Overall healthy cycling

Overall healthy cycling

In the gym, we often see different ways of cycling.

Some people are accustomed to riding slowly and insisting on cutting down; others are concentrated on riding for a while and then suffocate; others like to ride fast and slow together.

So, what are the differences in the exercise effects of these riding methods?

What is the most scientific and effective way?

  Long-term slow cycling heart rate generally does not exceed 65% of the maximum heart rate.

For more than 20 minutes, more aunts will “burn” to replenish energy. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who are overweight for the purpose of reducing fat.

  Riding fast can make the heart rate reach 85% of the maximum heart rate.

At this time, the body is mainly powered by glycogen anaerobic fermentation, which can improve the anaerobic capacity of the whole body, especially the thigh muscles, and help raise the anaerobic threshold.

In other words, the physical discomfort after vertical exercise will be replaced, which will help our army to exercise at a higher intensity or to persist for a long time during high intensity exercise.

In addition, fast riding is also very valuable for cardiopulmonary function.

  In addition to combining aerobic and anaerobic abilities with cardiopulmonary function, the riding method combining speed and slowness can also increase the fun of exercise.

If you can get scientific guidance and adopt a more reasonable combination of speed and exercise, you will get better fitness results.

  Medium-speed riding is to control the heart rate at 65% -85% of the maximum heart rate, which is a good way to exercise cardiopulmonary function and physical aerobic capacity.

  It’s best to alternate the above methods when exercising, but one of them is mainly used in conjunction with the other methods to achieve better exercise results.

In addition, when the bodybuilder first starts exercising, the riding speed should not be too fast. Generally, the time is 20-40 minutes. If you feel tired during the period, you can ride slowly for 1-2 minutes to recover your strength.

After a period, gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

Grain cereals are medicinal

Grain cereals are medicinal

The whole grains we eat have the effect of the abdomen, and there are quite a lot of medicinal effects: barley is sweet, salty, cold, and has the effect of stomach, wide intestines, and water, can help treat food diarrhea, urinateSore throat, edema, burns.

  Millet is slightly cold and has spleen strengthening, dehumidifying, and sleeping effects.

  Corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world. Cellulose is 4-10 times higher than refined rice and refined flour.

Cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can eliminate factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent Kou heart disease.

Corn can absorb part of the body’s glucose, and it has a relief effect on patients with diabetes.

  The soy taste is sweet and flat, has the effect of strengthening the spleen, broadening the middle, moisturizing and eliminating water.

It can be used to accumulate diarrhea, poisoning of pregnancy, sore, swollen poison, trauma and bleeding.

  Mung bean tastes sweet and cold, has diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst.

  Buckwheat Buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” that are not found in other grains.

Buckwheat has more vitamins B1 and B2 than wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times.

Nicotinic acid and rutin contained in buckwheat are medicines for treating hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat also has a certain effect on diabetes.

  Cowpea flavor Ganping, has spleen, dampness, heat, detoxification, hemostatic, and thirst.

Traditional Chinese medicine cowpea, as an edible drug for kidney disease, can nourish the five internal organs, nourish Qi, and nourish and regulate the meridians.

Oatmeal has more protein than rice and flour is more difficult1.


2 times, aunt is 2-2 more.

5 times, and the content of the glycerol acid content of the oatmeal meal is easily absorbed by the human body, and it has the effect of reducing cholesterol in human blood.

  Glutinous rice and glutinous rice are very rich in nutrients, which have the effects of tonifying qi, warming the spleen and stomach. Consuming glutinous rice can nourish chronic gastritis, neurasthenia, muscle weakness, fatigue and other symptoms.

Can the exercise be more harmful in the haze?

Can the exercise be more harmful in the haze?

Haze is a hot topic for the whole people, and for weight loss and sports enthusiasts, it is also worth paying attention to whether the haze is suitable for exercise and the harm of sports in the haze.

Experts recommend stopping all sports on haze days, including sports in the park and indoor sports.

  Hazardous sports in the haze days Haze weather can easily lead to the decline of the defense function of the respiratory system and lung function. Those who have exercise habits should stop outdoor running and walking. It is best not to perform cardiopulmonary exercise, such as high-intensity running.

