Readers are wary of three diseases

Readers are wary of “three diseases”

In the Ming Dynasty’s note essay “Good Book Man’s Three Diseases”, people who like to read books have three problems: First, envy of a temporary name, just for the good looks on the shelves, such people can say no books; Second, exhaustive, extensiveIn the collection, I only want to collect more books, not to read books. This can be called a bookstore. Third, I study diligently throughout the year, memorizing it, but reading a book of death.
  Looking around the relatives and friends, it is not difficult to find this “three diseases”.
Some people in the small “Palace” with a golden wall decoration, with a large bookshelf, put some books to show off, in order to increase the face, do not read.
Some people collect books richly, just for the arty, showing that they have culture.
Although some people have read a lot, the dogma has been backed up a lot, that is, it will not be used. The essays of reading Chinese are unreasonable. If you learn the economy, you will not find the North.
As President Washington of the United States said: “If you can’t use reading, then reading is equal to waste paper.
How should a scholar treat a book?
Read books and read living books.
“Live a book is a mind, not a book servant.
The mud was eliminated, and the only pearl was taken.
(Ye Shengtao) In this respect, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are our model.
Mao Zedong read the Marxism-Leninism, found a revolutionary road with Chinese characteristics, and made the Chinese people stand up; Deng Xiaoping read Ma, Lie, Mao, and found a road of Chinese characteristics to make the Chinese people rich.

Medication disease is divided into three levels at different temperatures

Medication disease is divided into three levels at different temperatures

“The medicine is ready, drink it hot!

“This is the experience of many people drinking Chinese medicine. So, does this make sense?

Zhang Yatong, a clinical pharmacist at the Beijing Hospital’s Ministry of Health, told the Life Times reporter: “Although many traditional Chinese medicines require warm clothing, this is not always the case. There are many decoctions that you must cool down before drinking.

“Traditional Chinese medicine theory is very particular about the temperature of oral decoctions. There are more than ten types of light-serving methods, and there are certain types of temperature of medicines: warm clothes, hot clothes and cool clothes.

  General Chinese medicine decoctions should be “warm-served”, that is, the soup should be filtered out immediately after boiling and dried at room temperature to 30 ° C-37 ° C before drinking. Pills and powdered proprietary Chinese medicines should be served with warm water.It is also a kind of warm clothing.

Chinese medicine that emits wind and cold should be “hot”, and you can eat hot porridge and hot water after taking it to help the medicine.

The detoxification and heat-clearing medicines, especially the traditional Chinese medicines for summer heat relieving, have better effect of “cold serving”.

In the south and south, some “herbal teas” often taken in summer are actually a type of Chinese medicine.

As the name implies, many herbal teas are cooled to drink.

  As for taking Chinese medicine, there is an old saying in Chinese medicine called “yang disease hot clothes, yin disease cool clothes”.

Therefore, cold clothes and hot clothes should be specifically analyzed according to the situation. The medicine for treating fever can be cold clothes, while the cold syndrome should be hot clothes.

Patients can know the temperature of taking the medicine according to their own conditions.

In general, patients with “yang disease” mostly show fever syndrome, which can be manifested as fever, thirst, dry stools, short yellow urine, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, and fast pulse.For the cold syndrome, there is chills and fever, no sweat, cold pain in the abdomen, coldness in the limbs, pale tongue, and thin white fur.

  Finally, in the traditional Chinese medicine formula, there is a little trick. In general, most hot clothes called “tang” (such as “guizhi soup”, etc.), and most called “drink” (such as Dayuan drink) need to be cooled.clothes.
Zhang Yatong said: “This has a certain reason, because the ancient Chinese soup and drink are based on the difference in temperature, but for the sake of caution, patients are best to ask the Chinese medicine practitioners after taking the medicineMethods to prevent deviations.

How to quickly eliminate body edema


How to quickly eliminate body edema

Residual or sitting for a long time, hormonal imbalance caused by mental stress, lack of exercise, staying up late, sitting on long-distance buses, women before menstruation or taking special drugs may cause poor venous circulation, resulting in local or systemic edema or edema.

