Chicken plate flutters high: multiple positive stimulus prices are expected to resume

Chicken plate flutters high: multiple positive stimulus prices are expected to resume
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Original title: Chicken plate flutters and flies high: Multiple positive stimulus prices cycle is expected to recover more than expected. Source: Finance and Economics Co., Ltd. This afternoon, chicken concept stocks rose sharply and continued to close. The overall plate rose over 1%, of which New Hope was close to the daily limit.  According to the news, on February 20, the executive meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs once again highlighted that it is necessary to focus on solving the difficulties encountered in livestock and poultry aquaculture and speeding up the restoration of the normal production and operation scale of the aquaculture industry.On the 21st, the National Development and Reform Commission included a list of key protection materials for feed, breeding livestock and other parts of the epidemic.On the 25th, relevant instructions issued by Premier Li Keqiang, including promoting the rapid resumption of production and production of agricultural-funded enterprises, opening up jamming points, grasping the production of vegetables, livestock and poultry, smoothing the green channel for the transportation of fresh agricultural products, and accelerating the expansion of pig supply, Put in place policies to increase support for farmers.Strengthen the prevention and control of major animal diseases and pests.  After the outbreak, a large-scale listed company mainly engaged in poultry and livestock announced that it was not significantly affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.According to the research of COFCO Futures, the current stocking of chicken stocks is gradually recovering, and the prices of chicken stocks and chickens are rising simultaneously.Therefore, if production and distribution gradually resume, the overall growth pattern of broiler feed consumption will not be disturbed.  According to the research report of the Guangfa Securities, the epidemic situation of insufficient meat and poultry investment in February was obviously affected, and the recent local markets have gradually recovered. The demand for resumption of labor in various places is expected to increase in the later period. Overall, the price of poultry has bottomed out and rebounded.It is recommended to focus on the development of Shengnong, Xiantan shares, Yisheng shares, etc.At the same time, the epidemic situation has been high in recent years, and the industry as a whole is expected to benefit from the strengthening of epidemic prevention. It is recommended to pay attention to Ruipu Biological and China Animal Husbandry.  As for the fundamentals of poultry farming, Guotai Junan’s latest research report shows that on the supply side, low inventory levels and subsequent production are not enough to cause prices to rise more than expected.From the perspective of commodity supply, under the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, early seedling destruction occurs frequently. Currently, due to strict prevention and control, chicken seedlings and increased feed transportation efficiency have also led to slow progress in replenishing pens and low production efficiency. The short-term supply stoppage in the future will supportChicken prices are up.From the demand side, pre-epidemic group meals, fast food, and multi-channel consumption were downturned in the household. After the epidemic was stable, the catering industry was committed to retaliating consumption. Under the background of low stocks in traders and slaughterhouses, it subsequently entered high 武汉夜生活网 consumption and restocking.At this stage, chicken prices are expected to hit new highs, and the price cycle is expected to recover more than expected.  From a global perspective, although the General Administration of Customs issued an announcement on February 14 to lift restrictions on the import of poultry and poultry products in the United States, according to the Pacific Research Report, it takes time for replacement of ancestral chickens to commercial chickens to be released.The growth in chicken and broiler supply will initially be reflected in the second and third quarters of next year, and local production capacity will not be affected by 2020.At the same time, China ‘s chicken meat imports have remained stable in the short term, and the impact of US chicken meat on the domestic industry has been limited.Due to the consumption habits of Chinese people, the interference may not be the price of whole chicken, but by-products such as chicken feet and chicken wings.

The most popular hot concept for investors in 2018: a song of ice and fire in the capital market

The most popular hot concept for investors in 2018: a song of ice and fire in the capital market

In 2018, the capital market staged a song of ice and fire. Looking back on 2018, one of the deepest feelings for many investors is the endless stream of new policies and popular concepts, and the cold possible numbers.

However, under the new policy and strict supervision, the ecology of the capital market has improved, and there are changes in and out, and the capital market is becoming living water.

  As Liu Shiyu, the chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission said, “The stock market feels like winter. Since winter has come, spring is not far away.

“So, in 2018, some New Deals have become the fulcrum of the future stock market spring?

What sickness has quietly left us?

Which stocks suffered from black swan, some angels fell, and some stocks broke out?

  On January 26, pensions entered the market, making the market “not bad money” News report from China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Lu Aihong said in Beijing that the investment and operation of China’s basic pension insurance fund has steadily advanced. Beijing, Anhui and other 9 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities)Signed a $ 430 billion entrusted investment contract, 2731.

500 million funds have been received and investment has begun.

-As of December 28, the top ten shareholders of 22 companies including Chongqing Construction Engineering, Quartz and other stock companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have directly included investments in basic pension insurance funds.

  On February 22, the Free Trade Zone was launched, and A-shares set off a “speculation” market Shanghai ranking China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Pilot Area Promotion Work Leading Group Meeting to deploy and advance the reform work of the Free Trade Pilot Area in 2018.

——The concept section of the A-share free trade port rose sharply, setting off a “fried map” market.

  When the first CDR was released on March 30, the State Council issued “Several Opinions on the Pilot Pilot Program on Intra-company Issuance or Depositary Receipts of Innovative Enterprises”.

On October 12, the Securities Regulatory Commission formally issued the “Regulations on the Supervision of Depositary Receipt Business of Shanghai and London Stock Market Interconnection (Trial)”.

——During the promotion of CDR, and other companies considered to list in mainland China in the form of CDR.

In June, Xiaomi expected an application for CDR issuance, and the CSRC cancelled Xiaomi’s issuance review.