Because during blood pressure exercise, the breathing rhythm speeds up and deepens, and the harmful gas inhaled by the body will be several times more than usual.

  Some harmful substances combined with water vapor will become more toxic. For example, sulfur dioxide becomes sulfuric acid or sulfite, chlorine gas is decomposed into hydrogen chloride or hypochlorous acid, and fluoride is decomposed into hydrogen fluoride.

Therefore, air pollution in haze days is more severe than usual.

In addition, foggy exercise is also likely to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Will the air move better in the park on a hazy day?

  The answer is no!

When PM2.

5 When the report form is severe, the adsorption effect of plants is very weak. Only strong winds or heavy rains can blow away or wash away the haze particles in the air. The plants in the park cannot.

  Would it be better to exercise indoors?

  The answer is no, the air is flowing, and in severe haze, indoor PM2.

The 5 index is not much lower than the casino.

Unless you have a very good quality air purifier and keep doors and windows tightly closed.

  Even on non-smoggy days, do n’t move on the side of the road. Many runners choose to jog on the side of the road to exercise, which is actually not very healthy.


The current traffic on urban roads can easily make the dust.

Running on the side of the road will inhale more harmful gases and harmful particles, which actually increases physical injury to the body while exercising.

Therefore, whether running or exercising, it is best to choose a quiet and clean place such as guides, parks.

  Will interrupting exercise affect the effect of exercise for a few days? The two people worried that the interruption of exercise will affect the effect of exercise.

  In fact, otherwise, in general, for people who exercise regularly, various benefits brought by exercise, such as reducing resting heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and increasing metabolism, will gradually disappear after two weeks after interrupting exercise.

In other words, you don’t have to worry too much about interrupting your exercise for a day or two, or even a week.

It’s also important to remember proper rest and exercise.

Harmful exercise does more harm than good to the body, and it’s better not to exercise.

Practicing warm-up yoga in winter

Practicing warm-up yoga in winter

Yoga is a good exercise in winter.

In winter, choose some exercises that reverse the spine and leg movements, which can achieve a good exercise effect, stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, and open up the meridians.

But we also have to keep in mind that every cell, every joint, every part, and every organ in our body has its useful life. It is also true that it is too late, and winter exercises should not blindly intensify and extend the time. Choose the right one.Positioning is the key.

  Complete breathing method 1.

Sit cross-legged.


With one hand on the abdomen, conscious focus on breathing.


Inhale slowly and deeply to fill the lungs, the lungs are pushed down and stretched out, the tibia is protruding, the tibia is stretched, and the tibia is slightly raised; then, exhaling slowly, the tibia is lowered, the tibia is retracted, and the horizontal extension is returnedThe tibia retracts.


One breath, one breath, repeat 5?
10 times.

  Efficacy: Helps inhale oxygen, increase the oxygen content of the blood, and accelerates metabolism, so that the toxicity is full, focus attention.

  Butterfly (also known as auspicious) 1.

Sit with your legs straight.


Separate your legs and bring your heels inward as close to your body as possible.


Grasp your feet with both hands, and pat the floor up and down with your legs, such as a butterfly spreading your wings, and pat your wings; keep breathing naturally during the movement.


You can also use your hands to press down on the hypertension to help your legs slap on the floor.

  Efficacy: Improve the problem of sedentary office, less physical activity, or stiff body after middle age, poor blood circulation, and often cold hands and feet; women who practice this style can relax bones and joints and improve menstrual irregularities.

  Outstanding right angle type 1.

Stand with your legs together.


Inhale, Democracy lifts, and raises it overhead.


Thumbs slap and exhale, with your upper body forward parallel to the ground.


Inhale to control posture, exhale naturally and relax.

  Efficacy: Promote blood circulation, improve hands, cold feet.

  Cobra style 1.

Lie on your back on the ground, relax your whole body; your chin touches the ground; your hands are close to your chest, your palms are close to the ground; your legs are swollen, and your insteps are close to the ground.


Inhale and slowly raise your head until your back, belly button, lower abdomen are on the ground, and your hands are relaxed into a “snake” shape.


Continue to inhale, straighten your arms slightly, lift your upper body, relax your shoulders, neck, belly button, lower abdomen, and your eyes up to the ceiling.

