Simple rule of stovepipe bid farewell to big legs


Simple rule of stovepipe bid farewell to big legs

Some obese mm is very envious of girls with slim legs. The stovepipe is a lot of things that girls are working hard all the time, because only slim legs can keep beautiful and sexy short skirt hot pants.

Love beauty network share 6 ways to accelerate the most effective stovepipe, as long as 20 days, quickly reduce the leg circumference, bid farewell to the big legs!

銆€銆€Stovepipe method one: leg massage twice a week stovepipe massage, you can ask a professional masseur to massage for yourself, you can do a SPA.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: calm body dew usually carry a body dew that can press the calming effect, and use the rest time of work to relax the tension of the legs.

銆€銆€The thick legs are not sick, but they can have too many hits to love women.

Wearing a short skirt, serious!

Wear shorts, serious!

The collocation of the top and bottom is still not helpful.

To save the thick legs, or to do the stovepipe exercise.

Stick to 20 days and reduce the leg circumference by 6 cm!

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 2: Move at work, even if you work continuously, you must set aside time for exercise. Try to step on foot and do not take the elevator.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: In order to create a slim calf and ankle, you can use your spare time to do your lame exercise by holding your hands up and with your feet apart and shoulder width. After that, your body is straight and your toes are lifted.

銆€銆€Stovepipe method three: high-heeled plastic leg shape using different heights of shoes to help shape the leg, with high-heeled, middle heel, low-heeled shoes alternately to wear the way to shape the leg line.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: massage and exercise In order to create a more sexy leg, you should often practice the squatting movement, and the squat can exercise the muscles placed on the thigh.

And 3 minutes after bathing, apply a special lotion to your legs and massage it effectively to maintain a perfect leg line.

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 4: Fitness Club Fitness is very helpful for stovepipe, so if you have the conditions, you can go to the gym five times a week to exercise.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: Pilates exercise and gravity exercise In order to create the perfect leg line, Pilates exercise and gravity exercise together, especially the Pettiti can tilt the whole body, correct the positive body posture while the stovepipe.

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 5: Gradually exercise Every night before going to bed, do some simple squeezing exercises to relieve the tension of the leg muscles, and perform two Pilates exercises every week to maintain the perfect line of the legs.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: The foot bath and the half-body bath are very easy to edema, so frequent foot bath or half-body bath can eliminate and prevent edema.

You can add some aromatic baths to improve the relaxation effect in the water to eliminate fatigue.

銆€銆€Stovepipe Method 6: Stovepipe products For the leg that likes to wear short skirts and shorts, the care of the legs is very important. In order to prevent the legs from swelling, you can put your legs up a little while sleeping, and use the stovepipe product combination.Leg massage.

銆€銆€Upgrade method: Horse riding can improve the muscles of the thigh by practicing riding.

銆€銆€The simple rule of stovepipe one: how fast to walk and jump faster, more vertical jumps, more legs; less sitting, less standing, less envy, more exercise.

This will prevent poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and make the legs look swollen.

銆€銆€Second: habitual lameness, when every time, such as when waiting for a car, when going up the stairs, when working, etc.

In the long run, you will find that not only the calf becomes slender, but the toes are also extraordinarily slender.

銆€銆€Three: Do not step on the Erlang leg and step on the Erlang leg, which will cause the calf to swell and seriously affect the leg line.

How to do three kinds of kidney porridge to drink a good woman


How to do three kinds of kidney porridge to drink a good woman

First, sea cucumber porridge material: sea cucumber (chopped) 50 grams, 100 grams of previous rice.

Practice: foam the sea cucumber, cut open the abdomen, dig the inner intestine, scrape clean, chopped, add water to boil.

The previous rice was washed clean and placed in the casserole along with the sea cucumber.

Add water, first boil with martial fire, then simmer with simmer 20?
30 minutes, the rice is cooked to the degree.