  April 25 Promote the development of “Internet + medical health” The General Office of the State Council formally released the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of” Internet + Medical Health “”, which clearly pointed out the perfect “Internet + Medical Health” service system to strengthen industry supervision and securityProtection.
-At present, many provinces have issued a series of measures to promote the development of “Internet + medical and health” documents and informationization.

In the big year of medical informatization, the medical sector has become one of the few growth sectors in 2018.

  In the early morning of May 15th when the A-shares were “increased in motorcycles” plus “income into the rich,” Ming Sheng announced the results of its semi-annual index adjustment, announcing the division of A-shares into the MSCI emerging market index from June 2018, involving a total of 234A-share listed company.

On September 27, FTSE Russell, the world’s second largest index company, announced that it will split A shares into its global stock index system, and A shares will be classified as secondary emerging markets. From June 2019, A shares will be classified as secondary emerging

——A preliminary entry of A shares into the global market.

  The official release of the 5G standard on June 14 gave birth to the U.S. 5G international standard-setting organization-3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) approved the fifth generation of mobile communication technology standards (5G) and the new air interface (NR) independent network construction (SA)) Function freezes.

5G has completed the first stage of full-function standardization, and industrial commercial enterprises have entered a comprehensive sprint stage.

— 104 “5G concept stocks” are happy.

Among the top ten bull stocks in 2018, the biggest increase was China Stone Technology, which has gradually increased nearly three times. The bull stock gene: big customer support + 5G concept.

  On July 16, breaking the boundaries of the company and promoting the professional integration of the deputy secretary-general of the SASAC, the news report Peng Huagang pointed out when restructuring the central SOEs, and then he must step up efforts to break through the boundaries of the company by promoting free transfers, paid acquisitions, and the establishment of joint-stock companies.Promote professional integration.

-“Mixed change” goes one step further.

Large state-owned enterprises such as China Unicom have joined the mixed reform team.

On November 14, the SASAC informed the state-owned enterprise mixed reform that the listed company has become an important carrier for the state-owned enterprise mixed reform.

  On August 7, the State Council issued a comprehensive urban cross-border e-commerce pilot zone. The State Council announced that it agreed to establish cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in 22 cities including Beijing, Hohhot, Shenyang, and Changchun.Name) Comprehensive experimental area for cross-border e-commerce.

Nine cross-border e-commerce concept stocks such as cross-border communication, liaison and interaction, Huading shares benefited.

——From January 1, 2019, the new cross-border e-commerce retail import policy was officially implemented.

  On September 15th, some foreign individuals came to open an account. According to the relevant regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, from September 15th, eligible foreign natural person investors can open A-share securities accounts.

This time, two types of personnel are mainly opened to open A-share securities accounts internally. One is a foreigner working internally; the other is a foreign employee of an A-share listed company who works overseas and participates in the distribution of incentives.

-Can foreign retail investors adapt to China’s stock market?

  On October 19th, several ministries and committees spoke for the relief of private enterprises. Yi Gang said that in order to alleviate corporate financing difficulties, the People’s Bank of China is studying to continue to introduce targeted measures, including the implementation of private enterprise bond financing support plans.Promote equity financing support plans for private enterprises.

-At present, many ministries have spoken out intensively to support private 佛山桑拿网 enterprises.

Under the guidance of the private enterprise rescue policy, companies such as Oriental Garden, Tianzhou Culture, and Zhengye Technology have been assisted.  On November 5th, the Science and Technology Board and the registration system in Hope Central decided to establish a science and technology board on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and pilot the registration system to improve the multi-level capital market system.

—— On the afternoon of December 18, the meeting of the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission held a meeting to quickly set up a science and technology board and establish a pilot registration system.

  On December 28, the Xiong’an New Area General Plan was approved. On December 28, the State Council officially approved the “Hebei Xiong’an New Area Master Plan (2018-2035)” with the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

-As of the end of 2018, 118 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have been listed as “Xiongan New District Concept Stocks”.

Most of them are infrastructure companies such as Jidong Cement, Dongfang Yuhong, and Beijing New Building Materials.

  On January 2nd, “Dark Horse Rich” Wang Renguo lost contact with Thai Health on the evening of the same day. The company was unable to contact the actual controller and chairman Wang Renguo, and the relevant information was still being verified.

On May 9, Wang Renguo lost contact twice.

It was not until November 14th that Taihe Health announced that Mr. Wang Renguo had performed his duties normally, but always explained the cause of the “lost contact”.

— In 2018, the chairman of the merged companies, such as Wanjiale, Nanfeng (right protection), and Steyr, all experienced “lost contact”.

  On February 5th, where did scallops go to Zhangzidao (right)? Zhangzidao once again announced that the stock of oyster scallops was abnormal, and “where did the scallops” became a hot topic.

On February 5th, Zhangzi Island announced that the bottom-seeded scallop scallops were weighed. The scallops died due to the decline in the amount of bait organisms and abnormal seawater temperatures.

-Natural disaster or human disaster?

As of December 8, Zhangzidao was still being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  On March 19, the “Jin” blockchain spot Jinjiang shares were regulated. On March 19, Yinjiang issued an announcement saying that it received a letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asking for instructions on whether there was any speculative promotion of the “Hot Blockchain” hotspot concept.

The Air Force said, “Seniu Gold Service, a participating enterprise, has reached a strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Qianmai Forensic Identification Center, and has landed the world’s first blockchain electronic data forensic identification certificate.”

-From January to March 19, more than 20 listed companies have been monitored for blockchain spots.

  Putuoshan’s listing on April 2 caused controversy. Putuoshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Putuoshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. updated its prospectus.

On April 11, the official website of the Chinese Buddhist Association stated that Putuoshan “listed” and reorganized the local Buddhists with their vulgar and commercial notoriety, promptly attracted outside attention.

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province later responded that the listed assets are purely business operating assets and do not involve any religious assets.