Relax your arms, slowly lower your body, touch your chin to the ground, place your hands on your side, and evenly breathe.
  After 30 seconds of rest, do the action again.

Repeat 5?
10 times.

  Efficacy: Strengthen cardiopulmonary function, enhance breathing, prevent colds.

  Eagle claw type 1.

Stand with your legs together.

Slightly flexed knees.


Raise your left leg, cross your right knee, and hook your left foot over your right calf.


Inhale, bend your ten fingers into the shape of an eagle claw, exhale, push your arms to the sides, and your upper body leans forward to keep breathing evenly.


Change your right leg across your left knee, hook your left calf, and repeat the above action.

Left and right as a group, repeat 5?
10 times.

  Efficacy: Promote blood circulation throughout the body, improve hands, cold feet.

  Twist type 1.

Feet parallel and slender, with shoulder width, keep breathing naturally.


Put your right hand on your left shoulder and push your body to the left and rear.


Put your left hand on your right shoulder and push your body to the right and rear.


Repeat 2?
3 movements, continuously turning the body 10?
20 times.

  Efficacy: Promote metabolism, boost the spirit, improve drowsiness; adjust the spine skew, strengthen the spine, straighten the posture; improve constipation and indigestion

  Fish style 1.

Lie on your back with your legs straight and breathe naturally.


Raise your upper body, support your elbows, and put your hands next to you.

Raise your head, raise your blood pressure, touch the ground to the top of your head, and maintain this position for 10?
20 seconds.


Inhale, put your hands together and extend to the top of your head. Your fingers should touch the ground.

Keep breathing evenly.

Continue to inhale, lift your legs together and lift them up, as far as possible, to the limit, and keep breathing evenly.

Raise the upper level slightly, raise your head, and slowly lower your body and head down.


Great rest of yoga ─ lie flat, head, neck, body straight, chin slightly retracted, legs spread apart with shoulder width, hands and palms facing upwards, flat body apart; the body is completely relaxed, breathing uniformly, keeping consciousness awake.

After 30 seconds of rest, do the action again.
Repeat 5?
10 times.

  Efficacy: The softness and strength of the waist can be exercised, and at the same time, the wrinkles can be eliminated well.

  Introduction to Yoga 1.

Whenever possible, find a place with a quiet, moderate temperature. It is ideal to be able to practice in the same place often.

Put a cushion or blanket on the ground to prevent physical injury.

There should be no furniture or other obstructions as far as possible, otherwise it will hinder the freedom of your body.


Wearing loose natural fabric clothing is best for barefoot.

It is best to remove jewelry and watches without wearing tight-fitting gowns.

Wear soft-soled shoes during this winter season.


Warm up before any exercise, fracture sports injuries, yoga is no exception, you can do yoga worship.


Accompanied by fitness yoga music or light music while practicing, it can increase the interest of the practitioner, and also change the nerves to be more peaceful and the mind more peaceful.

Of course, pay attention to lowering the volume when practicing.


The ideal time to practice yoga is after getting up or before going to bed, of course, as long as you can practice at any time.

At least 3 before practice?
4 hours, 1 hour after eating is more suitable for yoga practitioners and more scientific, but if needed, drink a cup of liquid food is also possible.

Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

Toilet paper is not unfamiliar to many people, because toilet paper has almost become an indispensable product in our lives, but many of us still have misunderstandings about toilet paper, thinking that as long as toilet paper is “white, soft, thickPoint “, the quality is just fine.

In fact, there are many unsanitary factors in toilet paper.


hzh{display:none;}  (1)颜色过白:有些生产厂家为了迎合消费者的心理,提高纸的白度,在生产中一是使用荧光增白剂,而荧光增白剂是一种具有Carcinogenic compound organic compounds; the second is the use of a large amount of bleaching powder, causing the paper’s internal fibers to be severely damaged, the paper’s tensile force is particularly small, weak, and the number of uses has increased significantly.

  (2) Adding talc powder: Some production units have added talc powder to reduce the cost in the production of toilet paper. To increase the retention rate of talc powder, starch is also added at the same time.hard to use.

