Scientific Diet Prevents Melanin

Scientific Diet Prevents Melanin

The black and white of the skin is related to the amount of melanin in the skin. The adjustment of the diet can reduce the synthesis of melanin. Here are some diets that help the skin to be fairer.

  Add less food to pyridine tyrosine.

Because tyrosine is the basic substance of melanin, and melanin is converted from tyrosine by the action of tyrosinase, you should eat less tyrosine protease foods, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

  Get more vitamin C foods.

A series of reactions of melanin formation are mostly oxidation reactions. When vitamin C is added, the formation of melanin can be interrupted.

Therefore, you can eat more vitamin C foods, such as jujube, fresh dates, tomatoes, prickly pear, citrus, fresh green leafy vegetables and so on.

  Pay attention to vitamin E foods.

Modern scientific research proves that vitamin E is an antioxidant in the human body, especially a small amount of antioxidant, which can inhibit the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and other oxide compounds.

The lipofuscin in the human body is a peroxide of unsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin E has the effect of inhibiting its own peroxidation, thereby effectively resisting the deposition of lipofuscin on the skin and keeping the skin fair.

Vitamin E also has anti-aging effects.

Foods with obvious vitamin E include cabbage, cauliflower, sesame oil, sesame, sunflower seeds, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and so on.

How often do you eat instant noodles?

How often do you eat instant noodles?

Instant noodles are a kind of food that office workers like. They can be used as snacks, stay up late, and can be used as meals, and they are easy to eat and suitable for office workers.

In particular, some men, there are not as many women’s concerns about their body, but also a diet, instant noodles are their “darling”, often put a few packs in the alternative.

  However, men who often eat instant noodles, you know, it is convenient to eat, but how much trouble does it bring to you?

  Instant noodles are made by frying and drying in a sealed package.

Although many instant noodles are said to be not fried, they all contain cooking oil. Therefore, for a long time, the oil in the instant noodles will be oxidized and decomposed by air to form toxic aldehyde peroxides.

Eating instant noodles that have deteriorated this oil will bring you unexpected troubles, resulting in dizziness, headache, fever, repellent vomiting, diarrhea and other poisoning phenomena.

Instant noodles placed in the first level often exceed the shelf life and you have not noticed that the trouble is greater after eating.

  In addition, the packaging of instant noodles is broken, the sealing is not strict, the standing time is too long, and there is also the possibility of being contaminated by bacteria and poisons.

Therefore, the hygiene of instant noodles cannot be ignored.

Generally, it is necessary to determine the quantity to be purchased according to the amount of demand. It should not be stored too much at one time. The time of placement should not be too long. It is necessary to purchase the package intact, the trademark is clear, and the manufacturer is clear.

When the package is broken, it is easily contaminated, and it accelerates the speed of oxidative deterioration of the instant noodles.

  Even if the package is complete, check it before eating. In addition to paying attention to whether it is expired, look at the quality of the cake. If the surface of the cake is discolored, there is mold, and there are traces of insects.It has deteriorated and can no longer be eaten.

If you smell “ha”, the entrance has a spicy or other odor, it means that the oil has deteriorated and can not be eaten.

Even fresh instant noodles, if used for a long time to replace the staple food without adding any other foods, can easily lead to lack of nutrition and is extremely detrimental to health.

  The normal life activities of the human body require six elements: protein, trace, glucose, minerals, vitamins and water.

As long as one of the nutrients is lacking, people will get sick after a long time.

The main ingredient of instant noodles is starch. The soup contains only a small amount of monosodium glutamate, salt and other condiments, and even instant noodles such as chicken juice, beef juice, and shrimp juice. The content of gravy is very small, which is far from satisfactory.The amount of nutrients we need every day.

  Therefore, pay attention to the following points when eating instant noodles: First, instant noodles can only be used for emergency, such as when it is inconvenient to eat temporarily or when conditions are limited to eat.

Eat at most once a day, and you can’t eat it every day.

