Yoga helps you to recover from physical stress and relieve stress!

Yoga helps you to recover from physical stress and relieve stress!

In the final relaxation phase of a yoga class, sometimes a slight snoring sound can be heard-some people usually have insomnia, but can quickly fall asleep in the studio after each practice.

In the busy modern life, continuously receiving various sensory stimuli and emotional pressures, coupled with the explosion of information, our limbs are like a glass filled with water, which will cause people to collapse without stimulation at all.

Practicing yoga is how I get my physiology to zero every day.

  Every time I go to the gym, I always take two sets of sportswear. After a long walk on the treadmill, I take a bath, put on clean clothes and then practice yoga.

  The music of yoga is always soothing, soft, peaceful, and the movements are slow, but I can sweat heavily every time.

Many yoga movements are anti-joint exercises. The reason why the body feels tired is often to maintain a certain posture and cause local muscle tension, such as at desk, watching a computer, using a mouse, etc. When practicing yoga, it is like “rebounding lute”. ManyThe anti-joint exercises can stretch and stretch these tight local muscles, just like applying lubricating oil to these “impact” joints.

  It is better to practice yoga at any time of the day on an empty stomach.

But the best time is to wake up in the morning, go to the toilet, brush your teeth, wash your face . all you have to do before practicing yoga.

Be sure to practice some nerve-stabilizing postures before eating breakfast, before noon, before dinner, and before going to bed. Get up in the morning and do some active nerve postures to refresh your spirit throughout the day.

  If you have time, practice once without getting involved for forty minutes.

In the beginning, the coach will always remind everyone to listen to your body’s feelings. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t move on.

Sometimes the signal from the body is better than any teacher gives you.

  In addition to stretching on the body, yoga has one of the most important exercises-meditation.

In the beginning, in the practice room, after practicing physical movements, the coach will always arrange meditation at the last moment to help everyone relax physically and mentally.

  Keep your eyes closed, even in the high-rise concrete buildings, but yoga music can take you into that natural world of birds and flowers, absorb the yoga instructor whispered and point: relax your scalp, let go of your wrinkledBrow, relax your face, mouth corners, neck, shoulders . everywhere you talk, your body naturally relaxes with her, and the stress and unhappiness of the day are temporarily put down. At this time, you don’t think about anything.
  Yoga instructors often say that yoga is actually a way of life. It is not just a sport. It also includes lifestyle, ways of making friends, and ways of thinking to make you more peaceful, clear-minded, and able to start from that impatient mood.The median comes out.

Yoga Fuck Back Bucket Waist

Yoga Fuck Back Bucket Waist

Spring is here, and after a winter of eating and drinking, do ladies find it difficult to buckle their skirts or pants when they wear work clothes?

After indulging his appetite, his waistline had grown fat unconsciously.

If ladies want to return to a slim figure as soon as possible, yoga will have too many ways to reduce waist and abdomen. You only need to look at the small waist of yoga instructor Eva to demonstrate how powerful the slimming effect of yoga is.
  Eva, a slimming inspector yoga instructor for beautiful girls, taught some digestive yoga tricks, that is, sitting on the knees like the Japanese. In yoga, this is called DiamondPose. The principle is to block the blood flow in the lower plate, Thereby slowing blood circulation in the stomach and enhancing digestive function.

DiamondPose, sitting like a Japanese kneeling down, can help digestion with such simple movements.

  If two meals a day are the most healthy, if you feel that FullBashti is not effective, this MountainPose will be more effective. Before you lift your feet, your feet will be forward, and your hands will be stepped on firmly, your hands should be close to your ears, and your body will be pulled up.Eva said he wanted to rush into the bathroom in two or three minutes.

  In fact, ladies want to have a healthy body and a healthy body. In addition to doing more sports, they are also closely related to eating habits. Most people eat three meals a day, but from a yoga perspective, healthy eatingThe habit is to eat only two meals a day, and the most ideal time to eat is 11 am and 7 pm to allow more time for the food to be fully digested, and to allow the stomach to enter a rest state earlier.You should overeat and feel that 70% is enough so that the food can be fully digested without feeling full.