More exercise and correct eating habits, while doing some simple muscle strengthening massage, can effectively improve the whole body or local edema wounds.

  Tips for Quickly Eliminating Edema Face: Get up early and your face and eyes often become slightly swollen, probably due to staying up late, or due to drinking too much water before going to bed.

At this time, you can put a wet towel with water in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, and then put it on your face, which can effectively reduce the problem of edema on the face.

In addition, drinking a cup of black coffee in the morning can also enhance drainage and eliminate edema.

However, it is difficult to eliminate puffiness in a short time, but you can relax the muscles by massage and tighten your face.

“Smiling muscle compression method”: Fists in both hands, press the smiling muscles with knuckles, press to the point where you feel sour, extend from the center, press from the bottom to the top, and massage through the arc of the bone.

Remember to rub skin care products or massage cream before massage, so as not to pull the skin excessively.

  Eyes: Put the metal spoon in the refrigerator for three minutes, and directly take out your eyes directly after taking it out; or cover your eyes with a slightly damp towel covered with ice cubes.

Because low temperature can slow blood expansion, tighten the skin around the eyes, and then pat the eye area with vulcanized eyes, which can promote blood circulation, drainage and eliminate swelling in a short time.

You can also usually press the Chengying and Sibai points directly under the eyeballs. In addition to preventing edema, it can also slow down the formation of bags under the eyes.

  Legs: If you are sitting in the office for most of the day and lack of exercise, it is recommended to lie down with your legs flat against the wall and raise your legs before bed every day so that your legs and body are at a 90 ° angle for 20?
30 minutes.

This trick can help relieve lower body edema caused by poor blood circulation, especially for swollen calves; if time is sufficient, it is recommended to use it after bathing every day, with massage cream or body lotion, bottom to topStarting from the soles of the feet, going up to the calf until the thigh is involved, knead and massage.

Gently squeeze around the neck, shoulders, arms, waist, etc. with your hands.

Where your chest and thighs are broken, pinch your fingers and lower them to massage.

In swollen areas, pressing your fingers on the insteps and pinching your toes can promote blood circulation.

  Eating edema in this way For people with long-term edema, the best way to edema is to eat properly, live a good rest, and then take appropriate exercise, massage, and long-term adherence. The edema problem will gradually improve.When it disappears, the body will be healthier, and at the same time, the body curve will be sculpted, and the whole person will look even lighter and lighter!

  Eat less salt, less sugar, heavy flavors and other irritating foods.

Salt contains a large amount of sodium, which prevents the drainage of water and causes edema.

So try to choose a light diet.

For the necessary entertainment meals, remember to drink some green tea immediately after eating, and to remove the greasy and moisturizing oil in time while hydrating.

  Choose diuretic fruits.

You can choose melons and citrus, such as bananas, watermelons, grapes, grapefruits, etc., because these fruits contain potassium salts, can promote the metabolism of sodium salts, boots can help drainage to eliminate edema.

  Eat more vegetable.

The days of big fish and meat are about to end. Eat more green vegetables instead of water and fiber, which can help drainage and improve the legs.

Such as celery, lettuce, tomatoes, winter melon are good help to eliminate edema.

  Get more calcium.

Such as apples, celery, etc., pay attention to calcium supplements.

Inadequate calcium intake can affect neural communication and even cause muscle spasms, which can increase the degree of leg swelling.

(A daily intake of 1200?
1350 micrograms of calcium.

) Eat more foods containing vitamin E and vitamin B group, because vitamin E has antioxidant effect, make the leg muscles full of vitality instead of alternating, but to say again, vegetable oil, lean meat, dairy, eggs, green leafy vegetablesVarious dried fruits are rich in vitamin E; while vitamin B1 can improve legs fatigue and even edema, vitamin B2 can accelerate the metabolism of adults, such as nori, sesame and peanut.

  Waterproof swell tips 1.

Do not wear tight clothing, especially jeans with tight chests and thighs. Corsets, waists, etc. can cause increased abdominal pressure.


Do n’t overwork your life. Staying up late can easily make your eyes become congested, causing poor blood circulation in the eyes, causing dark circles and bags under your eyes, and causing fatigue. Staying up all night can also cause the body’s metabolism and blood circulation to deteriorate.