-As of December 29, there has been no update on the road to Putuoshan Tourism.

  In May of the Xingmei crisis, Qin Hui was banned from entering the market and reported by the Beijing News. Some Xingmei Cinemas owed their employees wages for months, and the social security provident fund could not be paid on time.

Qin Hui, the actual controller of SMI Holdings, voiced in the group’s WeChat group, asking that the March (wage) and all social security be resolved by May 10.

-In September, Qin Hui was imposed by the Securities Regulatory Commission with a five-year ban on the securities market.

In December, the SMI subsidiary cinema line was closed again, and about 140 of the 320 theaters operated by SMI Holdings in China were temporarily suspended.

  On June 14th, the day when BGI ‘s trap “enclosed the door”, BGI was reported on the Internet that “false high-tech fraud is suspected of bribery law enforcement and large-scale fraud of state-owned assets”.

On June 27, BGI issued a statement stating that it had not participated in a real estate project in Jiangsu.

In July, BGI repackaged the “cancer door”.

  On the day of the outbreak of the Changsheng Biological Incident on July 15, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice regarding the illegal and illegal production of freeze-dried human rabies vaccine by Changchun Changsheng, a subsidiary of Changsheng Biological.

Subsequently, the details of the serious violation of Changsheng Biovaccine were investigated step by step, and the persons responsible were arrested by the public security organs.

On December 11, Changsheng Bio received a prior notice of compulsory delisting for major illegal acts.

——On December 23, the “Vaccine Management Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft)” proposed changes for the first time.

  August 19 African swine fever struck multi-company performance reorganization According to information released by the Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the 19th, from August 3 to 15, in Shenyang, Liaoning, Zhengzhou, Henan, and Lianyungang, Jiangsu, threeIn the region, three cases of African swine fever were found.

As of November 22, 74 related epidemics occurred in 47 cities (districts, alliances) in 20 provinces across the country.

-Shuanghui Development, Tang Renshen was affected by the epidemic, and Tianbang shares, Wen’s shares and other companies were affected by embargo measures to transform their performance.

  On September 13, major environmental pollution such as Luoping Zinc Power (right protection) was deemed to be issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision and Enforcement of Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision and Enforcement, which put forward the need to focus on investigating major cases and strictly prohibiting “one size fits all”.

Since the beginning of this year, listed companies Zhongluoping Zinc Power and Shanxi Sanwei have been eliminated due to major environmental pollution.

-CSRC officials stated that they will continue to maintain a high level of enforcement of major environmental pollution information disclosure violations, and strictly implement administrative penalties in accordance with the law.

  In October, Fan Bingbing was fined for tax evasion. Tang De fell by 60% in seven months. Fan Bingbing was taxed for tax evasion, late fees, and more than 800 million bills. The film and television industry tax self-examination began.

On October 8, the State Administration of Taxation issued a document requesting that from October 10, 2018, film and television production companies, brokerage companies, performing arts companies, star studios, and other high-income employees in the film and television industry in various regions, since 2016Self-inspection and self-correction of tax declarations.

— Since the end of May, Tangde Films is expected to have fallen by nearly 60%.  On November 5, the kindergarten was decapitalized, and Vetron was “shot.” On November 15, some opinions on deepening the reform and standardization of preschool education were issued. Among them, private parks are not allowed to be listed individually or as a part of assets.

Listed companies may not invest in for-profit kindergartens through stock market financing, and may not purchase for-profit kindergarten assets by issuing shares or paying cash.

-27 listed companies involved in offline kindergartens, such as Victron, encountered changes.

  On December 28, Zhonghong retired and was delisted from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Zhonghong Co., Ltd. became the first “delisted fairy stock” in China’s A-share history.

-The delisting system has been strictly enforced. Six companies have delisted this year.

  B04-B05 Writer / Beijing News reporter Li Yunqi

Daqin Railway (601006): In October, the traffic volume will be +5 for ten years.

8% of overall traffic will bottom out

Daqin Railway (601006): In October, the traffic volume will be +5 for ten years.

8% of overall traffic will bottom out

Investment Highlights: News / Announcements.

The Daqin Railway announced operating data for October. The company ‘s core asset, the Daqin Line, completed 3,664 cargo shipments in October, an overall increase of 5.

8%, with an average daily volume of 118.

19 inches.

Daqin Line operates heavy trucks 82 daily.

2 trains, of which 56 are ranked 2 trains per day.

3 columns.

Cumulative traffic in the first 10 months3.

600 million tons, a reduction of 3 per year.


  The overhaul in the fall was wrong, and many of the shipments in October returned significantly.

The Daqin Line has two intensive repairs in the spring and autumn each year. The intensive repairs this fall will be from September 15th to October 8th, ending 15 days earlier than the overhaul period of September 29th to October 23rd last year.The number increases by 5 every year.


Judging from the transfer volume of Qinhuangdao and Caofeidian ports, the average daily traffic volume during the overhaul in the first 8 days of October remained at about 105, and the traffic volume returned to a high level of about 125 after the overhaul.

However, judging from the total transportation volume in the two months of September and October, the total transportation volume was 7047 in the two months of this year. After excluding the impact of overhaul, it still decreased by 2.

8%, which is mainly affected by the impact of hydropower caused by incoming water and storage water.

  Traffic and annual growth data are expected to bottom out and rebound.

In the first three quarters, due to the multiple external unexpected factors, the incremental traffic on the Da-Qin Line shifted every half year, and it will bottom out in the fourth quarter.

The annual fall overhaul was the wrong period, 西安耍耍网 bringing an annual increase of 5 in October.