  This is a very controlled diet to lose weight. Overweight can easily lose weight a week.


4 kg.

The diet-two meals a day, food choices must be made within the prescribed range.

This diet method has a wide range of food choices, so obese people can not only enjoy the delicious food, but also achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Why say face is not afraid of cold hips but not hot?

Why say “face is not afraid of cold hips but not hot”?

As the saying goes, “the face is not afraid of cold and the hips are not afraid of heat”. Even if it is blown by the biting cold wind, the face can “persist”, and once the body is blown, people can’t help snoring.
According to this phenomenon, consciously through the hot and cold stimulation, can improve the local disease resistance of the human body, and achieve the purpose of health protection from cold.
  The cold and heat receptors of the human body are structurally separated from the nerve conduction.
There are about 8 to 9 “cold sense receivers” per square centimeter of the face and 1.
Seven “heat receivers”, while the hip receiver has fewer hot and cold receivers than facial skin.
  The face is often exposed to cold air, and the skin “cold sense receiver” is excited to generate cold feeling, which is transmitted to the central system, and through a series of adjustment activities, improves facial blood circulation and prevents frostbite.
  Therefore, the cold resistance of facial skin is strong.
The skin on the buttocks is protected by clothing and is rarely irritated by cold. It lacks cold resistance exercise, so it is particularly afraid of cold, but it has better tolerance to heat.
  Therefore, most people do not have to pack their faces so tightly when they are outdoors.
For example, some people are accustomed to wearing a mask to protect themselves from the cold. However, although a mask can increase the local air temperature, exhaled carbon dioxide is easily re-inhaled into the body, which is unhealthy and easy to catch a cold.
  In addition, you can take some cold water after washing your face with warm water every day, which can effectively improve facial blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles, improve the body’s ability to protect against cold, reduce the risk of colds and respiratory diseases, and at the same time,Weakness, neurological headache, dizziness and brain uplift are also beneficial.
It should be noted that the water temperature should not be too low, it is better to be slightly higher than 10 ℃.
  Appropriate “frozen face” while ensuring “hot hips”.
Once the hips are cold, it is easy to cause appenditis, pelvic connective tissue inflammation, and pelvic peritonitis.
In summer, do n’t just sit on a stone bench or a brick floor casually, you can use a heated chair cushion to “warm” your hips.
  In addition, the lower body should be thick, and you can add a “small stove” to the buttocks at home at night. Adhering to a hot bath every day can promote blood circulation and increase body temperature.Chronic prostatitis and inflammation of the perineum.
The temperature of the water in the bidet should not be hot, soak for 15-20 minutes.

The secret of longevity is to supplement the lungs

The secret of longevity is to supplement the lungs

Why is human aging related to the lungs?

Traditional medicine believes that the lungs are the beginning of the body’s twelve meridians, and the main gas department breathes.

If the lungs are debilitating and the function is declining, it will inevitably cause the air machine to drop abnormally and affect the breathing. Even if the popularity is short-lived, it will be susceptible to external evils and cause disease.

Modern medical research shows that the length of life of a person is related to the amount of vital capacity, and the size of the vital capacity is one of the signs of a person’s health and harm.

After the person enters the old age, the elasticity of the lung tissue muscle and the chest cavity gradually weakens, the function gradually decreases, and the lung capacity gradually decreases.

Due to the decreased respiratory function, the body obtains less oxygen and it is difficult to meet the needs of various tissues and organs.

Especially in the brain, oxygen consumption accounts for about 25% of the whole body. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, it will affect the metabolism of brain tissue. The hypoxia of brain cells will become dead, lose vitality, accelerate the aging of the brain, and shorten the life span of human beings.

  Old people with lung qi deficiency, decreased lung function, susceptible to colds, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, etc., taking into account health and life.

So, how to delay the aging of the lungs and maintain a certain amount of lung capacity?

In a word – fill the lungs.

