this time, both eyes naturally look down and at the same time reach the bend.

銆€銆€After a long time, it is easy to cause eye muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.

If you put the book on your lap and look down at the book, the back muscles are stretched and stretched due to the gravity of the head. The same muscle has been stretched in front of the pelvis and stretched again.It can make people feel back and neck pain.

銆€銆€For people with severe cervical spondylosis, suddenly raising their heads after reading a book, it is easy to cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms due to temporary cerebral palsy, and may also cause a sudden stroke.

Seven steps of periarthritis of shoulder, health and longevity is as simple as this


Seven steps of periarthritis of shoulder, health and longevity is as simple as this

For the disease of scapulohumeral periarthritis, everyone is no stranger to this disease. Under normal circumstances, this disease will not patronize children and young people. Its main affected population is middle-aged and elderly friends.

The treatment of elderly patients with periarthritis must pay attention to more activities, the following is a brief introduction to the simple action that can cure the elderly shoulder inflammation.

1, the two hands hold the head and the two feet stepped on the shoulder width, the two hands clasped around the back of the head; the two elbows pulled apart, parallel with the body; the two elbows gathered, like a skull, and repeated.

2, one-handed shoulder method with the right shoulder as an example.

The two feet are like a lunge, the right foot is in front, the foot is off the table; the left foot is straight behind.

The right hand is closed at the table, the left palm is pressed to the right shoulder, and the body is swung downward and backward.

3, chest expansion shoulders two feet, shoulder width, two hands on the chest, two elbows and shoulders straight, back on the hand, palm down.

Open your arms, separate your shoulders, inhale; exhale when you reply.

4, head pressure palm method before going to bed at night and before getting up in the morning, sleep on the bed, straighten your legs, palms under the head, palms up, hands back down, with your head pressed against the center of the palm (which side painWhich side of the palm is pressed), 20 minutes each time.

In the first few days, the arm can’t bend too much, and the palm is difficult to reach in. You can use the side sleeper to press the palm of your hand.

5, take the arm to take the seat, pinch the right arm with your left hand, from the shoulder to the wrist, then from the wrist to the shoulder, repeatedly pinch 5 to 10 times, change hands.

6, spin the shoulder and shoulder method to take the seat, with the left hand palm attached to the right shoulder, screw shoulder 50?
100 times to make it feel warm and change hands.

7. Press the acupoint method to press the shoulder well, take the seat, and press the left hand to press the right shoulder and shoulder hole for 1 to 2 minutes and change hands.

Press the curling pool, take the seat, press the tip of the left thumb to press the Quchi hole on the right arm for 1-2 minutes, and change hands.

Press the 鎻?璋? take the seat, press the right hand and the thumb of the left thumb to press the right hand for 1-2 minutes and then change hands.

Simple rule of stovepipe bid farewell to big legs


Simple rule of stovepipe bid farewell to big legs

Some obese mm is very envious of girls with slim legs. The stovepipe is a lot of things that girls are working hard all the time, because only slim legs can keep beautiful and sexy short skirt hot pants.

Love beauty network share 6 ways to accelerate the most effective stovepipe, as long as 20 days, quickly reduce the leg circumference, bid farewell to the big legs!

銆€銆€Stovepipe method one: leg massage twice a week stovepipe massage, you can ask a professional masseur to massage for yourself, you can do a SPA.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: calm body dew usually carry a body dew that can press the calming effect, and use the rest time of work to relax the tension of the legs.

銆€銆€The thick legs are not sick, but they can have too many hits to love women.

Wearing a short skirt, serious!

Wear shorts, serious!

The collocation of the top and bottom is still not helpful.

To save the thick legs, or to do the stovepipe exercise.

Stick to 20 days and reduce the leg circumference by 6 cm!

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 2: Move at work, even if you work continuously, you must set aside time for exercise. Try to step on foot and do not take the elevator.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: In order to create a slim calf and ankle, you can use your spare time to do your lame exercise by holding your hands up and with your feet apart and shoulder width. After that, your body is straight and your toes are lifted.

銆€銆€Stovepipe method three: high-heeled plastic leg shape using different heights of shoes to help shape the leg, with high-heeled, middle heel, low-heeled shoes alternately to wear the way to shape the leg line.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: massage and exercise In order to create a more sexy leg, you should often practice the squatting movement, and the squat can exercise the muscles placed on the thigh.

And 3 minutes after bathing, apply a special lotion to your legs and massage it effectively to maintain a perfect leg line.

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 4: Fitness Club Fitness is very helpful for stovepipe, so if you have the conditions, you can go to the gym five times a week to exercise.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: Pilates exercise and gravity exercise In order to create the perfect leg line, Pilates exercise and gravity exercise together, especially the Pettiti can tilt the whole body, correct the positive body posture while the stovepipe.

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 5: Gradually exercise Every night before going to bed, do some simple squeezing exercises to relieve the tension of the leg muscles, and perform two Pilates exercises every week to maintain the perfect line of the legs.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: The foot bath and the half-body bath are very easy to edema, so frequent foot bath or half-body bath can eliminate and prevent edema.

You can add some aromatic baths to improve the relaxation effect in the water to eliminate fatigue.

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 6: Stovepipe products For the leg that likes to wear short skirts and shorts, the care of the legs is very important. In order to prevent the legs from swelling, you can put your legs up a little while sleeping, and use the stovepipe product combination.Leg massage.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: Horse riding can improve the muscles of the thigh by practicing riding.

銆€銆€The simple rule of stovepipe one: how fast to walk and jump faster, more vertical jumps, more legs; less sitting, less standing, less envy, more exercise.