  Second, if you like instant noodles or are indeed subject to conditions, you need to extend the time to eat instant noodles. You should add some non-staple foods as appropriate to supplement the lack of nutrition.

Such as eating some sausage, beef jerky, meat, meat, pine, cooked eggs (about 100 grams), braised meat and so on.

You can also add some sesame oil or lard to the instant noodles (about 25 grams).

Or a meal with some raw fruits, vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, alfalfa, bananas, pears, oranges, etc., the number should be kept at 250-300 grams.

  Third, people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and poor appetite, malabsorption, it is best not to eat instant noodles.

  In short, instant noodles as a convenience food, occasionally eating some harm to the body, but often eaten will be detrimental to health.

Chuzhi pill has a good effect in treating food stagnation

Chuzhi pill has a good effect in treating food stagnation

In addition to stagnant pills composition: Sichuan rhubarb 50g, woody incense 25g, calamus 20g, raw internal gold 15g, cinnamon powder 10g, dogwood 10g, Amomum villosum 10g, angelica 10g, codonopsis 10g, stir-fried atractylodes 10g.

  Each of the above medicines was washed and dried, with a total of 100 mesh fine noodles.

Refining honey is a pill, each weight is 3g, medicine accounts for 40%, and honey accounts for 60%.

  Fang Yi: Rhubarb is the king, Huoxuetongying; Muxiang, Acorus calamus, Cinnamon, Evodia, Fructus Amomum, Aroma and Qi, help Junjun medicine to eliminate food stagnation and gas accumulation, overcome pain and relieve pain, and prevent rhubarb from bitter cold; Yang JinDirect digestion of food; Angelica sinensis, blood circulation and dryness, and anti-drying drugs hurt the stomach; Codonopsis, Baizhu, spleen and qi, and help the spleen and stomach health.

All the medicines played evil to the effect of Zheng’an.

  Indications: The main function of this side is to eliminate the stagnation of food and qi stagnation of the alternative tract. Where there is a “stay” disease, the scope of the indication is replaced.

Rusu has no other symptoms of simple food stagnation, and those who are mild can only do not think about diet, stomach and abdomen discomfort, and drooping in stool. Children often have this type of syndrome. If they are slightly more severe, they will have nausea, full stomach, belching, swallowing acid, or belching.The smell of rotten eggs, stinky odor, even stomach pain, or pain from time to time, thick tongue coating, refusal to press the stomach and abdomen, smooth pulse and so on.

  Dosage: 2 pills per adult, 2-3 times daily.

The dosage can be increased or decreased as appropriate according to the severity of the patient’s condition.

Take once a day.

Take 3 times a day in severe cases. If you have food stagnation and loose stools, you should reduce 1/2.

  Pediatrics: 1/4 to 1/8 pills each time within one year of age; 1/3 pills for two to four years old; 2/3 pills for five to seven years old; 1 for twelve to fourteen years old.

5 pills.

Serve 2-3 times a day.

Any bloating with spleen and stomach depletion will cause bloating, yin deficiency, dullness, dryness and pregnant women.

For those with weak spleen and stomach can be temporarily used.

  Post-drug effect: Generally, after taking the drug 2 to 4 times, the stool frequency will increase, and the qi (fat) will increase, slag-like loose stools will be eliminated, and a few patients occasionally have abdominal pain for a few seconds.

After three times of severe daily service, although there are more than ten times a day, if there are no complications of infection, after decades of application experience, there are no cases of dehydration.

Due to the stagnation of excrement, stagnation and abdomen pain decrease gradually.

  It was found in many diagnoses and treatments that almost all patients had bloating and bloating.

On abdominal examination, drum sounds, half dullness, or dullness somewhere in the abdomen can be seen.

The author believes that drum sounds indicate abnormal gas impurities or water retention; voiced or semi-voiced sounds indicate heavy accumulation and staying positions.

The performance of abdominal examination not only indicates the severity of food stagnation, but also the effect of treatment.