Avoid wearing high heels or shoes that are too tight.

Do not sit or stand for a long time, because the continuous fixed posture can easily cause blood flow in the lower body to be blocked, causing lower limb swelling.

Baby diaper qualification list

Baby diaper qualification list

A new kind of disposable diapers specially developed for babies.

Can keep the baby tender and dry, so that the baby will not wake up in the middle of the night due to wet urine.

A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Health Supervision Institute announced the results of the sanitary supervision and inspection of baby diapers and baby wipes. All 20 products passed the inspection.

  Sampling baby diapers, wipes serial number Product name 1 Shile ‘s baby wipes 2 Johnson’s baby milk moisturizing soft wipes 3 Heart-printing wipes baby silky refreshing series 4 Sanshida wipes

10个简单方法 提升宝宝的免疫力

10个简单方法 提升宝宝的免疫力
有了宝宝后,父母们最担心生病问题。而生活中的一些简单方法,就可提升宝宝的免疫力,减少生病的次数。  第1招:母乳喂养――人生的第一次免疫  母乳中含有大量的免疫物质,能增加婴儿机体免疫力及抗病能力,可防止婴儿受病毒的侵入而生病。可以说母乳是人生的第一次免疫,因此不要错过给宝宝母乳喂养的机会。  第2招:抚触――改善宝宝的血液循环  在自然分娩中产道收缩,挤压胎儿,是一种有益的身体接触,有利于宝宝神经系统的发育。出生后,母亲的身体接触,会让小婴儿有很大的安全感,可以促进宝宝的身体发育,对出生时体重较轻的早产儿尤其有益。抚触可以改善宝宝的血液循环,提高免疫力,并能增进食物的消化与吸收,减少哭闹,改善睡眠。  第3招:免疫预防接种――积极主动应对  为宝宝预防接种是人类抵御传染性疾病而采取的积极措施,如接种卡介苗预防结核,口服脊髓灰质炎疫苗预防脊髓灰质炎(小儿麻痹症),接种乙肝疫苗预防乙肝等。父母们一定要按时为宝宝接种疫苗。  第4招:规律的生活习惯――让生物钟有节奏地转动  父母足够耐心地对待孩子,帮他们找到自己的生活规律。成长中的孩子每天需要充足的睡眠,如果你的孩子晚上睡得不够,可以让他白天小睡一下。周末多带宝宝到空气清新的公园玩一玩,对身体大有益处。  第5招:均衡饮食――提升防御功能  孩子偏食,营养不均衡会造成抵抗力下降。肉、蛋、新鲜蔬菜水果品种尽可能多样,少吃各种油炸、熏烤、过甜的食品。  第6招:不要吃得过饱――避免脾胃负担过重  婴幼儿脏腑娇嫩,消化吸收功能尚未健全。虽然发育旺盛,对营养物质需要迫切,但是,脾胃运动消化功能相对不足。若吃得过饱,会使胃肠负担加重,消化功能紊乱,容易发生积食、腹痛,导致胃肠炎、消化不良等疾病。  第7招:多喝白开水――保持黏膜湿润  多喝水可以保持黏膜湿润,成为抵挡细菌的重要防线。上幼儿园、外出时让孩子背着水瓶,渴了随时喝。注意,要喝白开水,而不是各种含糖饮料。  第8招:不必过于干净――形成免疫记忆  免疫系统能对传染病原形成免疫记忆,万一再次遇上,可以很快将其消灭。如果你家太干净,孩子没有机会通过感染产生抗体,抵抗力反而减弱,并可能导致过敏和自体免疫失调。  第9招:良好的卫生习惯――防止病从口入  虽然过分抗菌、干净无益健康,但仍要培养孩子基本的卫生习惯,尤其在吃饭前和上厕所后把手洗干净,可以防止病从口入。  第10招:不要随意使用抗生素――让免疫系统得到锻炼  当感染不是很严重时,尽量不要用抗生素,而是靠自身的抵抗力,使免疫系统得到锻炼。这样当下次再遇到同样的”敌人”时,已经训练过的免疫细胞便会产生出有针对性的免疫力,从而保护身体安全。

The retina of the body is healthier and it affects the circulation of the meridians.