Add some onion ginger salt to taste, eat on an empty stomach in the morning.

Efficacy: There is the role of Bushen Yijing, Ziyin and Blood, suitable for weak constitution caused by kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, weak waist and knees, insomnia and night sweats.

With the treatment of kidney weakness, frequent urination, faceless, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees, fatigue and fatigue.

Second, porcine kidney porridge materials: 鏋告潪 12 grams, 100 grams of pig kidney, 100 grams of rice practices: will wash away impurities after washing; pig kidney all two halves, remove the parotid gland after washing, smash into small particles; rice scouringWash, put rice, pork kidney, simmer into the pot, add 800 ml of water; then place the pot on a fire and boil, then use a simmer for 45 minutes.

Efficacy: Bushenyang can cause dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, and coldness caused by increased kidney yang.

Third, black chicken jujube porridge materials: 150 grams of black chicken, jujube 10?
15 pieces, 100 grams of rice, the right amount of salt.

Practice: Wash the black chicken meat and cut into pieces; jujube, rice washed.

Add the black chicken meat to the jujube and rice together, add the appropriate amount of water, boil on the fire, switch to a small fire and simmer into a porridge, and transfer a small amount of salt to Serve.

Warm morning and evening.

Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of nourishing blood to stop bleeding and tonifying the spleen.

Applicable to qi and blood fluid deficiency, camp Weihe, heart palpitations, spleen deficiency, postpartum or long-term illness, blood deficiency and weakness.

Fourth, chestnut porridge raw materials: 150 grams of chestnuts, 100 grams of previous rice, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: Wash the chestnuts, this item.

Put it in boiling water to cook 2?
3 minutes, peel off the shell, film.

Hold the pot, add water, add the previous rice, change the simmer after the fire is boiled, add chestnuts, smash into porridge.

Add rock sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Efficacy: chestnuts are also called “kidney fruit, kidney disease should be eaten”, with the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, strong muscles and bones.

Especially suitable for people with yang deficiency constitution.

Chestnut porridge can replenish kidney qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, can be used for kidney weakness and weak legs, spleen and stool.

How to cook asparagus to eat anti-cancer asparagus for cancer treatment


How to cook asparagus to eat anti-cancer asparagus for cancer treatment

How to cook asparagus to eat anti-cancer asparagus treatment of cancer 1 treatment of various cancers choose fresh asparagus stems cooked, smashed into mud, stored in the refrigerator (but not more than seven days), eat once a day, eachEat 4 tablespoons at a time.

2, treatment of liver cancer and intravenous canned fresh asparagus, eat once in the morning and evening, each time eat 50 grams or a bottle, 3 months for a course of treatment, until healed, the middle can not be interrupted.

3, 150 grams of canned fresh asparagus for treating corn and esophageal cancer, 50% of Asparagus?

?Gram, 10 red dates, 50 grams of rice, boiled into a porridge, served for breakfast, eat once a day.

4, treatment of fresh fresh asparagus tender stems to extract juice, each time with 100 ml of high ginseng Jiantang blunt, with adjuvant treatment effect.

It is particularly effective when it is combined with other anticancer drugs to make tablets.

5, to treat a variety of cancer, a bottle of canned fresh fresh asparagus inside the heat, cut into thin slices, slightly boiled in boiling water, drain water, add 75 grams of sugar, 30 ml of vinegar, and the right amount of salt, sesame oil, MSGMix well and serve.

Asparagus is one of the very good foods, and it is very nutritious. It is often used in Chinese medicine to treat people with asparagus. Asparagus has a very good effect, which can help us prevent cancer. So how should we eat such good asparagusFirst, the cold asparagus cut into asparagus, put a small amount of salt in the pot, pour the asparagus into the cooked; green pepper and onion are cut into the end, put into the asparagus, transferred into sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil.
Second, stir-fried assorted with asparagus with fungus, yam, lily, shrimp or chicken with fried assorted vegetables, delicious and beautiful.