8%. In the fourth quarter of the beginning of the year, the dry season is expected. Hydropower is expected to fall. With the peak of winter electricity consumption, the traffic on the Daqin Line will rise to a relatively high level in November / December. With a low annual base and the elimination of internal and external sudden factors, the internal traffic will show a slight increase in synchronization, and the annual traffic is expected to rise to 4 in 2020.

500 million tons or more.

  Steady performance, still the target of high-quality defense, investment sentiment picked up.

The first three quarters of the Daqin Line are often affected by multiple external factors.

73%, but benefited from cost control, net profit attributable to mothers decreased by nearly 2 in the first three quarters.

57%, up to 120.

The performance 杭州夜网论坛 of the company is 8.8 billion US dollars, and the overall performance is stable. Based on our calculation of profit in 2019, if the company’s cash dividend ratio in 2018 is 50%, this year’s yield will still be 6%. In line with the internal market environment, the absolute absolute value of the defense allocation value.

  Maintain profit forecast and maintain “Buy” rating.

Maintaining profit forecast, it is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will be 138 in 2019-2021.

9.8 billion, 146.

37 ppm, 151.

1.6 billion.

, The current position has an index defense value, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: Economic growth brings coal transportation business below expectations.

Jiayuan Technology (688388): China’s leading manufacturer of ultra-thin lithium copper foil

Jiayuan Technology (688388): China’s leading manufacturer of ultra-thin lithium copper foil

Main point of view: Leading company in the production of ultra-thin copper foil.

The company is one of the national advanced lithium copper foil industry leaders.

The company is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of various high-performance electrolytic copper foils. The main products are ultra-thin lithium copper foils and ultra-thin lithium copper foils, which are important basic materials for the lithium ion battery industry.

The company and its subsidiaries have a total of 106 patents, and have successively been approved as emerging enterprises, national intellectual property advantage enterprises, etc.

The company’s revenue and net profit compound growth rate is relatively high, the gross profit margin is relatively stable.

Company operating income from 4 in 2016.

1.9 billion increased to November 2018.

5.3 billion, with an average annual composite polycarbonate of 51.

52%; net profit attributable to mothers from 0 in 2016.

63 million increased to 1 in 2018.

76 trillion, with an annual compound intensity of 52.


The gross profit margin has remained above 27% in the past three years.

The downstream industry is booming and demand for power batteries is strong.

The company’s products are mainly used in the lithium-ion battery industry, and are ultimately used in end-use applications such as new energy vehicles, 3C digital products, and energy storage systems.

According to the statistics of the Institute 四川耍耍网 of Industrial, Industrial and Research Lithium Battery Research (GGII), the output of the global lithium-ion battery market increased by 21 in 2018.

81%, up to 188.

80GWh, CAGR (Compound Annual Growth) of 27 in the past 5 years.


Benefiting from the growth of the global lithium-ion battery market, the global lithium battery copper foil market is expected to have a CAGR of 24% in the next four years, and its output will exceed 20 by 2020.

Deep cultivation of ultra-thin copper foil technology, strong independent research and development strength.

The company has been rooted in the research and development, production, and sales of electrolytic copper foil since 2001. After years of production and technology accumulation, it has gradually mastered a number of core technologies to ensure that the company’s product quality and performance are at the forefront of the industry.

Use of raised funds.

The issued shares shall not exceed 5,780.

One million shares were raised for three technological transformation projects, a construction project and supplementary working capital.

Profit forecast: According to our forecast of the company’s business split, it is expected that the company will achieve revenue of 14 in 2019-2021.

2.6 billion, 17.

6.6 billion, 21.

90,000 yuan, net profit attributable to mothers was 2 respectively.

3.7 billion, 300 million and 3.

78 trillion, assuming a total share capital of 23,087 after the issue.

600,000 shares, EPS is expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.

03 yuan / share, 1.

3 yuan / share and 1.

64 yuan / share.

The company’s main net profit source is lithium battery copper foil. From the existing A-share market, we selected the leading company in the lithium battery copper foil industry, Norder Co., Ltd. and advanced electronic copper foil business, with a revenue of over 30% as a comparable company.

According to the consensus forecast of the comparable company Wind and the existing company PE (ttm), taking into account the company’s planned net profit growth rate in the next three years and the listing of new shares of the science and technology board and further high temperature, we believe that the company’s reasonable P / E ratio in 2019 is (20, 27) times, the corresponding acceptable is (20.

6,27.81) Risk warning: The lithium battery industry is weak and raw material prices fluctuate more than expected.

Yaoji Technology (002605): Refined operation and big data make the leader of casual games

Yaoji Technology (002605): Refined operation and big data make the leader of casual games

This report reads: As the leader of the traditional poker industry, the company actively transitions to mobile games, and tries to increase the performance of multi-category casual mobile games in the context of the rapid development of casual games.

Investment highlights: first coverage, target price 31.

62 yuan, increase the level.

The company has been deeply engaged in the leisure mobile game market for many years, has excellent leisure game R & D and operation capabilities, and has gradually performed well. It is expected to continue to grow its game business 武汉夜生活网 under the background of the rapid development of leisure games. It is expected that EPS-20 will be 2019-2021.



58 yuan with a target price of 31.

62 yuan, the first coverage given an overweight rating.

The leading player in the poker industry and the rapid development of the game business.

The company is a leading player in the domestic poker card industry and has a stable performance in the poker card business. In April 2018, it acquired Chengyi Technology53.

45% equity entered the gaming industry and acquired the remaining equity in May 2019.

Chengye Technology was established in 2013. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, distribution and operation of construction machinery. It implements an integrated research and transportation model, and has outstanding R & D and operation capabilities. It will realize profit in H1 in 2019.

8.7 billion, committed performance for the year1.

200 million, in only half a year to fulfill the commitment.

With the advent of the 5G era, the market share of casual games has increased.