For example, swelling and pain in the upper abdomen at the first diagnosis, after the medicine turned to the right and left abdomen, indicating the “stagnation” down.

If drum sounds or semi-voiced sounds are found in the upper or right abdomen at the first diagnosis, and turn to the left abdomen (descending colon) after treatment, it means that the “lag” is about to be transferred and the disease is getting better.

Is secretly destroying your face

Is secretly destroying your face

Washing your face is the first step in skin care. What you can’t think of is that even a small face wash also contains this university question. Many skin problems like acne and blackheads are caused by washing your face.

Skin care was wrong initially, and skin care after that was futile.

See if you have made ten mistakes in washing your face.


hzh {display: none; }  误区一:泡沫型洗面奶洗完后皮肤紧绷营养流失  纠错:洗完脸之后的紧绷感是由于清洁剂洗去了皮脂和含在角质中保持水分的天然Caused by humectants.
The fine foam can penetrate the pores to clean the skin stains. If the foam-type facial cleanser rich in nourishing ingredients can also make the nourishing ingredients enter the pores smoothly.

Completely non-foaming facial cleanser should be used in combination with a foaming facial cleanser, otherwise it cannot be thoroughly cleaned, causing oil accumulation and causing skin problems.

  Misunderstanding 2: The more the function of the facial cleanser, the more expensive, the better the cosmetic effectIf it enters the pores, it will cause a burden on the skin.

So facial cleanser needs to meet two basic conditions: clean thoroughly and moisturize the skin.

  Misunderstanding 3: Washing your face with a towel will be more clean.
Therefore, it is best to wash your face with a soft cleansing sponge, and often dry it.

  Misunderstanding 4: Washing your face with hot water can more thoroughly clean your skinIn addition, if too much oil is washed off, it will also accelerate skin aging.

Washing the face with water at the highest temperature increases the skin’s pores and prevents the sebum and dirt from accumulating on the face.

The correct way is to wash your face with warm water at 35 ° C and then rinse with cold water.

  Misunderstanding 5: Use cleansing milk to clean your face. Correction: For women who often make-up, washing their face must be divided into two steps: first remove the makeup with liquid, and then wash the face with cleansing milk.

The cleansing milk can only wash away sweat, sebum, aging cuticle cells and hydrophilic emollients, while the makeup remover is rich in vegetable oil, oil-water emulsifier, and surfactant, which can thoroughly wash off makeup and remove it.Dirt falling deep.

  Misunderstanding 6: Naturally air-dry after washing the face, reorganize and hydrate the skin. Correction: Because the skin evaporates naturally, the skin becomes cold, and the blood vessels constrict, but it can cause dry and peeling skin, which is prone to wrinkles.

So after washing your face, you should use toner immediately, and then use a moisturizing cream.

  Myth # 7: Sweating in hot weather, washing your face several times a day will be cleaner. Correction: The normal situation should be once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you run outside for a day and sweat and dust make your skin uncomfortable, you can do a deep cleansing once in this case.

It can be increased once a day in hot weather.

  Misunderstanding 8: After thickening the makeup, wipe it with a paper towel first to make it easier to clean the makeupAfter rubbing into the skin pores, it will add a little to the cleaning work later, and the skin will become rough.

You should use a good makeup remover, and make sure that the makeup remover is light.

  Misunderstanding 9: Clean with only powerful cleansing products. Correction: When choosing cleaning products, you should choose products with moderate cleanliness. Excessive washing of oil often causes dry and sensitive skin. When redness and peeling appear on the face,When you are allergic to the usual skin care products, you need to check whether your face wash is too irritating and the cleaning power is too strong. At this time, it is better to use another mild face wash product, otherwise over-cleaning will not only be beneficial to skin health.Too dry skin is also prone to small fine lines, which is worth the loss.

  Misunderstanding 10: Wash every corner of the white people. Correction: T-shaped area is the place where dirt is most likely to be contaminated. It is best to rub it several times.