The retina of the body is healthier and it affects the circulation of the meridians.

The retina of the body is a bit healthier. It affects the circulation of the meridians. For most people, they want their skin to be fine and smooth, so it looks younger, but do you know?

In fact, this part of the body will be more conducive to everyone’s health, and this part is the sole of the foot.

Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction of why it is said.

Why the soles of the feet are slender and the healthier feet are an important part of the human body, and there are a lot of meridians and acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Therefore, everyone will pay special attention to the maintenance of the feet in their daily life. It should be said that the soles of the feet are regularly removed.Cuticle.
Because the soles of the soles have more stratum corneum, they can be particularly rough on the foot, and they also affect the circulation of the meridians.

But Xiao Bian wants to tell everyone today that the soles of the feet are slender and will be healthier. The thick finger here is to let the soles of the feet properly leave the stratum corneum. Do not remove the stratum corneum from the soles of the feet.Leftover, if it is not good for the feet, and even for physical health, then what kind of benefits will it have for the health of the soles?

The first is to leave some stratum corneum on the sole of the foot, which can resist external impact and thus protect the foot.

This is mainly because the stratum corneum itself has a certain elasticity and is connected to the dermis layer. In the face of external stimulation, the stratum corneum will bear the brunt of the protection of the sole, thus maintaining the health of the blood vessels and the dermis.After maintenance, it will be more conducive to the normal metabolism in the body, thus maintaining everyone’s health.

Also, because the soles of the feet often sweat, under such circumstances, the feet will be in an acidic state, and bacterial reproduction most likes such an environment, so under such circumstances, the stratum corneum can begin.To a good isolation, so that the bacteria on the soles of the feet, or foreign microorganisms, are not easy to cause damage to the feet, and have the effect of preventing foot diseases.

Another point is that the stratum corneum is attached to the sole of the foot as a transparent cortex. In addition to helping the foot to resist some external damage, it can effectively store the nutrients and moisture in the skin of the soles, thus effectivelyHelp the soles of the feet to delay aging.

Therefore, if you want to make yourself healthier in your normal life, then under such circumstances, it does not prevent your feet from retaining some cuticles, which is very beneficial for maintaining your health.thing.
How to deal with too much stratum corneum on the soles of the feet. As mentioned above, keeping some cuticles on the soles of the feet is good for maintaining everyone’s health. Then in the normal life, the stratum corneum of the soles of the feet is allowed to develop without going.Remove it?

In fact, this is not the case. When you touch your own soles with your hands, if you find that the skin on your soles is obviously stiff and has no elasticity, then under such circumstances, you need to properly remove some of the cuticles.
Because the stratum corneum of the sole is too thick, it will affect the movement of the foot meridians and blood vessels, thus affecting the health of the sputum. Therefore, when the stratum corneum of the sole is too thick, then under such circumstances, everyone needs normal time.Regularly remove the stratum corneum of the soles of the feet in life.

So under such circumstances, Xiaobian teaches you several ways to remove too much stratum corneum from the soles of the feet.

The first is that everyone should wear as few hard shoes that will wear their feet in the usual life, and develop a good habit of wearing socks, so that the skin of the feet can be reduced to avoid the excessive stratum corneum.appear.

In addition to paying attention to this, you can also remove it with white vinegar.

The specific method is to stir the white vinegar in a ratio of one to three, more water, and less white vinegar.

Then you can soak your feet in the water for an hour, then use the exfoliating stone and grind it.

There is also a way to remove too much stratum corneum from the feet, but also to protect the skin of the feet. The specific method is to pour the yogurt in the water, then put the feet in the soak, use the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt and acid to helpThe stratum corneum is removed from the sole of the foot.

But when using this method, one thing that needs your attention. If you have a wound on your foot, then don’t use this method. If it is not, it may cause bacterial infection in the foot.

10 minutes before bedtime makes you healthy and beautiful

10 minutes before bedtime makes you healthy and beautiful

The skin is immersed in cosmetics, sunlight, dirty air, and radiation during the day, and it can finally breathe at night.