With the advent of the 5G era, the mobile game industry has promoted accelerated development.

As an important part of the current mobile game market, casual games have 4 in China in 2018.

01 billion players, accounting for 66% of all mobile game players.

4%, compared with 63 in 2017.

The 7% increase is obvious. The proportion of follow-up players and market share is expected to continue to increase, and there is huge space.

The company has obvious advantages in technology and category, and has long-term development momentum.

The company has obvious technical advantages in fishing and chess and card mobile games. It has refined processing operations and big data analysis capabilities. The company has a wide range of product categories, including fishing, chess, and bingo.The competitive operation of bingo games has outstanding capabilities and is expected to become the company’s new performance growth point.

Risk reminder: policy supervision tends to be severe risk, and market competition intensifies risk

Jinshi Resources (603505): Fluorite boom rises, semi-annual report growth increases by 160%

Jinshi Resources (603505): Fluorite boom rises, semi-annual report growth increases by 160%
Event: The company released its 19-year interim report and achieved operating income in the first half of the year3.5.8 billion, an annual increase of 62.77%; net profit attributable to mothers1.110,000 yuan, an increase of 160 in ten years.67%.  Main 合肥夜网 points: 1. Supply of fluorite is tight, demand is good, and prosperity is rising.In the first half of the year, the fluorite industry recovered less than expected due to Mongolian mine rectification, environmental protection and safety overhaul, and other reasons.30 Large-scale parking of production companies, rainwater consolidation in Jiangxi, and the increase in road construction in mines are vulnerable to mining.On the demand side, hydrofluoric acid prices are firm and operating rates are good.Fluorite boom increased.In the report period, the average content of acid-grade fluorite fine powder of the company was 2,563 yuan / ton (excluding tax), an annual increase of 416 yuan / ton.With only a slight increase in costs, the company’s gross profit margin increased by 12%.5PCT to 61.9%.  2. Production and sales increase, and the 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 maximum production capacity of Inner Mongolia Xiangzhen will increase.During the reporting period, the production and sales of high-grade fluorite lump ore and acid-grade fluorite fine powder increased compared with the same period of the previous year, mainly due to the increase in output of amethyst mining.A total of 14 fluorite powder mines were sold during the reporting period.13 growth rate, 27% annual growth.Xiangzhen Mining Q2 basically completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment.Initial commissioning and trial production in May / June, adding about 5,900 tons of high-grade fluorite lump ore and about 3,200 tons of fluorite fine powder; July production has increased compared to the previous two months.High-grade fluorite lump ore and acid-grade fluorite fine powder are mainly used.  3. In the long run, the fluorite boom has continued.With the gradual promotion of safe and environmentally friendly production, the integration of domestic fluorite mine resources has accelerated.Small mines that do not meet safety and environmental protection standards will be gradually withdrawn, and the cost of fluorite mining will also increase.On the demand side, downstream refrigerants, electronic hydrofluoric acid, fluoropolymers, and fluorinated fine chemicals will continue to grow, and the demand for fluorite in the steel and metallurgical industries will also continue to grow.The high fluorite boom is expected to continue.  4. Profit forecast and rating.The company’s net profit is expected to be 2 in 2019-2020.65, 3.3.4 billion yuan, corresponding to EPS of 1.10, 1.39 yuan, corresponding PE is 18, 14 times.Target price of 26.0 yuan, given a “buy” rating.  Risk warning: Downstream demand is less than expected, and production capacity is less than expected.

23 fitness sculpting machines

23 fitness sculpting machines

Article 1: Do only a little every day, but you must be persistent.

It sounds very easy, but many people can’t.

In fact, when I feel that I ca n’t keep up, I always let myself do only a little every day, but I persist, sometimes taking 4 days as a cycle to complete a set of actions that others might complete in a day.

  Article 2: Be sure to do some dumbbell exercises.

Some people like to use a bell or other equipment to complete strength training, but I recommend to have dumbbell training, because this is the best way to exercise arm strength.

For example, a set of dumbbell lifting exercises that you complete with other equipment is definitely not as effective as using dumbbells.

  Article 3: Do a horse-turn.

For female bodybuilders, in order to better exercise their head muscles, don’t just do horse training.

You can achieve better results by doing some horse-turning exercises. When doing a horse-turning, remember to keep your legs still and only rotate your upper body.

  Article 4: The heel must land.

In order to ensure that the heel is not strained, when you are climbing stairs or other sports, be sure to touch the ground or the surface of the entire foot when going up and down the stairs or other floors.Strained Achilles tendon.

  Article 5: Focus on concentration and focus on training.

Although you are training muscles during training, you must take them wholeheartedly, because only the most focused training can achieve the best results.

  Article 6: Try not to use a belt.

Don’t use it unless you have to wear it because of injury or when lifting weights.

It is recommended that you wear a pair of tights and lift your chest when training with a barbell.

Tough carbon dioxide and shoulders are the best belts.

  Article 7: Try to reach your limits.

In order to fully tap the potential and pursue transcendence in training, it is better to pursue your own limits to pursue a breakthrough.

You don’t have to practice a whole movement.

The time can be shortened according to the specific situation, but the intensity is enhanced.

  Article 8: Play a little ball games.

Yes, lifting barbells can indeed strengthen muscles, but if you can arm some other sports, especially ball games, such as playing basketball or baseball, you can better develop your whole body muscles.

However, you must do your best when you play.

  Article 9: Keep trying new moves.

In order to stay fresh, you should keep training as new as possible, or try new training methods often.

For example, if you have been training your hip muscles with horses, then you can try to use race walking instead.

If you have been accustomed to doing exercises with parallel legs, the next time does not prevent you from trying another lunge.

  Article 10: Try the extreme compound training method.