Wash your cheeks gently from bottom to top, because the stratum corneum cells on the face are distributed like fish scales from top to bottom. If you clean it in the opposite direction, it will be cleaner.

Hair buns and temples are very susceptible to styling accessories, so you must pay special attention to cleaning. The skin of the eyes is particularly sensitive and should be left at the end to clean to prevent the irritation of cleansing products.

Is the narcissistic mentality wonderful or helpless

Is the narcissistic mentality wonderful or helpless

In fact, everyone will have a more or less narcissistic tendency-as small as a dedicated modification of a nail, and as big as loving oneself and not falling in love with another person.

Everyone should love themselves, but over love can be dangerous.

Narcissists appreciate themselves and care about others, and expect to be recognized or praised by others. However, because they have the ability to get along with others and communicate with each other, they live very tired.

  Diary writing may be one of the manifestations of narcissism. On the surface, diary writing can record major events and exercise writing skills, but from the initiation of intention, it may be to satisfy narcissism.

There is a group of foreign comics-“A Day of a Girl”, which adds a day-to-day experience of a 11-year-old girl: getting up, looking in the mirror, dressing up, playing with a boy of similar age, and the boy giving her a flower,She also kissed her, then went home, wrote a diary, and finally fell asleep sweetly in the good mood after finishing the diary.

It can be imagined how satisfied the little girl is with herself, and her experience during the day proves how correct she is with herself.

This kind of thing should of course be written down with a warm diary, step down and repeat it in the future to satisfy the narcissistic complex.

  If the diary is a book, there is usually only one reader for the book-the author himself.

Those who show their diaries have enlarged their narcissism.

However, elementary school students are under pressure from teachers and parents to keep a diary, and it has nothing to do with narcissism.

  Men and women who are more narcissistic are more humorous: one asks, is the mosquito resting on the mirror male or female?

Another replied: It must be a mother.

This is a manifestation of the characteristics of women’s behavior, it seems that women like to look in the mirror is an indisputable fact.

In this regard, we can talk about the differences between men and women in narcissism.

Who is more narcissistic, man or woman?

This question seems difficult to answer.

A psychologist did an experiment, put a big mirror on the side of the road, and then observed who would take a picture.

The results of the experiment surprised the psychologist: men prefer to look in the mirror than women!

However, there are cracks in this experiment. Some people will say that women spend several times more time than men to groom themselves before going out. Of course, they don’t have to use roadside mirrors.

  Perhaps men and women who are more narcissistic are always a matter of debate, but there are differences in the way men and women are narcissistic.

Looking in the mirror is a strong evidence of a woman’s narcissism, chasing higher authority, and the success of size is a typical manifestation of a man’s narcissism.

  General narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing.

For example, narcissism of artists to a certain extent is sometimes not a problem, but can increase their personal charm.

But moderation is important. Narcissism is like salt for cooking. If it is less, it will be light and tasteless.

  The expansion of narcissistic narcissistic personality is one of the personality disorders. The third edition of the International Manual of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Illness describes this personality as a self-righteous and self-intoxicated personality.

Its main characteristics are: a strong desire for self-expression and a desire to get attention and envy from others; consistently high self-evaluation, self-righteous talent, superior ability, and often unrealistic exaggeration of their achievements, rather than extreme self-focus; Good to produce a fantasy of the vast sky, the content is mostly self-intoxicating, such as fantasy of their own brilliant achievements, honor and enjoyment come one after another; power is obvious, expect others to give themselves special preference and concern, unwilling to bear responsibility for each other, extremelyIt is selfish and imperious that it rarely occurs; it lacks a sense of responsibility, common arrogance, arrogance, rhetoric, and shirking and other attitudes to justify its irresponsibility and ignore correct self-respect and self-esteem.Lack of emotional communication with others, like to take advantage of others; in the face of criticism and frustration, they show disdain, thus showing strong anger, humiliation or emptiness; easy to give people the illusion of indifference and cynicism, but in factPays great attention to the attention and praise of others;只Would like to enjoy, I do not want to pay more.