  Chinese medicine divides the lung deficiency of the elderly into lung qi deficiency and lung yin deficiency.

The main manifestations of lung qi deficiency are: shortness of breath, sputum clear, low voice, Shenpi fatigue, spontaneous sweating, pale face, easy to catch a cold; lung yin deficiency: body weight loss, dry mouth, dry cough, less coughFive upset hot, night sweats and blushing, even bloody in the sputum, hoarse voice and so on.

Some elderly people have the above symptoms, and they are both qi and yin.

Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken to adjust to delay the aging of the lungs and replace the occurrence of “old lungs”.

Older people with lung qi deficiency should be supplemented with ginseng, astragalus, scorpion ginseng, Baishu, Huangjing, 蛤miao, walnut kernel, schisandra and other foods and foods; the elderly with lung yin deficiency should supplement the ginseng, sand ginseng,Lily, Ophiopogon japonicus, Polygonatum, Tremella, Ejiao, Cordyceps sinensis, fresh pear juice, honey, etc.

Both qi and yin can be flexibly replaced by the above-mentioned drugs depending on the specific conditions, and can also be taken as a Chinese medicine.

  As the saying goes: “When you need to take care of your health, you can use medication for your treatment.” Scientific and rational dieting will also have a good lung effect.

Older people with lung qi deficiency can use raw sun ginseng, walnut kernel, ginger, red jujube decoction soup, but also some walnuts, ginger, meat, lean mutton plus ginger, angelica cooking; lung yin deficiency availableLily, glutinous rice, peanut porridge, or with white fungus with fresh pear stew, can also be used with lily, peanuts and pig lungs.

Resistant to fresh oysters, white radish, carrots, Chinese cabbage, pears, honey, white fungus and other foods, eat more also have qi and lungs.

  In addition, perseverance in physical exercise is beneficial to delay the aging of lung tissue.

The elderly can choose exercise programs according to their own physique. They can walk, jog, tai chi, dance fitness, do gymnastics, practice qigong, etc., all of which have the effect of improving lung capacity.

No matter which exercise method you use, you are insisting.

Older people should also pay attention to routine self-care, have a good degree of living, ensure sleep, keep warm, keep open-minded, and don’t smoke, so as to protect the lungs from deficiency, promote health, and prolong the disease.

Yoga specializes in big belly

Yoga specializes in big belly

Coupled with sedentary and resisting the temptation of not being able to stop the food, there will be a big belly in the long run.

While your belly is showing up and your arms are thick, pick a few tricks from the yoga noodles you usually learn to capture them. Remember to keep them, not far from your slim figure.

  Beginners follow suit a. The cobra supports the ground with both hands, flexes and aligns it to the arm, finds the center of gravity in the middle of the alignment and approach, gently puts the force on both arms, and keeps the action for 15-20 seconds.

  b, side board pose (backboard, pelvis, 3 vertical points connected in a straight line, with one hand to support the ground, lower the lateral abdomen with a reduced pressure, keep the action to breathe 5-10 times.

  c. Horse-riding triangle (extended side angle posture) 90 degrees before the right foot, put your right hand on your right foot, tilt your left hand to the right, open your left foot, and keep your left foot firmly supported to keep the actionExhale and inhale 5-10 times.
  d. The tree pose is a whole body. The right foot is flexed to the left foot, hands folded, keep breathing 5-10 times, and exchange the left and right feet 3 times.

  e. The warrior flexes his right foot forward to a 90-degree angle, pulls his left foot backwards, pelvis, hands, and spine in a straight line, looks forward, and exhales 5-10 times.

  Upgrade class!

  High difficulty demonstration cobra hands flexed to a 90-degree angle, the palms fell, the arms were strongly supported, and the feet were balanced to maintain movement for 15-20 seconds.

  The bird pose supports the ground with both hands, flexes and bends it to the arm, finds the center of gravity of the head that is aligned and facing, and gently puts the force on both arms, keeping the action for 15-20 seconds.