This method uses a single type of single training to completely fatigue some parts of the muscles, and then performs compound training to receive intensity training.

For example, after the horse step reaches the limit of your buttocks, you can choose some exercise equipment for full body exercise.

  Article 11: Perform cycle training.

Choose a set of exercises to train each part for loop training.

After each action is completed, only “rest” for a maximum of 3 minutes, then “rest” is not really doing nothing but a 3-minute aerobic exercise.

Then proceed to the next action, each action repeated 12 times.

After the complete movement is repeated 3 times, the training is ended.

  Article 12: Do shoulder contraction first.

When doing strength training, such as snatching barbells or rowing exercises, be sure to shrink your shoulders before touching the equipment. This will help you reduce biceps pressure.  Article 13: Remember to keep your head up.

When striding, don’t forget to imagine that your back is leaning on a thin rope and always keep your chest and head up, because it makes the stride more stable.

  There are still some daily habits that need to be adhered to in order to better consolidate the fitness results: Article 14: Eat a balanced breakfast.

The quality of breakfast is important, and you must get balanced nutrition every morning.

A good breakfast not only avoids hypoglycemia, but also keeps you energized throughout the day.

My favorite breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal cooked with half a cup of oatmeal with half a cup of water and half a cup of low-fat milk, a banana, an apple, and 4 to 6 protein pancakes.

Of course, you can also add protein directly to the oatmeal. Finally, don’t forget to add a bit of fresh flax to the processed oatmeal.

  Article 15: Replace Soda Water with Water, Coffee and Beverages.

I only drink one gallon of plain water every day.

  Article 16: Never eat substitutes.

Some people are afraid that eating natural sugar will grow meat, but I would rather eat natural sugar than substitute it.

The best way to consume the conversion that these sugars bring to you is exercise.

  Article 17: Every day is a new beginning.

Get out of bed every day and let yourself have a good mood. Don’t let your troubles worry you.

Every day is a fresh start.
  Article 18: Fantasy good things.

Imagine that all the good things that I expect will be realized in the near future, some slim and healthy body, a dream lover, and a better job . I also often dream these dreams while training, and believe that one day, The dream will come true.

  Article 19: Let role models give you strength.

First, when you choose a role model, be sure to choose the best one.

The power of role models is endless. They can provide you with successful experiences and can give you confidence in the future.

  Article 20: Get enough sleep.

Many people are too busy to work for 8 hours a day.

However, you should require that you stay in bed with your eyes closed for at least 8 hours a day, and a higher requirement is that you should go to bed and get up at regular time points every day, and be able to fall asleep as soon as you touch the bed.

It’s better to take a warm bath before going to bed.

  Article 21: Keep your hands warm.

Many people do not know that cold hands can easily cause a cold, and you will not be able to train properly.

Remember to keep your hands warm during exercise.

During running and other sports, keep rubbing your hands to keep the temperature.

  Article 22: Learn to distinguish between discomfort and pain.

Training often makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when training the abs and the left and right sides of the body.

This discomfort usually disappears after a few days, but when you find a lump in a certain part of the pain, or after training at the left and right sides at the same time, you only have to avoid pain, etc. You must check whether you have been injured.

  Article 23: Pay attention to relaxation training.

Many people know that there will be some relaxation training when starting or ending a set of exercises, so don’t underestimate these trainings.

Especially beginners should do relaxation training between each set of exercises, as research shows that this can increase the effect of 203.

In fact, when you get up every morning, doing some stretching exercises on the bed, even for a few minutes, is very beneficial.

White-collar workers have the same crash symptoms as computers

White-collar workers have the same “crash symptoms” as computers

For white-collar workers who use the Internet more than they do on the street and type faster than they can speak, the relationship with the computer has reached the point where fish cannot be separated from water.
It may be near Zhu Zhechi. White-collar workers will inevitably have some “crash symptoms” like computers. If this symptom is frequent, then don’t hesitate to DIY it and upgrade it.
  死机症状一:CPU怠工  我们常见到这样的员工,他很少迟到早退,在班上也很少做些与工作无关的事情,但就是手头的事情进展缓慢,就像电脑屏幕上那个以每秒一微米的速度移 动蓝色的拖动条,让人看了直想发狂。  White-collar CPU upgrade: entering the “dual-core era” and low efficiency, often because of unreasonable work arrangements.
For example, they are always accustomed to the inefficiency caused by overtime. In fact, white-collar workers just need to pay attention to the overall arrangements at work, and things can be handy.
For example, because you ca n’t do other things because you are waiting for an important call, you may take the opportunity to organize your recent work instead of having to sit idle at your desk for a long time to be considered “waiting for a call” . White-collar workers do not need to be hyper-threaded like a computer CPU, Dual-core, but sometimes coordinated arrangements, dual-use, can make work more efficient.
  Crash Symptom 2: The blue screen of the monitor is the face of your monitor. In the office, you will inevitably have a blue screen, but sometimes you do n’t know it.
  If you are always bitter and hateful, or serious, making your subordinates and colleagues dare not joke with you; if you enter the office, the smiles of others will cool twice, then you should understand, You have a blue screen.
  White-collar display DIY: For a better screensaver, the display is the face of a computer, so those who love face will change from 15 inches to 17 inches, and from 19 inches to the popular LCD.
White-collar workers don’t have to travel to Korea to move the knife, just remember to bring your own signature smile with you and everything is OK.
If a colleague tells a funny joke, then it might as well have a bright smile. It doesn’t matter if the laugh is big, anyway, they are all their own.
A pleasing screen saver will make your computer beloved, and your smile will greatly increase your affinity and popularity index.
  Symptom 3 of crash: Sound card noise. If the computer does not have the small speaker in the lower right corner, the white-collar worker’s preference for it will be reduced by at least half.
The “sound cards” of white-collar workers are also indispensable in the workplace.
At important meetings, it ‘s time for you to speak, but you are “mute”; the boss assigns tasks, and you abruptly refuse to let the boss frown; the colleague chats, and you suddenly have a bit of sarcasm to let the friendship that was hard to establish disappear.……  白领声卡DIY:升级声卡驱动  说者也许无心,可难免听者有意,职场中这样的杂音比听音乐时的杂音后果更严重。So in the workplace, speaking is always an advanced skill.
  The ancients: Think twice before you speak. There should even be a “security check” procedure when speaking, especially when criticizing or refuting. It may be better to say an article in your heart. The more this procedure, the less “sound card” will be a lot.Noise.
In addition, you may wish to download a few classic sentences from others.
  Crash Symptom Four: No matter how good the computer is, the network card is jammed, and the computer is not connected to the Internet.
And even if white-collar workers in the workplace have a beautiful belly, if they don’t communicate with others, they can only rot in the belly.
Don’t always lament in the bed that you are “not pregnant”. If you are really talented, there is only one reason, that is, your network card is jammed.
  白领网卡DIY:扩展带宽到千兆  人与人之间的交流有很多种,有的是办公桌两头的尽兴长谈,有的是饭桌两头的举杯共饮,有的是乒乓球案两头的挥汗如雨……如果你把Communication is limited to the cubicle in the office, then your network card bandwidth is obviously not enough.
  Give yourself more opportunities to communicate with leaders and colleagues. Communication will be unimpeded, and your career path will be unimpeded.