What should you do for your skin 8 hours after falling asleep?

Simple 3 steps before bedtime maintenance will make your skin care more effective.

The human body’s metabolism is being carried out every moment, for the body to burn and change, and maintain the normal operation of the body.

The skin’s metabolism is most active from 10pm to 2am, and at the same time at night is the time when the skin’s “toxin” free radicals are most active. If you can grasp these hours smartly, the metabolism at night will become the skinThis is the glorious secret weapon, “Sleeping Beauty” was born!

  Beautiful people teach you, simple 3 steps before bedtime maintenance: 1.

Cleaning must be timely and thoroughly cleansing the face makeup, this is the first step in skin care before going to bed.


Moisturizing Face Moisturizing Spray on the whole body and combined with mineral toner before going to bed, it has a moisturizing effect; if the skin is very dry, you can spray it several times repeatedly.

After the toner, it is night cream.

Night cream can also be used with serum to ensure that skin can be repaired and rejuvenated at night.

  Lip moisturizing first remove the dead skin of the lips, in addition to using scrub lip balm, you can also use some original methods.

For example, rubbing lightly on the lips with sugar, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove dead skin, and then apply lip balm before you can rest assured.


Facial treatments Facial massage before bed, make your facial skin firm up!

The easiest way is to pat the face lightly after applying toner, so that the facial muscles can fully beat and restore elasticity.

  Eye Care Eye skin is very thin, and it is most susceptible to severe age. Wastes such as fine lines and dark circles appear, so eye cream and eye mask are indispensable.

  Engaging in care for women most minds exposing fine lines because it will betray your age.

Therefore, you should use a moisturizing lotion or cream to massage instead, which will cause complications for the skin to absorb nutrients.

Note that when you apply the lotion, massage gently to show your gentle side as much as possible!

Otherwise it will be self-defeating.

  Hair care Long straight hair Before bed, apply the conditioner without washing on the hair roots, massage it carefully, and have black hair in the morning.

  Curly hair is allowed to air dry naturally before bedtime, and the hair roots are loosely tied with ribbons. When you wake up in the morning, you just comb it a little, and your hair will be fluffy and full.

  Special reminders: 1.

Good sleep is a prerequisite for skin care. Minimize staying up late, fall asleep between 10:00 and 12:00, and grasp the golden time for skin renewal.


People who are prone to insomnia do not prevent drinking milk before going to bed because of the decaying nerves contained in milk.

Sexual physiology requires sexual life nine attention


Sexual physiology requires sexual life nine attention

Sexual life is the normal physiological requirement of couples. Healthy and harmonious sex life is conducive to physical health, ethnic reproduction, is conducive to study and work, and brings happiness and happiness to the family.

On the contrary, sexual life without sexual hygiene will inevitably lead to physiological unhealthy and even life-threatening.

Therefore, every couple should understand the things to be aware of when they are sexually active: 1.

Sexual physiology requires the genitals to be kept clean.

Absolute men and women should pay attention to keeping the external genital organs clean.

In addition to regular bathing, it is also necessary to always clean the external genitalia with warm water, and wash it once before and after each sexual life.

In this way, men can prevent dermatitis, balanitis; women can prevent genital inflammation and urinary tract infections.

After sexual intercourse is completed, both men and women should urinate immediately, which is beneficial to discharge bacteria that are discharged into the bladder during sexual intercourse, which can reduce the chance of infection.


Sexual physiology requires a reasonable number of sexual life.

Prevent over-frequency so as not to affect health.

During the wedding period, sexual desire is more vigorous, and sexual requirements are more urgent. Special attention should be paid to moderation.

Healthy young men and women, 3-4 times a week in the early days of marriage, not much sexual life, but people with poor health, sexual life should be longer, the number of times should be less.

Is it appropriate to have a long interval?

It depends on the age, physique, health, mental state and mood of the couple.

Factors such as feelings and fatigue.

Generally speaking, after sex life, you don’t feel sleepy, tired and boring, and do not affect the principle of work and study.


Sexual physiology requires unsatisfied life during exertion.