This will prevent poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and make the legs look swollen.

銆€銆€Second: habitual lameness, when every time, such as when waiting for a car, when going up the stairs, when working, etc.

In the long run, you will find that not only the calf becomes slender, but the toes are also extraordinarily slender.

銆€銆€Three: Do not step on the Erlang leg and step on the Erlang leg, which will cause the calf to swell and seriously affect the leg line.

How to do three kinds of kidney porridge to drink a good woman


How to do three kinds of kidney porridge to drink a good woman

First, sea cucumber porridge material: sea cucumber (chopped) 50 grams, 100 grams of previous rice.

Practice: foam the sea cucumber, cut open the abdomen, dig the inner intestine, scrape clean, chopped, add water to boil.

The previous rice was washed clean and placed in the casserole along with the sea cucumber.

Add water, first boil with martial fire, then simmer with simmer 20?
30 minutes, the rice is cooked to the degree.

Add some onion ginger salt to taste, eat on an empty stomach in the morning.

Efficacy: There is the role of Bushen Yijing, Ziyin and Blood, suitable for weak constitution caused by kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, weak waist and knees, insomnia and night sweats.

With the treatment of kidney weakness, frequent urination, faceless, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees, fatigue and fatigue.

Second, porcine kidney porridge materials: 鏋告潪 12 grams, 100 grams of pig kidney, 100 grams of rice practices: will wash away impurities after washing; pig kidney all two halves, remove the parotid gland after washing, smash into small particles; rice scouringWash, put rice, pork kidney, simmer into the pot, add 800 ml of water; then place the pot on a fire and boil, then use a simmer for 45 minutes.

Efficacy: Bushenyang can cause dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, and coldness caused by increased kidney yang.

Third, black chicken jujube porridge materials: 150 grams of black chicken, jujube 10?
15 pieces, 100 grams of rice, the right amount of salt.

Practice: Wash the black chicken meat and cut into pieces; jujube, rice washed.

Add the black chicken meat to the jujube and rice together, add the appropriate amount of water, boil on the fire, switch to a small fire and simmer into a porridge, and transfer a small amount of salt to Serve.

Warm morning and evening.

Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of nourishing blood to stop bleeding and tonifying the spleen.

Applicable to qi and blood fluid deficiency, camp Weihe, heart palpitations, spleen deficiency, postpartum or long-term illness, blood deficiency and weakness.

Fourth, chestnut porridge raw materials: 150 grams of chestnuts, 100 grams of previous rice, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: Wash the chestnuts, this item.

Put it in boiling water to cook 2?
3 minutes, peel off the shell, film.

Hold the pot, add water, add the previous rice, change the simmer after the fire is boiled, add chestnuts, smash into porridge.

Add rock sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Efficacy: chestnuts are also called “kidney fruit, kidney disease should be eaten”, with the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, strong muscles and bones.

Especially suitable for people with yang deficiency constitution.

Chestnut porridge can replenish kidney qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, can be used for kidney weakness and weak legs, spleen and stool.

How to cook asparagus to eat anti-cancer asparagus for cancer treatment


How to cook asparagus to eat anti-cancer asparagus for cancer treatment

How to cook asparagus to eat anti-cancer asparagus treatment of cancer 1 treatment of various cancers choose fresh asparagus stems cooked, smashed into mud, stored in the refrigerator (but not more than seven days), eat once a day, eachEat 4 tablespoons at a time.

2, treatment of liver cancer and intravenous canned fresh asparagus, eat once in the morning and evening, each time eat 50 grams or a bottle, 3 months for a course of treatment, until healed, the middle can not be interrupted.

3, 150 grams of canned fresh asparagus for treating corn and esophageal cancer, 50% of Asparagus?

?Gram, 10 red dates, 50 grams of rice, boiled into a porridge, served for breakfast, eat once a day.

4, treatment of fresh fresh asparagus tender stems to extract juice, each time with 100 ml of high ginseng Jiantang blunt, with adjuvant treatment effect.

It is particularly effective when it is combined with other anticancer drugs to make tablets.

5, to treat a variety of cancer, a bottle of canned fresh fresh asparagus inside the heat, cut into thin slices, slightly boiled in boiling water, drain water, add 75 grams of sugar, 30 ml of vinegar, and the right amount of salt, sesame oil, MSGMix well and serve.

Asparagus is one of the very good foods, and it is very nutritious. It is often used in Chinese medicine to treat people with asparagus. Asparagus has a very good effect, which can help us prevent cancer. So how should we eat such good asparagusFirst, the cold asparagus cut into asparagus, put a small amount of salt in the pot, pour the asparagus into the cooked; green pepper and onion are cut into the end, put into the asparagus, transferred into sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil.
Second, stir-fried assorted with asparagus with fungus, yam, lily, shrimp or chicken with fried assorted vegetables, delicious and beautiful.

First, sard the asparagus, saut茅 the shrimp or chicken, add the asparagus and other ingredients to stir fry.

Third, double egg shoots soup with garlic, saut茅, stir-fry under asparagus; pour chicken soup, rind egg and salted egg, boil and serve.

4. Grilled asparagus Place the asparagus on the baking sheet, sprinkle with black pepper, olive oil, and put it in a preheated oven. Bake at 190 掳C for 15 minutes. After roasting, sprinkle with cheese powder.

The baking time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the asparagus.

Five, the pot of asparagus choose thick asparagus peeled into the water, wrap the egg yolk slightly fried, add the broth, salt and other spices with the onion ginger fragrant pot bottom, the fire is boiled and the next asparagus, change the small fire collapse 1?
2 minutes.