What is the magic of hibiscus lotus

What is the magic of hibiscus lotus

Water lily, also known as lotus, lotus, lotus root, water hibiscus, water chilli, etc., are perennial aquatic plants of the genus Nymphaea.

The lotus has lovely stems and leaves, delicate and elegant flowers, and refreshing fragrance. It is widely planted in various places, adding a clear and soft color to the motherland.

The lotus is the symbol of Gao Jie. It produces sludge without staining and is immaculate. Therefore, people like to use the lotus’s “sludge without staining, and clean the ripples without demon” as its motto to motivate oneself to be good.

The lotus is the most interesting chanting poem. Many poets and scholars have written the chapter of chanting lotus, and the most familiar verses, such as: “The lotus leaves are infinitely green, and the lotus is so red.”

“” Fresh water comes out of hibiscus, and it is naturally carved. ”


The image of the lotus also often appears in buildings, sculptures and paintings.

  The variety of lotus cultivars varies according to different cultivation purposes, including Hualien, Zilian, and Lily.

Hualien is mainly used for ornamental purposes. Zilian mainly produces lotus seeds, while lotus roots have less flowering and lotus roots.

  The slender, graceful “gentleman in flowers”-lotus, is almost appreciated, chanted, and its entire body (flowers, leaves, stalks, fruits, roots, etc.) also has good medicinal value, which is people’s daily lifeOften used in health foods.

However, the effect of different edible parts is different, and it should be selected and used reasonably according to their own needs.

  Lotus seed: Mature seed of lotus.

Sweet, astringent, flat, into the spleen, kidney, and heart meridian.

It has the effects of nourishing spleen and relieving diarrhea, nourishing kidney and solidifying essence, nourishing heart and soothing nerves.

For spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea, loss of appetite, palpitations, insomnia, etc.

Lotus seeds are most commonly used in medicated diets. They are mostly used as tonics and various nutritious and delicious dishes and desserts, such as Tremella lotus seeds, lotus seed moon cakes, lotus seed osmanthus cakes, eight treasure porridge, wolfberry lotus soup, snow mountain ice lotus, lotus seed cakeWait, countless.

  Lotus seed heart: It is the green tender germ in the lotus seed.

Bitter, cold.

It has the functions of clearing heart, removing heat, and soothing.

It can be used for febrile diseases, dizzy slang, irritability, and anxiety.

The amount is 1.

5-3 grams.

In the end, it was discovered that lotus heart alkaloids can dilate blood vessels by releasing histamine, thereby reducing blood pressure, and can be used to treat hyperactivity of liver yang.

The most common usage of Lianzixin is decoction for tea, refreshing, calming, and reducing blood pressure.

  Lotus beard: for the stamens of the lotus.

Sweet, astringent, slightly lukewarm.

It is an astringent product that is good for kidney solid essence and hemostatic effect.

Can cure dreams, slippery sperm, enuresis, frequent urination, vomiting blood, leaking and so on.

The amount is 1.

5-5 grams.

This product has strong astringency, and Jiufu can easily cause constipation.

  Lotus room: the lotus husk, which is the mature torus of the lotus.

The taste is bitter, astringent, and warm.

Function to eliminate blood stasis and stop bleeding and regulate menstruation and dampness.

It can be used for threatened abortion, metrorrhagia and menstruation, and diarrhea in children in summer.

For charcoal.

The amount is 5-10 grams.

  Lotus: Dry petals of lotus.Taste is bitter and warm.

It has the effect of dehumidifying and summer-eliminating, promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

It is used for the symptoms of heat and thirst, hemoptysis and hemoptysis, lotus leaf: dried leaf of lotus.

It is flat in nature, bitter in taste, and has the effect of relieving heat and clearing heat and promoting Qingyang. It is used for complications of heat stroke, pediatric summer fever, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, and various bleeding disorders.

  Lotus stalk: petiole of lotus leaf.

The function of sexual taste is the same as that of lotus leaf, which can ventilate wide chest.

Commonly used in summer heat and dampness, chest tightness, embolism, etc., need to be punctured.

  Heidi: The lotus leaf is connected to the lotus stem in the center.

Sexual flavor is the same as lotus leaf, function and stomach tocolysis, hemostasis, stop band.