  Narcissism is a widespread phenomenon in human nature, but only a few meet the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality.

  Narcissism also hurts itself. On the surface, a person with a narcissistic personality disorder considers his own material and psychological interests. In fact, all his interests are damaged because of narcissism.

  First, narcissism is a symptom of addiction to praise. To get praise, narcissists will do whatever it takes.

For example, someone who is in danger of life and seeks the popularity of “Who in the world does not know the King” has moved to the opposite of narcissism-self-destruction and self-treatment.

  Second, narcissism is an irrational force. The narcissist cannot control it, so he will never get inner peace, he will always be beaten by an invisible whip, he only runs forward, but no one can feel it.Realistic goals.

  Third, the narcissist will also subconsciously understand that it is impossible to always get praise from others, so he will unconsciously limit his range of activities to avoid any possible harm and narcissistic factors from the outside world.

  Fourth, in the interaction with others, the narcissist will lose what he values most because of his selfish performance-praise from others, which is a devastating blow to him, and can enter into praise-failure-More intense pursuit — in a vicious circle of overall failure.

Narcissists are prone to depression, and this is why.

  In addition, narcissism sometimes manifests in unreasonable and even uncomfortable ways.

A narcissist often cares too much about his health and always suspects that he has a certain disease that cannot be detected by any instrument. Even if he thinks that this method is ridiculous, he cannot doubt it.

The way to see the stone is to play it out.


The way to see the stone is to play it out.

(Buddha meditation is self-wide) Lao Tzu proposed the “Tao” as the origin of the universe and its existence, and created the “Tao” as the core including ontology, dialectics, epistemology, heaven and earth, nature, society, life and health.The philosophical thinking of the system of longevity and other content, especially the “Taojing” decomposes the origin of all things in the universe, and contains the laws of yin and yang changes in the heavens and the earth. Lao Tzu believes that “everything in the world is born and there is nothing.”

“Marxist dialectical materialism tells us that everything in the universe is indeed the result of “nothing,” or “out of nothing.”

Comrade Mao Zedong said in observing Chinese philosophy that the “Tao” about Laozi is the universal truth between the universe. The Tao Te Ching is a simple materialistic dialectics.

(Stars gather in the Chinese dream) Lao Tzu believes that among the universe, man is the core and the subject.

“The road is big, big, big, and big.”

There are four big in the domain, and people live in it.

“I have raised the human territory to an unprecedented height, that is, in parallel with the Tao, Heaven, and Earth.”

Then, where is the way to enjoy the stone?

(View from the heart of the heart, the voice from the static middle school) The stone-grass road of the millennium, carrying a lot of poetry and painting, the gains and losses?

How many twists and turns are bizarre, love and love?

Some people are crazy about it because someone is mad at it; someone has lost money for it, someone has made a fortune for it; someone has laid it for it, and someone has passed it on.

All of these are people and people, strange stones or strange stones.

(The world’s first 鐜? netizen “o eleven o” said: “The stone has not changed for thousands of years, but the hearts of the people have brought too much load.
These bearers, after the sorrows and sorrows of human beings, lost and fell, under the infiltration of time, gradually integrated the stone itself, covering up the original features of the stone, and made the past and present of the stone.

Among them, the finest products often bring people to forget the love, but how much is because the stone itself is not the stone culture?

“(The grass boat borrows the arrow) In fact, the way we say the stone is from the stone culture.

It is the people’s heart, personnel, human feelings, human desires, and human thoughts carried by Kistler, which has made the way of stone appreciation.

Playing the stone, the main thing to play is to play the stone man to transform his soul thought into the meaning and symbolic spirit in the stone!

(Bole music) Everything is light, it is a problem, only to do, there is a real answer; think, can not become a master, do, every step is real, every step has strength, only to succeed.

I said that the way to see the stone is not to come out, or to play it, right?

Old people may wish to eat more vegetarian food


Old people may wish to eat more vegetarian food

We always say that the elderly should be healthy. In fact, the vegetarian diet is of great help to the elderly.