  (3) Odor: The raw materials used by some manufacturers to produce toilet paper are mainly wheat straw and third-level household waste paper. The bacteria are seriously out of specification. A large number of chemicals must be used for disinfection. However, no measures must be taken to remove the odor in the paper.Consumers can cause a variety of diseases after use.

  (4) Puffing: In order to increase the volume of paper, some manufacturers add a large amount of puffing agent to the raw material like popcorn. The volume of toilet paper produced is particularly large, which creates the illusion of consumers-“a small amount of toilet paper is large in quantity and soft”, But the effect is particularly poor, the pulling force is very small, and there is almost no water absorption.

  Therefore, when purchasing “toilet paper”, consumers should increase their awareness of self-protection and achieve the “four look”: ① look at the product packaging: whether the health permit number and factory address, zip code, contact phone, and whether there is an implementation standard;Look at the color: pure wood pulp without any additives, the color is natural ivory white, the texture is relatively uniform; ③ look at the endurance strength: pure wood pulp paper has long fibers, large tensile strength, good enough, not easy to break; and poor quality of poor quality paper hasIrregular holes and falling powder; ④ Look at the result of burning: good toilet paper is white and gray after burning, while poor quality toilet paper is black and gray.

  It seems that some people think that toilet paper is disinfected, so ordinary toilet paper is also used as tableware, fruit, and even a child’s mouth.

Do you see some restaurants placing ordinary toilet paper on the dining table?

  According to laboratory inspection results, many toilet papers can be sterilized or incompletely sterilized, contain a large number of bacteria, and are not sanitary.

Only highly sanitized high-quality toilet paper or napkins are hygienic.

If you have doubts about the disinfection quality of toilet paper, you can leave the paper in the sun for 1 hour before using it.

Autumnal | Health secrets, how to live properly


Autumnal | Health secrets, how to live properly

= Heavy news = Every autumn on September 23 will be set up as “China Farmers Harvest Festival” farmers have holidays too!

The “Farmers’ Harvest Festival” was established by the State Council only this year.

This autumn is the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the autumn season can also be a holiday.

In addition to being a distinctive symbol of farming culture, the 鈥淔armers Harvest Festival鈥?is also known as the new era connotation, representing the organic integration of traditional culture and modern civilized life.

Moreover, the autumnal mark represents the autumn harvest of spring, the intersection of busy and rest, more worthy of thinking about the busy life, how to properly live a healthy life?

Qianjun is coming to find the answer with you.

Health theory, Qingfeng autumn and autumn have a strange phenomenon, any object will find their own shadow.

This is because the direct sun shines on the equator without hesitation, and the night will grow white.

Qian Yijun believes that living on time and maintaining health is the theme of late autumn.

Drink plenty of water, eat clean, warm food, thousands of boxes of fresh horses, fruits and vegetables, detoxification and beauty change 30 minutes of ingredients close to the doorstep autumn exercise, nourish the lungs, enhance immunity, Millennium City Confucius, international synchronization courses, topFitness equipment is open 24 hours a day for you to exercise perfect body and autumn. The reeds are melodious and the chickens are getting more and more late. The crabs will become more and more fat. They will make friends and find a bar. When the lights are on, they will have a drink.

If you don’t like drinking, you can have a hearty drink and a delicious meal in the cool autumn.

The leaves have autumn colors, the screen blocks the autumn wind, and there is no need to listen to music in the walnuts. The signature roast chicken, shrimp and crab will enjoy for 15 hours, satisfy your hearing and taste buds, the cold dew, the hot drink is high, the coffee has the style, drinks,The delicious meal is the smell of human fireworks. The thought is that when the moon is shining in the rain, the autumn and autumn winds in the color district are bleak and silent, but the favorite books and music will still be enriched.

Although the “Autumn Tiger” is dancing and dancing, but looking at the autumn blue and pure white rogue clouds, the inner poetry is constantly annihilated.

The autumn is busy with farming, reading can ease the minds of the Millennium City Bookstore, bathe in the afternoon sun and read quietly, let the heart go home like a harvest festival, harvest the fruits, and let the heart enrich the Millennium City Art Center, the opera lecture experience straight face artLet the art and the soul have no distance to contact the Millennium City, bearing in mind the 5,000-year history of farming and longing for a new experience of future life in Hankou.