  The wheel pose puts your hands behind the ears, and then straightens them back. Keep your hands straight, keep your feet and pelvic bones the same width. Do not twist your waist forward or left, and keep the action for 15-20 seconds.


The half-hour concentrated yoga reduction is best instructed by the instructor, but if you return to work hours, you can only exercise at home, but you want to tighten the abdominal muscles. The following movements can be done by laying a soft felt at home and using pillows or the like.Spend half to one hour every day!

Do each of the following 15-20 moves, split into groups and do it 3 times again.

  Action one sits on the ground, the pelvic bone is supported by objects, feet fall to the ground, hands open and insert ears, exhale, inhale and fall.

  Move two a, support the lower back with an object, lock the position of the pelvis, double-footed your toes forward, and your left hand straight up.

  b. Put your right hand on your hips, lift your left hand down to touch your left knee, raise your hand to exhale, and then inhale. After your left hand finishes 15-20 times, do your right hand.

  Move three hands together and ten elbows to lock the object. Gently shake your arm for about 20 seconds. Remember to support your body weight with your abdomen and relax your feet.

  Action four a, support the ground with both hands, step on the object, lift your right foot, slightly raise your knees.

  b. Slowly lower your right knee with your knees bent, turn it to the left and straighten it, exhale hard, wait for the right foot to return to the position to relax and inhale, and do the left and right feet alternately.

How should a husband and wife get along?

It is necessary to do these 4 points after marriage

How should a husband and wife get along?
It is necessary to do these 4 points after marriage

Many people say that marriage is the grave of love. It is said that people may not be married because of love. When married, the relationship between them may not be as sweet as in love.

Of course, marriage is not as heavy as people think. Managing your own marriage life with proper and appropriate methods can allow love to continue and make life to be overwhelming.

So, what are some tips for managing your married life?

  Couples should learn to think in other places. It is necessary to do these 4 points after marriage!

  1. Learn to think in other places. In a marriage, you may need to face your lover ‘s parents, and you need to educate and raise your children. You may not be in love, just need to associate with your lover.

However, the more relationships there are, the more it takes to deal with them.

Understand that when you accept your lover into the world of marriage, you accept your lover’s family.

We must learn to think differently, think from the perspective of each other, and deal with the various relationships in marriage and life.

If you look at the problem from your own perspective, you will have additional conflicts.

  2. Learn to communicate and communicate. There are many trivial matters in marriage life. When there are differences in these trivial matters, you must know how to communicate in a timely manner. Otherwise, many problems will be accumulated like snowballs.
We must understand that each person is an independent individual, and there are certain differences in dealing with others. When two people face each other in a marriage, they need to communicate with each other to understand their ideas.

When communicating, you must be sincere, know the other party ‘s inner thoughts, and avoid the cold war. This is a good way to resolve contradictions.Time is discounted, and sometimes even getting along can become a burden.

Usually, although it is not like being in love, spending a lot of time on managing relationships, you can still do the favorite thing for the two with a limited amount of time.

On some commemorative days, you can hold ceremonial events and prepare a gift for each other carefully. These are the spices that can be used in married life.

  4. Do not forget the beginning of marriage life is full of chai oil and salt, but marriage life can still have poetry and distance.

Many people feel that they have given up a lot for their marriage, so they will gradually lose their expectations of life in repeated days, and their complaints will keep accumulating.

It is important to understand that operating life is also managing yourself.

Keep one’s original intention and keep struggling, even in the marriage life, you must be positive and confident in the future you are pursuing.

  When entering a marriage, both parties must recognize their role change.

As long as you maintain a positive and passionate life, your marriage life will not be entangled with trivia and become a grave of love.

Learning to manage your marriage life is also an important manifestation of loving each other.



Psychological tourism completely relaxes mind and body

Psychological tourism completely relaxes mind and body

Not long ago, Ms. Liu, who came back from a scenic spot in Xiangxi, swept away the haze of her face and appeared in front of her colleagues like a person.

According to Ms. Liu, the reason why she had such a big emotional change in just a few days was directly benefited from the 鈥渟piritual journey鈥?