When both parties or one side feel tired, take a proper rest and let the mental and physical strength be restored.

It is not appropriate to have sex during this period. Men are forced to have sex when they are tired. Not only does sexual pleasure weaken, but fatigue increases after sexual intercourse. The next day, headaches, dizziness, causation, distraction, lack of work, and heavy backache are easy to appear.Premature ejaculation, impotence and other diseases; the woman is tired and reluctant to deal with, prone to resentment of sexual life, over time can form cold or sexual aversion.


Sexual physiology requires that the sexual life should stop.

If a couple suffers from a disease, especially an acute or comorbid acute infectious disease, the sexual life should be temporarily suspended. Because the disease itself has caused damage to the body, sexual life will increase the physical exertion and reduce the body’s resistance to disease.It can lead to a worsening of the disease, especially when some people have infectious diseases, they may also pass the disease to the other party.

In addition, due to the influence of disease, it sometimes hurts the health of sperm or egg. When a woman suffers from certain diseases, the internal environment of the uterus may not be conducive to the development of fertilized eggs. If it is pregnant after sexual intercourse, the unhealthy sperm isCombined with unsafe fertilized eggs, such fertilized eggs live in an unsuitable uterine environment, and the resulting mortality has many unintended consequences.


Sexual physiology requires sexual life during the menstrual period.

The monthly menstruation is generally 3-5 days, the elderly can reach 6-7 days, the menstrual endometrial peeling off during menstruation, fresh wounds in the official cavity, easy to cause genital infections and inflammation.

Thus, menstrual period pelvic congestion, alternating menstrual flow, menstrual extension.

Men also cause urethritis, cystitis due to sexual intercourse infection, and frequent urination, urgency and other symptoms.

If you have menstruation on the day of your marriage, you should also ban sexual life. Otherwise, it may cause genital diseases (endometritis, annexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.), which may damage your health and affect your future sexual life. Some people may even block the inflammation of the fallopian tubes.Cause lifelong infertility.


Sexual physiology requires careful sex during pregnancy.

In the first three months of pregnancy, uterine contractions may occur due to sexual stimulation, causing abdominal pain and bleeding.

Even abortion.

Sexual life should also be avoided at the end of the third trimester to prevent premature birth due to irritation of sexual impulses.

Especially in the first month of pregnancy, it is even more difficult to have sex, so as not to cause inflammation of the birth canal.

There are other times, although not absolutely prohibited, but there should be moderation.
At the same time, pay attention to the woman’s abdomen during sexual intercourse should not be stressed, sexual intercourse should not be excessive scores.
If you have a history of miscarriage and premature birth, you should follow the doctor’s advice and separate the couple during the entire pregnancy.


Sexual physiology requires parasitic sexual life during puerperium.

Changes in the body and reproductive organs after a woman’s pregnancy gradually recover after delivery, which takes about 6-7 weeks.

It is called the puerperium or the “month”.

At this time, the maternal body’s resistance is poor, and the postpartum uterus placenta leaves after the wound leaves, it is more likely to get sick, therefore, the puerperium should pay attention to rest, during the period can not have sex, to avoid causing inflammation of the birth canal or obstruction of the perineum, vaginal woundscure.

If the postpartum vaginal bloody secretions last longer, the abstinence time will be extended accordingly.


Sexual physiology requires a restrained sex during lactation.

Although this period does not belong to the property transfer area, but the demand for women in lactation has decreased, and because the main reason is to take care of children day and night, tired and tired, loss of libido, to control sexual life.

Female genitalia are temporarily contracted due to breastfeeding.

Vaginal wall stenosis is fragile, sexual intercourse may cause tissue laceration, causing bleeding and infection.

Therefore, the man should avoid violent movements and control sexual life.


Sexual physiology requires birth control to prevent sexual life.

Execution of the upper ring and looping, artificial abortion, labor induction in the big month, vasectomy, cesarean section and sterilization mutation, no sexual intercourse within 1 month, so as to prevent bacteria from entering the uterine cavity, causing inflammation of the uterus, vasectomy and local infection and hematoma.