First, sard the asparagus, saut茅 the shrimp or chicken, add the asparagus and other ingredients to stir fry.

Third, double egg shoots soup with garlic, saut茅, stir-fry under asparagus; pour chicken soup, rind egg and salted egg, boil and serve.

4. Grilled asparagus Place the asparagus on the baking sheet, sprinkle with black pepper, olive oil, and put it in a preheated oven. Bake at 190 掳C for 15 minutes. After roasting, sprinkle with cheese powder.

The baking time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the asparagus.

Five, the pot of asparagus choose thick asparagus peeled into the water, wrap the egg yolk slightly fried, add the broth, salt and other spices with the onion ginger fragrant pot bottom, the fire is boiled and the next asparagus, change the small fire collapse 1?
2 minutes.

The five major evils of the elderly eating tofu


The five major evils of the elderly eating tofu

Tofu is a common soy product. Tofu is rich in nutrients. It contains various trace elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains sugar, vegetable oil and rich quality protein. It is known as 鈥減lant meat鈥?

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, tofu has a sweet and cool taste, can benefit Qi and Zhong, Shengjin Runzao, has the role of sulfur, shochu poison.

Since the tofu is delicious and delicious, can the old man eat tofu?

Old people’s tofu is more harmful.

銆€銆€The five major hazards of eating too much for the elderly: First, it can lead to a decline in renal function. Under normal circumstances, most of the plant proteins that enter the human body become nitrogen-containing wastes, which are excreted by the kidneys.

However, the elderly and some patients with kidney disease have decreased kidney function. If they eat too much tofu, they will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in a decline in renal function, which will affect their health.

銆€銆€Second, it can lead to indigestion. Tofu contains a lot of rich protein. Once consumed, it will cause these proteins to accumulate in the human body, causing indigestion, leading to symptoms such as abdominal distension and diarrhea.

銆€銆€Third, it can cause arteriosclerosis Tofu contains extremely rich methionine. After entering methionine, methionine can be converted into cysteine under the action of enzyme.

Cysteine damages the adrenal cells of the human arterial wall, causing plasma and triglycerides to deposit on the arterial wall, causing arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€Fourth, can cause gout tofu contains a large amount of terpenoids.

Abnormal metabolism of sputum is the key cause of gout.

Therefore, gout patients can easily cause gout attacks when they eat too much tofu.

銆€銆€Fifth, it will lead to iodine deficiency disease. Tofu contains a substance called saponin, which can promote the body’s excretion of iodine.

Therefore, if people eat tofu for a long time, it is easy to cause a large loss of iodine in the body, resulting in iodine deficiency.

Of course, the above problem is not to advocate that older friends should stay away from tofu, and proper eating will not have a big impact on the health of the elderly.

Causes and solutions for bacterial vaginitis


Causes and solutions for bacterial vaginitis

What is the cause of bacterial vaginosis?

This is a question that many people are more concerned about and care about, so I will give you a brief introduction to everyone’s questions today. Then let’s take a brief introduction to this issue!

Causes of bacterial vaginosis 1. Indirect contact with infection.

Toilets, bath tubs, bath chairs, towels, and unclean toilet paper that come into contact with public toilets contaminated with bacteria can cause infection.

Inducement 2, sexual transmission.

It is one of the causes of the disease. At least 10% of the women with symptoms have bacterial urethritis.

Cause 3, take a lot of antibiotics.

Antibiotics alter the microenvironment of the vagina, and pathogenic bacterial pathogens multiply, causing local bacterial vaginosis.

Incentive 4, excessive hygiene.

In order to maintain hygiene, some women often use medicated lotion to lavage the vagina. It is easy to damage the acid and alkali environment of the vagina and is susceptible to bacterial vaginitis.

Solution to bacterial vaginitis The treatment of bacterial vaginitis is mainly divided into general treatment, drug treatment, topical therapy, comorbid treatment and sexual partner treatment.