銆€銆€Relaxing the body and mind of the “spiritual journey” Ms. Liu said “the journey of the soul”, the official title should be called “psychological tourism.”

This is a new way of travel that has just emerged every year – in addition to the group members who have played together, there is one or more psychiatrists who are also teachers and friends.

Everyone is open-minded in nature, interacting with each other, and receiving counseling and conditioning from psychologists on the road.

銆€銆€A long-term military psychotourism research expert in Beijing believes that, in line with the general classification of tourism, psychological tourism highlights the content of psychological rehabilitation, which can bring deep relaxation of body and mind to participating tourists.

She said that many people feel that work is stressful, life is particularly tired, and it is not entirely due to physical exhaustion or even learning to rest.

On weekends or on long holidays, you endlessly play cards, listen to music, watch TV, and even sleep late. These seemingly relaxing leisure activities are not scientific breaks.

Because the so-called fatigue often caused by urban white-collar workers is mostly mental fatigue or mental fatigue, but not physical fatigue.

Therefore, the simple “rest” of physical strength can not fundamentally alleviate fatigue.

“Psychological tourism can solve mental fatigue and psychological problems by allowing participants to participate in outdoor activities and exercise moderately, and interspersed with some useful interactions and exchanges to make the participants’ brains relax and adjust in the activities.

Said the expert.

銆€銆€Particular groups are particularly suitable for participating in psychological tourism activities in Henan Province. Jiang Wei, chairman of the Zhengzhou City Association of Psychological Counselors, said that they are currently conducting research on psychological tourism issues and have not yet entered the implementation phase.

In the near future, they will combine with tourism agencies to launch psychological tourism projects with the characteristics of the Central Plains in due course.

銆€銆€She said that psychological tourism is not equal to the general landscape tourism.

Therefore, in addition to carefully selected tourist attractions, there will be some special arrangements: such as scenic spots, which are beneficial to participate in broadening horizons, support behaviors; traffic conditions and other appropriate “hard”, which is beneficial to enhance participation and enthusiasmTo make the whole journey neither violently monotonous and challenging, but also to foster teamwork and communication between participants.

銆€銆€In addition, psychological tourism will organize some group activities, such as mountain climbing competitions, psychological games, discussion and communication, etc., timely psychological counseling for emotional changes, so that other members can carry out the necessary social skills training.

“Of course, the grooming and training should be random and dynamic, not too much, so as to prevent people from conflicting with emotional sensitivity, or affecting the relaxation of tourism due to tired travel.”

銆€銆€Jiang Wei said that psychological tourism is still a new thing in the country, and its psychological essence is “leisure tourism + social training + psychological counseling.”

Therefore, mild, moderate depression, anxiety, insomnia, due to couples (or family) relationship and poor mood, mild autism or communication difficulties, etc., instead choose to participate in psychological tourism.

銆€銆€As long as the itinerary is reasonable, psychological counseling is just right, and participation is generally controversial.

銆€銆€Beware of bad feelings on the road Yesterday, the reporter learned in the interview that although Zhengzhou does not currently have a specialized agency for military psychotourism projects, a large number of training or tourism agencies have been equipped in their summer short training camps and some theme tours.A professional psychological counselor whose role is the same as that of a psychological counselor.

銆€銆€The reporter was also informed that psychological tourism has carried out activities in Beijing, Hunan, Guangdong and other places, and the number of participants has increased year by year. It has been recognized and praised by specific people.

In the interview, the reporter learned that a large number of tourism institutions in Zhengzhou expressed “strong interest” in this new way of tourism; more than 80% of white-collar workers believe that going out to travel is conducive to reducing the living environment of depression, thus obtaining a psychological shift.The effect of “ease”.

銆€銆€Ms. Liu, who works in a software company in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, is a psychological tour that is registered in the field. It is also the first time to participate in similar activities.

She believes that psychological tourism is a new thing, not everyone is suitable for participation, but it is certainly beneficial to participate. “Because of the accelerated pace of life and the increase of pressure, in fact, everyone needs psychological counseling and comfort.
Psychological tourism is especially necessary for those whose feelings or career are frustrated and their mood changes.