300,000 square full custom theme, immersive commercial block.

Have self-sustaining business, select brands.

Around the hundreds of warehousing, Metro, Wal-Mart, CapitaMall and other community alcoholic matching ring waiting, and Wuhan Tiandi, Wuguang, New World, Southland Xihui, IKEA and other high-end business district, to create a billion business engine.

Let life live a high quality, taste a cup of tea, taste the heart, and count the delay light.

K2-A plot 12 building new product plus construction surface about 114-148m2 luxury wide house, please pay attention!

Millennium City is located at the intersection of Gutian 3rd Road and Nanniwan Avenue

Is a woman doing sit-ups for a long time?

Is a woman doing sit-ups for a long time?

Gynecological diseases are common diseases in women. Improper treatment can easily lead to infertility and even canceration.

In addition to drug treatment and physical therapy for gynecological diseases, women can insist on sit-ups at home, which is an auxiliary method for treating gynecological diseases.

  Learn to breathe for good results.

If you don’t grasp your breath well, your physical strength will drop very fast, and it will not reach the expected effect of movement.

For standard sit-ups, exhale when you bend forward, and inhale when you are supine.

Can not mechanically complete the entire inhalation process when supine, it should be in the process of supine backwards to start inhalation, the moment the shoulder next to the ground touches the breath to close the abdomen, the upper body gradually lifts, when the upper body is lifted until the abdomen has a feeling of bloatingExhale quickly, pull your head forward and pull down to complete the movement.

  Persist for 1 and a half seconds.

The best results of sit-ups for women under the age of 30 are 45-50 per minute, which is equivalent to 1 in 1.5 seconds; 40 per year should be 35 per minute; 50 years old should strive to reach 25-30/minute.

  Do sit-ups with patience. Occasional exercise can make your body unbearable.

In addition, do not do sit-ups during menstruation. Exercise at all times may cause menstrual blood to flow back from the uterine cavity to the pelvic cavity. Endometrial debris may also form cysts on the ovaries.

At the same time, do sit-ups without grasping heavy objects, squeezing or bumping the abdomen, this may cause fractures and cause lower abdominal pain.

The elderly rough tea is easy to get sick

The elderly “rough tea” is easy to get sick

The diet of the elderly is generally not too high, and even “rough tea” is enough. Therefore, there are often misunderstandings where the diet is lighter and lighter. I feel that this can lead to longevity.
Nutrition experts believe that eating too light food for the elderly can cause malnutrition, and the body may become weak due to malnutrition and become more susceptible to illness.
銆€銆€In addition to beans rich in protein, vegetarian foods have very little content in other foods, and their nutritional value is low, which is not easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the human body.
Therefore, the elderly can eat rice, flour or miscellaneous grains.
銆€銆€Foraging is an important source of nutrients for the body. The body needs a lot of high-quality protein and essential fatty acids every day in its growth and metabolism.
Fish and meat, especially fish, contain very rich quality protein and a variety of unsaturated fatty acids that lower blood fat and vitamins and trace elements that are easily deficient in the human body.
銆€銆€The dishes are mainly lean meat and various vegetables. You should also take some soy milk or milk every day, eat fresh fish, kelp, shrimp, etc., in order to protect the body’s needed nutrition.

Twelve bad habits that are easy to get a stream


Twelve bad habits that are easy to get a stream


The driving time is too long. The researchers found that people who drive every day for more than 4 months can get more than 4 times more likely to get sick than the walker.


A survey of second-hand smoke in the United States shows that 300,000 children with respiratory tract infections are caused by secondhand smoke each year, and 3,000 people who die of lung cancer are harmed by secondhand smoke.

Therefore, those friends who can’t quit smoking should leave your family and children when smoking.


Do not eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast, most of the work in the morning lacks energy support.

Under the regulation of nerves and endocrine, the body will use its tissues, lipoproteins and sugars in the cells, affecting the maintenance and function of immune cells and immune protein structures.

There are also studies that the long-term effects of not eating breakfast on the body are more pronounced after 20 or 30 years.


Eating too much fine food is too fine and can lead to an expected imbalance.