1, the general treatment to keep the vulva clean, dry, avoid scratching.

Do not eat spicy spicy foods.

Change your underwear frequently, wash it with warm water, and do not mix it with other clothes to avoid cross infection.

2, drug treatment (1) metronidazole is currently considered to have a reliable effect, 2 times a day, and even served for 7 days.

(2) Mepamycin (kecilin) is shared for 3 days.

(3) Methotrexate (mycin) is effective against a variety of Gram-negative and positive bacteria, and has a good effect on the growth of anaerobic bacteria, and can also be used.

(4) You can also choose lincomycin and ampicillin.

Extremely, it is recognized that there is no need for treatment for asymptomatic people.

3, topical therapy can be treated with topical drugs, such as metronidazole suppository, once a night, for 7 days.

4, comorbid treatment for other pathogens, for other pathogens, avoid repeating antibiotics.

Pay attention to the general condition medication, can give support and immunotherapy at the same time, pay attention to adverse drug reactions.

Mountain climbing for easy fitness in pleasure


Mountain climbing for easy fitness in pleasure

Mountain climbing (the altitude is the altitude of the mountain, the slope, the right speed) is an excellent sport that can improve endurance and leg strength and enhance heart and lung function.

Breathing fresh air, when you stroll through the green pines and cypresses, it is a great way to open your mind and enjoy your physiology.

銆€銆€Mountain climbing is both a challenge to nature and a challenge to oneself.

When you step on the summit and 鈥渓ist at the mountains鈥? you will enjoy the joy of returning to nature and add the pride of conquering nature. This feeling is inevitably the best for urbanites who are wasted by 鈥渕odern civilization鈥?Product.”

銆€銆€It has been determined that a man weighing 70 kilograms, assuming a climb of 30 minutes on a slope of 70 degrees per hour at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour, consumes about 500 kilocalories.

銆€銆€This is equivalent to swimming in the pool for 45 minutes at a speed of 50 meters per minute, or equivalent to 50 minutes of boring abdominal exercises in the gym.

Therefore, climbing is especially popular with people who are worried about losing weight as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Three major disadvantages of climbing: 1. Conquer the mountain, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the great rivers and mountains.

銆€銆€People want to live happily and healthily, and hope that they can go hiking and climb high.

Determined to climb the mountain, first conquer yourself, dispel some of the concerns, once you take the first step, you will begin to be interested in climbing.

銆€銆€In the process of climbing the mountain, I can almost see myself progressing every day. I can breathe fresh air in the mountains and mountains, and enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

銆€銆€2, exercise your feet and exercise your heart and lungs.

銆€銆€As the saying goes: “People are old and weak.

“The human foot is strong, you can run and jump, you can not age.

As far as practicing the foot, the effect of climbing is best.

The study found that climbing on the foot and heart and lung function seems to be more effective and easier than long-distance running and swimming.

銆€銆€3, sharpen the will, open your mind.

銆€銆€To climb a mountain, you have to climb up step by step. After climbing up, you have to go step by step. It is really hard.

However, when you climb to the top of the mountain, when you conquer a mountain and a mountain, you will realize the excitement, happiness and satisfaction.

“There is no old man in the mountains, and the scenery is good here.”

Climbing the mountain helps you to overcome the unique realm and fun after the peak.

銆€銆€Expert comment: The foot is the root of the human body. Regular mountain climbing can enhance the strength of the lower limbs, improve joints and joints, promote venous return of the lower extremities, prevent varicose veins, osteoporosis and muscle atrophy, and effectively stimulate the 6 meridians of the lower extremities.The acupuncture points on the soles of the feet make the meridians smooth and delay aging.

銆€銆€When climbing a mountain, the joints and muscles of the waist, back, and complications are constantly moving, promoting the metabolism of the body’s energy and enhancing the heart’s function.