銆€銆€But the psychologist also reminded that the eleventh holiday was originally a happy thing, plus the psychological tourism participants have certain expectations.

Therefore, the destination of psychological tourism is best to have plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and broad-minded vision. Don’t choose dark, horrible, crowded spots, which may aggravate depression and worry.

鈥滄棤璁轰粠缁勭粐鑰呮潵璇达紝杩樻槸浠庡弬涓庤€呮潵璁诧紝鍑鸿鍓嶉兘瑕佸仛濂藉厖鍒嗙殑鍑嗗(鍖呮嫭鏅偣纭畾銆佽绋嬪畨鎺掋€佹姤鍚嶇瓫閫夈€侀殢琛屼汉鍛樺垎宸ョ瓑)锛岃閬垮厤鍥犳梾閫斺€樺彉鏁呪€欒€屼骇鐢烴ew bad mood.

Jiang said.

Laziness will make you live less than 10 years?

Laziness will make you live less than 10 years?

The society is getting more and more advanced, but many people are getting lazy.

For example, with a car, we are too lazy to walk or ride a bicycle; with a TV set, lazy to walk at the door; with a remote control, too lazy to manually adjust the stage; with a DVD player, too lazy to go to the cinema.

The Italian Ministry of Welfare, Health and Labor recently published a report on the health status of residents, showing that laziness has become the nemesis of people’s longevity, like smoking. The country has about 2 per year.

80,000 people died of diseases related to laziness.

So, how does laziness shorten the life span of people?


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鎳掓儼鏄満闅愬舰鐦熺柅 2009骞达紝鍦ㄦ剰澶у埄鏈夊灏戞噿铏?This resident health report tells us that they probably account for 40% of the entire Italian national.


These people did not participate in physical exercise or physical labor during their teenage years. Among them, the proportion of sedentary men and women was 35% and 45% respectively.

銆€銆€Compared with the Italians, the British are more lazy.

According to a recent survey by the UK’s largest health charity, the Nuffield Health Agency, 15% of Britons would rather endure uninteresting TV shows when they watch TV at home, rather than getting up with a remote control to switch channels;Among them, 73% of people 鈥渓azy鈥?before going to bed have sex with their partners and have sex; more than half of the British said that they are too lazy to care for their pets after work, not willing to go out to walk the dog; another 36% seeLooking at the bus just leaving, I am too lazy to chase; 59% of people are too lazy to take the stairs, even if their office is on the second floor; 64% of British parents admit that work is too busy, they are too lazy to take time to spend with their children,The child became a “pumpy” because of the lack of exercise before school.

銆€銆€The survey pointed out that in addition to busy work, over-reliance on amenities, online shopping, and frequent use of remote controls are all reasons why British people are getting lazy.

A major US health insurance company also released a research report on laziness at the end of 2009.

According to the report, 77% of Australians work in office chairs, and 23% only do low-intensity sports, such as getting up and copying documents, going to lunch.

Laziness has been like an invisible plague that spreads around the world.

銆€銆€The eight major illnesses are related to laziness, which is caused by laziness. In the final analysis, it is caused by laziness.

The study found that eight major diseases, including coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, colon cancer and complications, are greatly increased by laziness.

Different kinds of laziness in life have different damages to the body.

I am too lazy to lose my life for 10 years: I will sit on the sofa after work, eat snacks while watching TV, and call such people “sofa potatoes” abroad.

銆€銆€Studies have pointed out that this is one of the most important causes of obesity.

People between the ages of 25 and 50 should pay special attention because this age group is the period of weight gain.

According to a study published in the world’s leading medical journal The Lancet, the moderately obese “couch potato” will reduce the life expectancy of three years, and the life expectancy of obese people can be shortened by 10 years.

The best body mass index[BMI = weight (kg) / height square (m 2)]is 24, which is caused by the life of such people.