銆€銆€Corn: Corn is not a vegetable because it contains a lot of starch, which leads to higher than normal vegetables. Therefore, in nutrition, corn is classified as the main food.

銆€銆€Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, etc., as well as vitamins a, b1, b2, b6, e and carotene, and also contains fiber.

Regular consumption of corn oil can lower blood cholesterol and soften blood vessels.

Maize has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice hepatitis and diabetes.

銆€銆€Yam: Its mucus protein can prevent micro-deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fecal deposition, and avoid obesity.

Dopamine in yam has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

銆€銆€Yam can also improve the body’s digestive function and enhance physical fitness.

銆€銆€Sweet potato: Sweet potato has a strong lowering of blood cholesterol, maintaining blood acid-base balance, delaying aging and preventing cancer and cancer.

Sweet potato is rich in precipitated fiber and colloidal volumetric defecation substances, which can be described as “intermediate scavenger”.

銆€銆€Oatmeal: An alternative to oatmeal healthy staple foods, and has the effect of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Oats are rich in oat fiber, which is not found in other grains.

Because this fiber is easily absorbed by the body, and because of the low heat content, it is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also suitable for high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes people’s need for diet therapy.

What kind of porridge is good in the spring? Recommend six health porridge


What kind of porridge is good in the spring?

Recommend six health porridge

Porridge is a favorite food that can be eaten all year round, especially for spring consumption.

This is because the spring is windy and the porridge is widely moisturized.

So what kind of porridge is good in the spring?

The following six health porridges are recommended.

銆€銆€Amaranth porridge: tastes sweet and meditation. It is a seasonal vegetable in spring. It has protein and more than 10 kinds of amino acids. It also contains glucose, sucrose, lactose, etc. It is very rich in nutrients and tastes sweet.

In Chinese medicine, leeks also have the role of common early spring diseases.

Therefore, drinking a little porridge in the morning or in the spring is really a meditation and a healthy choice.

銆€銆€Amaranth porridge: seasoning bactericidal nutrition high spring leeks are very fresh, often said that the head knives are spring sorghum, and spring leeks have spicy and yang, promoting the effect of rising hair.

Amaranth has a high nutritional value and can be supplemented with vitamins A, B, C and sugars, proteins, and has a role in seasoning and sterilization.

Male friends can choose to drink more porridge.

銆€銆€Celery porridge: all ages can reduce the fire and spring yang rise, the human body is prone to liver fire, and it is constipated, and celery contains very rich cellulose, which is very helpful for lowering blood pressure and improving constipation.

Cooking celery porridge for children can also achieve the purpose of clearing the rash.

銆€銆€Pork liver porridge: curing liver benefits healthy spring health is in the liver, pig liver is rich in protein, lecithin and trace elements, in addition to the maintenance of our liver, it is also beneficial to children’s intellectual development and physical development.
銆€銆€Jujube porridge: Yannian longevity qi and blood is the best season for qi and blood. The red jujube has a good tonic effect, and can also be used for skin care and soothe the nerves.

銆€銆€Porridge porridge: nourishing good health and fitness is a kind of medicine and food that nourish liver and kidney.

Drinking porridge porridge in the spring can supplement the liver and kidney deficiency, and also help to cure the yin and yang. It is also very effective for long-term cough.

In addition, because phlegm also lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, protects insulin, promotes hepatocyte regeneration, etc., drinking porridge to prevent diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic hepatitis, night blindness, malnutrition, anemia, etc., this is a typicalMedicated porridge, best for spring consumption.

銆€銆€Spring flowers and flowers, fresh air, is a good time for health.

At this point, you may wish to drink a bowl of health porridge to make you healthier, more pleasant, and more radiant.

What do you know about the effects of drinking tea that have been misrepresented by rumors?

What do you know about the effects of drinking tea that have been misrepresented by “rumors”?

A small number of people like tea, talk about tea, and there are not a few people who are healthy with tea.