Can be used for fetal dysphoria and insomnia.

In addition, this product has a lifting effect, and has a better effect on rectal prolapse caused by depression.

  藕: The enlarged rhizome of lotus.

Sweet and cold.

It can cool blood, stop bleeding, quench thirst and annoyance, and relieve hangover poison.

Suitable for hot and humid diseases, upset, thirst or vomiting.

Lotus root can be used to clear heat, cool blood, and disperse blood stasis; familiar use can strengthen the spleen and appetizers, nourish blood and muscles, stop diarrhea;

  Node: Node between rhizomes.

Sweet, astringent, and flat.

The main function is to collect astringent and stop bleeding, and have the effect of removing blood stasis.

Can be used for various bleeding disorders, especially for vomiting and hemoptysis.

  Here are some simple and easy medicinal recipes and small prescriptions.

Rock sugar Tremella lotus seeds: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of white fungus, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Spread Tremella and lotus seeds with warm water respectively; remove the tremella from the pedicles, tear them into small pieces, and wash them; remove the lotus seeds and crush the rock sugar.

Put the white fungus and lotus seeds in a saucepan, add 500 ml of water, add rock sugar, and boil over medium heat, and simmer for 1 hour.

This meal can nourish the spleen and stomach, and nourish kidney and solid essence.

Glutinous rice lotus seed porridge: 20 grams of lotus seeds, 25 grams of yam, 10 dates, red sugar, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

Add the lotus seeds, yam, jujube and glutinous rice to the pot at the same time, add water to cook the porridge, add sugar before cooking, and mix well.

This porridge can strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea, nourishing qi and nourishing the heart, and strengthening kidney and essence.

Lotus Seed Heart Tea: Replace with 2 grams of lotus heart, boiled water to brew offspring tea, drink once a day, morning and evening. In addition to lowering blood pressure, there are special effects such as heat, soothe the nerves and strengthen the heart.

Also 2 grams of lotus seed heart, 3 grams of raw licorice.

Erwei is brewed with boiling water and replaced with tea, several times a day, which can cure the irritability caused by the accumulation of internal fire.

Lotus leaf tea: 9 grams of lotus leaf, 9 grams of hawthorn, 9 grams of tangerine peel.

Wash, mix, and brew in boiling water.

On behalf of tea, even taking 3 months as a course of treatment.

Can qi and dampness to lose weight.

Lotus leaf rice: Wash 500 grams of good rice and put it in a pot. One pound of rice with one pound of water and 100 grams of lard. Stir well and place in a pot and steam.

Then remove the hard to cool and keep loose.

Shrimp, barbecued pork, lean pork, roast duck, mushrooms, etc. are cut into small cubes and fried; the eggs are fried and sliced.

Mix it for filling, stir into rice, and wrap with fresh lotus leaves.

Add to the cage and steam over high heat for 20 minutes.The fragrance is delicious and the food is appetizing.

Lotus root juice: 1000 grams of lotus root, washed and squeezed, as a drink, often drink, can cure stomach, duodenal bleeding and blood in the stool.

Juice and sugar cane juice drink together, it is quite effective for the treatment of cystitis and urethritis.

Lotus root rib soup: 2 lotus roots, 200 grams of kelp knot, 500 grams of ribs, 2 slices of ginger, cooking wine, salt.

After washing the lotus root, cut off the extra knots, cut into large pieces, put it in the soup pot, and add water to cook the soup; pork ribs are scalded, rinsed after removing blood, put in the lotus root pot and stewed together, and add gingerSlice, pour 1 tablespoon of cooking wine; cook for about 40 minutes, put in kelp knots, cook for more than 20 minutes, then add an appropriate amount of salt to season.

This soup has the functions of strengthening the spleen, nourishing qi, nourishing blood, appetizing, and nourishing.

What should you pay attention to in chronic pharyngitis?

What should you pay attention to in chronic pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is mainly caused by pharyngeal infections of bacteria and viruses causing local inflammatory changes.

It is characterized by dry throat, itching, sore throat, and a foreign body blockage. It has a dry cough and no phlegm, or a small amount of mucus.

So what should you pay attention to in peacetime?

1, eat more cool and throaty drinks on the diet; eat more fruits, such as sugar cane, pears, clams, pomegranates, etc.; eat more light vegetables, such as raw radish or radish.

Try to eat less pungent foods such as peppers, hot pots, and cold drinks.

2, quit smoking, alcohol, tobacco and alcohol can stimulate the throat and reset the body’s function is impaired, should be resolutely quit.

3, to avoid excessive use of excessive sputum or shouting, especially when the scorpion is not suitable, do not speak loudly or sing a special sing, otherwise it will bring difficulties to recovery.

4, pay attention to good oral hygiene, insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening and after meals, you also need to correct the bad habit of mouth breathing, get up early every morning to use salt water to gargle.

5, to avoid oral pollution, pay attention to wearing a mask when going out in cold or windy weather, to prevent cold air from irritating the pharynx, to avoid dust pollution in the air to the oral cavity.

6, keep the air moist to keep the indoor air moist and clean, do not smoke indoors, do not put irritating items indoors.

When heating with heating, be careful not to be too dry indoors. Use a humidifier or put a wet towel on the heater before going to bed to keep the air moist.

7, drink more throat drink honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, raw hay, Scrophulariaceae, Maimendong, fat sea, etc., use a thermos cup of boiling water to brew tea, daily quoted from time to time.

The drugs sold on the market are best taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Green fruit is often contained in the mouth, slowly chewing and swallowing its juice; pears with skin slices, plus green fruit three decoction, must have curative effect on pharyngitis.

8, appropriate exercise to participate in sports activities, enhance physical fitness and improve physical resistance.