Too lazy to eat breakfast is easy to get coronary heart disease: missed breakfast due to sleep, can lead to low blood sugar, chronic stomach disease, biological clock disorder and so on.

However, Chang Yuying, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province, pointed out that its most serious harm will increase the risk of gallstones and even coronary heart disease.

Too lazy to brush your teeth increases the risk of pneumonia: you can reduce oral bacteria by 20% in one mouth; you can reduce your teeth by about 70%.

銆€銆€Being too lazy to brush your teeth can cause ulcers, gum bleeding, periodontal disease, etc., which increases the risk of colds and aspiration pneumonia in the elderly.

Too lazy to clean up the house and cause allergies: There is a lot of dust and mold in the indoor dust. Professor Zhang Luo, deputy director of the Beijing Institute of Otolaryngology, believes that these are all easily overlooked allergens.

In addition, the results of the survey released by the China CDC show that the number of bacteria per square centimeter of air-conditioning heat sink is as high as 3,866.


If you are too lazy to clean the air conditioner, the accumulated bacteria will spurt out from the tuyere and may pervade every corner of the room.

銆€銆€I don’t bother to go to the toilet and get bladder cancer: I have a sense of urine, but I don’t want to let go of the work at hand, and I can’t take it anymore until I go to the toilet.

Studies have shown that this will first damage the sphincter of the bladder, and the urine containing toxic substances will not be discharged in time, causing cystitis, urethritis, inflammation and infection to cause nephritis.

American researchers have found that people who have a habit of urinating have a 3-5 times more risk of developing bladder cancer.

Too lazy to go to the hospital to quickly deteriorate: Compared with women, men feel uncomfortable but too lazy to go to the hospital to check the proportion is much higher.

銆€銆€According to a survey in the United Kingdom, men’s cancer death rate is 70% higher than that of women due to delays in medical treatment and other reasons.

I am too lazy to brain and suffer from Alzheimer’s disease: using too little brain is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.The recently published “Neurology” magazine in the United States pointed out that chat, chess, writing, listening to music and other brain activities can delay memory loss.

Older people who participate in these activities 11 times a week have a memory loss that is one night later than others.

29 years.

銆€銆€It is hard to overcome the laziness of laziness by loving life, but some people can hardly overcome it.

Professor Hong Zhaoguang, chief health education expert of the Ministry of Health, pointed out that the laziness of the body mainly comes from the laziness of thought.

If you don’t want to leave laziness, you must first understand its health hazards.

In fact, people who love life will have more power to overcome inertia.

Always remind yourself that personal health is not only important to you, but also to family members.

In 2009, the US Department of Health and Human Services invited 13 experts to develop a comprehensive and detailed guide to the American Citizen Movement.

銆€銆€Experts said that exercise in accordance with the guidelines can reduce work stress and prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Specific recommendations are as follows: Children: exercise at least 1 hour a day; do sit-ups 3 times a week; 3 times a week, including fast-moving, running, cycling, skipping, playing football, etc.

Adults: Do at least 2 per week.

5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise or 1 hour of vertical movement.

Fast walking, dancing and gardening activities are good choices.

Older people: Exercise is based on balance ability, and can refer to adult standards, but it is necessary to do what you can.

Jumping ballroom dancing, playing Tai Chi, and doing yoga are all exercises to balance the power.

How to maintain health in autumn?


Don’t mess with the autumn, learn the correct way to maintain health

How to maintain health in autumn?
Don’t mess with the autumn, learn the correct way to maintain health

After the hot summer, the weather is slowly getting colder and transitioning to a cool autumn. At this time, everyone must understand some autumn health knowledge, so that it can prevent the autumn from getting angry and dry.

Autumn is easy because of the loss of water in the body, and there are various health conditions, so let’s take a look at how to maintain health in the fall.

Is it wrong to post autumn?

After a long hot summer, people eat full of cold food, the spleen and stomach function is a certain degree of attenuation at this time.

In addition, the custom of autumn fall 寮€濮?began to make up for the loss of summer.