Coupled with drinking tea can also effectively reduce blood lipids, blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, can prevent cardiovascular disease, so that this “healthy first killer” cardiovascular disease away from us.

Because the catechins contained in the tea have a strong lipid-lowering function, it can effectively protect the capillaries, make the blood vessel wall gap, increase the effective diameter, and enhance the elasticity. Even when the blood vessels are damaged, the tea polyphenols can also function as blood vessels.Get restored.

It is very beneficial to the relaxation of human blood vessels, enhances the elasticity and properness of microvessels, and helps prevent the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular effects.

Among them, tea pigment can also scavenge free radicals to inhibit starch peroxidation, protect cells from damage, and maintain their structural and functional metabolic activities.

But in drinking tea, in addition to protecting the cardiovascular system, we may also have these misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding 1: The strong tea can 鈥渨ake up鈥?after drinking. The alcohol in the wine enters the blood through the turbine channel, and is first converted into acetaldehyde in the liver, then converted into acetic acid, and then decomposed into carbon dioxide and water excreted through the kidney.

Drinking strong tea after drinking, and caffeine in tea can quickly exert diuretic effect, thereby promoting acetaldehyde (a substance that stimulates the kidney) that has not been decomposed into acetic acid to enter the kidney prematurely and damage the kidney.

Myth 2: Drinking tea can cure people. Some people think that tea is just a very safe drink and a good medicine for treating some diseases.

I don’t know, for some patients, it is not suitable for drinking tea, especially those strong tea.

Because the caffeine in strong tea will make people excited, insomnia, increased metabolic rate, is not conducive to rest; will lead to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, kidney disease and other patients with rapid heartbeat, and even arrhythmia, frequent urination, increase the burden of heart and kidney.

In addition, caffeine begins to stimulate the secretion of gastrointestinal tract, which will indirectly lead to the healing time of ulcer disease; while the residual matter in tea has astringent effect, which makes the peristalsis slow down and aggravates constipation.

The five major evils of the elderly eating tofu


The five major evils of the elderly eating tofu

Tofu is a common soy product. Tofu is rich in nutrients. It contains various trace elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains sugar, vegetable oil and rich quality protein. It is known as 鈥減lant meat鈥?

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, tofu has a sweet and cool taste, can benefit Qi and Zhong, Shengjin Runzao, has the role of sulfur, shochu poison.

Since the tofu is delicious and delicious, can the old man eat tofu?

Old people’s tofu is more harmful.

銆€銆€The five major hazards of eating too much for the elderly: First, it can lead to a decline in renal function. Under normal circumstances, most of the plant proteins that enter the human body become nitrogen-containing wastes, which are excreted by the kidneys.

However, the elderly and some patients with kidney disease have decreased kidney function. If they eat too much tofu, they will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in a decline in renal function, which will affect their health.

銆€銆€Second, it can lead to indigestion. Tofu contains a lot of rich protein. Once consumed, it will cause these proteins to accumulate in the human body, causing indigestion, leading to symptoms such as abdominal distension and diarrhea.

銆€銆€Third, it can cause arteriosclerosis Tofu contains extremely rich methionine. After entering methionine, methionine can be converted into cysteine under the action of enzyme.

Cysteine damages the adrenal cells of the human arterial wall, causing plasma and triglycerides to deposit on the arterial wall, causing arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€Fourth, can cause gout tofu contains a large amount of terpenoids.

Abnormal metabolism of sputum is the key cause of gout.

Therefore, gout patients can easily cause gout attacks when they eat too much tofu.

銆€銆€Fifth, it will lead to iodine deficiency disease. Tofu contains a substance called saponin, which can promote the body’s excretion of iodine.

Therefore, if people eat tofu for a long time, it is easy to cause a large loss of iodine in the body, resulting in iodine deficiency.

Of course, the above problem is not to advocate that older friends should stay away from tofu, and proper eating will not have a big impact on the health of the elderly.