Is a woman doing sit-ups for a long time?

Is a woman doing sit-ups for a long time?

Gynecological diseases are common diseases in women. Improper treatment can easily lead to infertility and even canceration.

In addition to drug treatment and physical therapy for gynecological diseases, women can insist on sit-ups at home, which is an auxiliary method for treating gynecological diseases.

  Learn to breathe for good results.

If you don’t grasp your breath well, your physical strength will drop very fast, and it will not reach the expected effect of movement.

For standard sit-ups, exhale when you bend forward, and inhale when you are supine.

Can not mechanically complete the entire inhalation process when supine, it should be in the process of supine backwards to start inhalation, the moment the shoulder next to the ground touches the breath to close the abdomen, the upper body gradually lifts, when the upper body is lifted until the abdomen has a feeling of bloatingExhale quickly, pull your head forward and pull down to complete the movement.

  Persist for 1 and a half seconds.

The best results of sit-ups for women under the age of 30 are 45-50 per minute, which is equivalent to 1 in 1.5 seconds; 40 per year should be 35 per minute; 50 years old should strive to reach 25-30/minute.

  Do sit-ups with patience. Occasional exercise can make your body unbearable.

In addition, do not do sit-ups during menstruation. Exercise at all times may cause menstrual blood to flow back from the uterine cavity to the pelvic cavity. Endometrial debris may also form cysts on the ovaries.

At the same time, do sit-ups without grasping heavy objects, squeezing or bumping the abdomen, this may cause fractures and cause lower abdominal pain.

The elderly rough tea is easy to get sick

The elderly “rough tea” is easy to get sick

The diet of the elderly is generally not too high, and even “rough tea” is enough. Therefore, there are often misunderstandings where the diet is lighter and lighter. I feel that this can lead to longevity.
Nutrition experts believe that eating too light food for the elderly can cause malnutrition, and the body may become weak due to malnutrition and become more susceptible to illness.
銆€銆€In addition to beans rich in protein, vegetarian foods have very little content in other foods, and their nutritional value is low, which is not easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the human body.
Therefore, the elderly can eat rice, flour or miscellaneous grains.
銆€銆€Foraging is an important source of nutrients for the body. The body needs a lot of high-quality protein and essential fatty acids every day in its growth and metabolism.
Fish and meat, especially fish, contain very rich quality protein and a variety of unsaturated fatty acids that lower blood fat and vitamins and trace elements that are easily deficient in the human body.
銆€銆€The dishes are mainly lean meat and various vegetables. You should also take some soy milk or milk every day, eat fresh fish, kelp, shrimp, etc., in order to protect the body’s needed nutrition.

Twelve bad habits that are easy to get a stream


Twelve bad habits that are easy to get a stream


The driving time is too long. The researchers found that people who drive every day for more than 4 months can get more than 4 times more likely to get sick than the walker.


A survey of second-hand smoke in the United States shows that 300,000 children with respiratory tract infections are caused by secondhand smoke each year, and 3,000 people who die of lung cancer are harmed by secondhand smoke.

Therefore, those friends who can’t quit smoking should leave your family and children when smoking.


Do not eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast, most of the work in the morning lacks energy support.

Under the regulation of nerves and endocrine, the body will use its tissues, lipoproteins and sugars in the cells, affecting the maintenance and function of immune cells and immune protein structures.

There are also studies that the long-term effects of not eating breakfast on the body are more pronounced after 20 or 30 years.


Eating too much fine food is too fine and can lead to an expected imbalance.


Regular diet pills, some weight-loss drugs that accelerate metabolites, disrupt the normal tricarboxylic acid cycle involved in sugar and protein in the body, and metabolic disorders reduce the production of immune cells and immune proteins.


Abuse of antibiotics without targeted replacement of antibiotics may lead to dysregulation of the bacteria in the body, making certain pathogens recognizable and reducing immunity.

The study found that people who use antibiotics when they have a cold are more likely to catch a cold.


Mental depression Repressing affects the production of endorphins, resulting in a decrease in natural killer cells and a decrease in vitality.


Pessimistic and frustrated studies have found that the wound healing of the losers in the war is much more difficult than the winner.

Surgeons are reluctant to perform surgery on pessimistic patients because these people have low levels of immune protein in their blood and are particularly prone to complications after surgery.


A well-known friendship study found that people with more than 6 friends had fewer people than their friends, and their ability to fight colds was 4 times stronger.

Long-term loneliness and worry can reduce the activity of immune cells.


Lack of humor and humor to achieve happiness, excitement, reduce stress, increase the number of immune cells, stimulate the activity of immune cells and immune proteins, can effectively resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses.


Lack of sleep A study by the University of Chicago in the United States showed that people who sleep less than four hours a day have an immune protein activity in their blood that is 7 times better than a sleep.


The number of people in 5 hours is reduced by half.


Too lazy to wash some public goods, such as public telephones, bus handrails, door handles, etc. are often contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Wash hands in public places and wash your hands with soap.

What kind of caress can get results


What kind of caress can get results

Real sex experts can use their fingers effectively, especially for women who want to reach their climax by caressing the clitoris. It is more effective to make full use of the ten fingers.

Therefore, it is good to use the fingers, and women are sensationally sensational, which is the key to making women feel happy.