However, the autumn weather is cool and it is easy to increase the appetite. Suddenly eating too much will even increase the burden on the nitric acid channel, and it will easily lead to deformation of the body.

Therefore, before the arrival of autumn and winter, you should give the spleen and stomach some rest time, you can choose some direct digestion, nutrition, temperature and humidity food to eat, such as fresh fish, yam, dates, lotus seeds, you can also eat beans and fresh vegetables.

How should autumn be healthy?

1, the climate is dry, the diet should be nourishing Yin and lungs after the fall of the air is also coming, so that people in the body are likely to lose moisture in the fall, which will lead to dry skin, chapped lips and sore throat.

Therefore, in the autumn should be based on nourishing Yin and lungs, you can eat more cooked sesame, walnuts, glutinous rice, carrots, good nourishing Yin and lungs, nourishing effect.

You can also eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the vitamins needed in the body.

Avoid eating foods that are easy to get angry, such as onions, ginger, garlic, and peppers, which can exacerbate the symptoms of getting angry.

2, lungs are prosperous, should be more acid diet autumn is the most suitable season to eat sour.

Acid wood, autumn belongs to gold, gold wood, in fact, that is, the autumn lungs are very strong, you can cut off the liver wood, and the sour taste into the liver, is the correct taste of the liver, this time should use acid to nourish the liver.

Autumn is the most redundant season for wood, and you can eat some acid to ease it.

Such as apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, cherries, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, tomatoes, etc., can nourish the lungs.

In addition, autumn health care should pay attention to timely replenishment of water, which can prevent skin roughness, skin wrinkles, itchy skin and other symptoms caused by dryness in autumn.

In the fall, you should also pay attention to maintaining the normal humidity of the lungs by pouring warm water into the cup and inhaling the nose with the nose for 10 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.

Seven steps of periarthritis of shoulder, health and longevity is as simple as this


Seven steps of periarthritis of shoulder, health and longevity is as simple as this

For the disease of scapulohumeral periarthritis, everyone is no stranger to this disease. Under normal circumstances, this disease will not patronize children and young people. Its main affected population is middle-aged and elderly friends.

The treatment of elderly patients with periarthritis must pay attention to more activities, the following is a brief introduction to the simple action that can cure the elderly shoulder inflammation.

1, the two hands hold the head and the two feet stepped on the shoulder width, the two hands clasped around the back of the head; the two elbows pulled apart, parallel with the body; the two elbows gathered, like a skull, and repeated.

2, one-handed shoulder method with the right shoulder as an example.

The two feet are like a lunge, the right foot is in front, the foot is off the table; the left foot is straight behind.

The right hand is closed at the table, the left palm is pressed to the right shoulder, and the body is swung downward and backward.

3, chest expansion shoulders two feet, shoulder width, two hands on the chest, two elbows and shoulders straight, back on the hand, palm down.

Open your arms, separate your shoulders, inhale; exhale when you reply.

4, head pressure palm method before going to bed at night and before getting up in the morning, sleep on the bed, straighten your legs, palms under the head, palms up, hands back down, with your head pressed against the center of the palm (which side painWhich side of the palm is pressed), 20 minutes each time.

In the first few days, the arm can’t bend too much, and the palm is difficult to reach in. You can use the side sleeper to press the palm of your hand.

5, take the arm to take the seat, pinch the right arm with your left hand, from the shoulder to the wrist, then from the wrist to the shoulder, repeatedly pinch 5 to 10 times, change hands.

6, spin the shoulder and shoulder method to take the seat, with the left hand palm attached to the right shoulder, screw shoulder 50?
100 times to make it feel warm and change hands.

7. Press the acupoint method to press the shoulder well, take the seat, and press the left hand to press the right shoulder and shoulder hole for 1 to 2 minutes and change hands.

Press the curling pool, take the seat, press the tip of the left thumb to press the Quchi hole on the right arm for 1-2 minutes, and change hands.

Press the 鎻?璋? take the seat, press the right hand and the thumb of the left thumb to press the right hand for 1-2 minutes and then change hands.