Regular diet pills, some weight-loss drugs that accelerate metabolites, disrupt the normal tricarboxylic acid cycle involved in sugar and protein in the body, and metabolic disorders reduce the production of immune cells and immune proteins.


Abuse of antibiotics without targeted replacement of antibiotics may lead to dysregulation of the bacteria in the body, making certain pathogens recognizable and reducing immunity.

The study found that people who use antibiotics when they have a cold are more likely to catch a cold.


Mental depression Repressing affects the production of endorphins, resulting in a decrease in natural killer cells and a decrease in vitality.


Pessimistic and frustrated studies have found that the wound healing of the losers in the war is much more difficult than the winner.

Surgeons are reluctant to perform surgery on pessimistic patients because these people have low levels of immune protein in their blood and are particularly prone to complications after surgery.


A well-known friendship study found that people with more than 6 friends had fewer people than their friends, and their ability to fight colds was 4 times stronger.

Long-term loneliness and worry can reduce the activity of immune cells.


Lack of humor and humor to achieve happiness, excitement, reduce stress, increase the number of immune cells, stimulate the activity of immune cells and immune proteins, can effectively resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses.


Lack of sleep A study by the University of Chicago in the United States showed that people who sleep less than four hours a day have an immune protein activity in their blood that is 7 times better than a sleep.


The number of people in 5 hours is reduced by half.


Too lazy to wash some public goods, such as public telephones, bus handrails, door handles, etc. are often contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Wash hands in public places and wash your hands with soap.

What kind of caress can get results


What kind of caress can get results

Real sex experts can use their fingers effectively, especially for women who want to reach their climax by caressing the clitoris. It is more effective to make full use of the ten fingers.

Therefore, it is good to use the fingers, and women are sensationally sensational, which is the key to making women feel happy.


For the neck, under the arm, wrist, foot and other parts, use the gentle caress of the four fingers from top to bottom, aiming at the stimulation in a straight line, this caress can provoke women’s sexual desire.


For the buttocks and thighs, the massage is the main method, like a big picture.

This will allow the body to naturally relax, and the resistance will gradually disappear.


For the buttocks, breast cancer, and the nipple are drawn with a small circle, and from the top to the side, a massage is given, and four fingers are used simultaneously, and the spiral care is more effective.

In particular, the center of the top is slightly near, because it is very sensitive, so it is very good to press it in from the anus to the waist with the index and middle fingers.


The vicinity of the clitoris is a very sensitive area, so be careful to caress, don’t be too hasty.

Especially with the fingers rubbing around the top of the pubic bone, the sensitivity of the clitoris will increase to reach the boiling point.


Finally, go slowly to the clitoris. First, use your fingertips to gently touch the surroundings, and vibrate to stimulate the stimulation. Then slowly narrow the range and remove it to the clitoris.

At this time, even a small stimulus will have a great pleasure, and even reach the climax immediately.

銆€銆€After the end of the caress, instead of inserting in any way, the woman vibrates by pleasure, the vagina will stretch tighter and the pleasure will be higher, and the satisfaction will be higher.

In addition, some women can not satisfy the caress of the clitoris, only the caress of the vagina can reach the climax.


First, fix the female hands on the top of the head with your hands, and then use your fingers or tongue for intense caress.


Then use a pair of feet to press the female’s foot from above.

In this way, you can use the other foot and shrink the vagina, if you can squeeze it in a way that is detached.

At this point, the penis should not be rushed to insert, as long as the fact of collision, it will lead to the woman’s expectation and make the vagina become wet and hot.


Repeated vaginal caress.

Excellent use of G points.

It has recently been found that it is easier to find the G point at the anterior wall of the vaginal entrance two or three centimeters.

It is placed in a shallow place, and the G point is the size of a coin. I heard that once it is stimulated, it becomes a pleasure and a transparent liquid is injected.

銆€銆€The method is to insert your finger into the vagina, pay attention to the reaction of the woman, and then insert.

Any position method can stimulate the vagina.

However, men make good use of the waist, and it is easier to find the G point by the normal position method and the post position method.

The shallow insertion is performed, the stimulation is given toward the G point, and the motion is performed like a circular motion.