For the neck, under the arm, wrist, foot and other parts, use the gentle caress of the four fingers from top to bottom, aiming at the stimulation in a straight line, this caress can provoke women’s sexual desire.


For the buttocks and thighs, the massage is the main method, like a big picture.

This will allow the body to naturally relax, and the resistance will gradually disappear.


For the buttocks, breast cancer, and the nipple are drawn with a small circle, and from the top to the side, a massage is given, and four fingers are used simultaneously, and the spiral care is more effective.

In particular, the center of the top is slightly near, because it is very sensitive, so it is very good to press it in from the anus to the waist with the index and middle fingers.


The vicinity of the clitoris is a very sensitive area, so be careful to caress, don’t be too hasty.

Especially with the fingers rubbing around the top of the pubic bone, the sensitivity of the clitoris will increase to reach the boiling point.


Finally, go slowly to the clitoris. First, use your fingertips to gently touch the surroundings, and vibrate to stimulate the stimulation. Then slowly narrow the range and remove it to the clitoris.

At this time, even a small stimulus will have a great pleasure, and even reach the climax immediately.

銆€銆€After the end of the caress, instead of inserting in any way, the woman vibrates by pleasure, the vagina will stretch tighter and the pleasure will be higher, and the satisfaction will be higher.

In addition, some women can not satisfy the caress of the clitoris, only the caress of the vagina can reach the climax.


First, fix the female hands on the top of the head with your hands, and then use your fingers or tongue for intense caress.


Then use a pair of feet to press the female’s foot from above.

In this way, you can use the other foot and shrink the vagina, if you can squeeze it in a way that is detached.

At this point, the penis should not be rushed to insert, as long as the fact of collision, it will lead to the woman’s expectation and make the vagina become wet and hot.


Repeated vaginal caress.

Excellent use of G points.

It has recently been found that it is easier to find the G point at the anterior wall of the vaginal entrance two or three centimeters.

It is placed in a shallow place, and the G point is the size of a coin. I heard that once it is stimulated, it becomes a pleasure and a transparent liquid is injected.

銆€銆€The method is to insert your finger into the vagina, pay attention to the reaction of the woman, and then insert.

Any position method can stimulate the vagina.

However, men make good use of the waist, and it is easier to find the G point by the normal position method and the post position method.

The shallow insertion is performed, the stimulation is given toward the G point, and the motion is performed like a circular motion.

Mountain climbing for easy fitness in pleasure


Mountain climbing for easy fitness in pleasure

Mountain climbing (the altitude is the altitude of the mountain, the slope, the right speed) is an excellent sport that can improve endurance and leg strength and enhance heart and lung function.

Breathing fresh air, when you stroll through the green pines and cypresses, it is a great way to open your mind and enjoy your physiology.

銆€銆€Mountain climbing is both a challenge to nature and a challenge to oneself.

When you step on the summit and 鈥渓ist at the mountains鈥? you will enjoy the joy of returning to nature and add the pride of conquering nature. This feeling is inevitably the best for urbanites who are wasted by 鈥渕odern civilization鈥?Product.”

銆€銆€It has been determined that a man weighing 70 kilograms, assuming a climb of 30 minutes on a slope of 70 degrees per hour at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour, consumes about 500 kilocalories.

銆€銆€This is equivalent to swimming in the pool for 45 minutes at a speed of 50 meters per minute, or equivalent to 50 minutes of boring abdominal exercises in the gym.

Therefore, climbing is especially popular with people who are worried about losing weight as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Three major disadvantages of climbing: 1. Conquer the mountain, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the great rivers and mountains.

銆€銆€People want to live happily and healthily, and hope that they can go hiking and climb high.

Determined to climb the mountain, first conquer yourself, dispel some of the concerns, once you take the first step, you will begin to be interested in climbing.

銆€銆€In the process of climbing the mountain, I can almost see myself progressing every day. I can breathe fresh air in the mountains and mountains, and enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

銆€銆€2, exercise your feet and exercise your heart and lungs.

銆€銆€As the saying goes: “People are old and weak.

“The human foot is strong, you can run and jump, you can not age.

As far as practicing the foot, the effect of climbing is best.

The study found that climbing on the foot and heart and lung function seems to be more effective and easier than long-distance running and swimming.

銆€銆€3, sharpen the will, open your mind.

銆€銆€To climb a mountain, you have to climb up step by step. After climbing up, you have to go step by step. It is really hard.

However, when you climb to the top of the mountain, when you conquer a mountain and a mountain, you will realize the excitement, happiness and satisfaction.

“There is no old man in the mountains, and the scenery is good here.”

Climbing the mountain helps you to overcome the unique realm and fun after the peak.

銆€銆€Expert comment: The foot is the root of the human body. Regular mountain climbing can enhance the strength of the lower limbs, improve joints and joints, promote venous return of the lower extremities, prevent varicose veins, osteoporosis and muscle atrophy, and effectively stimulate the 6 meridians of the lower extremities.The acupuncture points on the soles of the feet make the meridians smooth and delay aging.

銆€銆€When climbing a mountain, the joints and muscles of the waist, back, and complications are constantly moving, promoting the metabolism of the body’s energy and enhancing the heart’s function.