After abortion, the endometrium does not completely return to normal, and the uterine cavity has wounds. At this time, sexual life can cause inflammation of the endometrium, which is formed in endometritis, annex inflammation, etc., and will affect subsequent reproduction.

Postpartum uterine insufficiency or placental residue and postpartum lochia can not be exhausted, etc., according to the condition, sexual life time should be appropriately postponed.

Old people with arthritis should be appropriate


Old people with arthritis should be appropriate

As we grow older, people will slowly find that they are less strong, their muscles are less developed, their elasticity and overlap are attenuated, their spine is getting thinner, and their ability to repair and rebuild bone and spinal joints is growing.The worse, when the pressure on the articular cartilage is too large, it will lead to the degenerative change of the spine. It is common to say that the joint aging will form osteoarthritis.

The prevalence of osteoarthritis increases with age, most of them are patients over the age of 50, and women are more common than men.

Among people over the age of 75, 80% have osteoarthritis.

銆€銆€Patients with osteoarthritis also need Xing Gengyan, director of the Joint Surgery Department of the Sports Armed Police General Hospital, to think that it is still standing to protect the joint damage, or that the joint pain is caused by lack of exercise, and the more painful it is to exercise, both views areLost bias.

This is because the nutrition of the articular cartilage comes from the synovial fluid in the joint, and the “cylinder effect” caused by the intermittent force of the ridge during the movement forms the synovial fluid circulating in the ridge.

If the joint does not move for a long time, it will lead to malnutrition of the spine, and it will degenerate early; on the contrary, excessive exercise will cause excessive load on the joint and cause damage to the joint and tibia.

Especially those with osteoarthritis, if they do not exercise properly, will aggravate the development of the disease.

Most patients with early osteoarthritis can improve or even disappear by adjusting their lifestyle and correct exercise without taking an injection.

銆€銆€To exercise scientifically and effectively Xing Gengyan suggested that it is very important for patients with osteoarthritis to adhere to exercise and master the correct exercise method. In exercise, the existing joint function should be maintained to prevent muscle atrophy and calcium loss of bone.For the goal, grasp the principle of exercising without burden or weight, so as to prevent the development of the disease.

銆€銆€Xing Gengyan said that the best exercise for patients with osteoarthritis is swimming, especially breaststroke.

Because the body floats in the water while swimming, the joints do not bear the weight, the load is minimal, and the swimming movement can ensure joint movement and exercise muscle strength.

Moreover, swimming can enhance the body’s muscle strength and multi-joint activities, so that multiple organ functions can be exercised, which can effectively enhance disease resistance.

If conditions permit, it is recommended to stay 2-3 times a week. The length of time should be gradual and gradually increase. The old man should not swim more than 1 hour at a time. Don’t swim too fast, medium speed.

銆€銆€Cycling is also a good exercise.

Need to pay attention to is to ride slowly, do not load the car.

But the time of cycling should not exceed 2 hours per day.

Or stick to at least 30-40 minutes per day (take a flat road), and move the elbows, wrists and hand joints while walking.

Joints and ligaments need to be active, otherwise they tend to stiffen and age.

銆€銆€Osteoarthritis patients can also do stretching exercises in bed every day, which will greatly help the condition.

You can wake up every morning and go to bed at night, and have a rhythmic activity.

First move the upper limbs, let the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knuckles rotate internally, rotate outwards, and bend the upper and lower sides, then move the lower limbs as described above for 20-30 minutes each time until the body sweats slightly.

Long-term adherence can delay the aging of joints and ligaments.

銆€銆€Xing Gengyan reminded that in life, some activities are unavoidable, such as going up and down the building, squatting, etc., but to avoid repeated impact or rotation of the joints, people who have already suffered from osteoarthrosis should try to reduce the ascending movement (such as climbing) and go fast.

When going up and down the stairs, you need to re-armure, which can reduce the stress and friction of the knee joint and the tibia and relieve pain.

Beware: don’t sit on the sofa for a long time


Beware: don’t sit on the sofa for a long time

According to the “Health News” report, Jiang Aunt has the habit of sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.

Recently, she always felt a sore neck and neck pain, but sitting on a hard chair did not feel this way.

In fact, this happens to be caused by reading a newspaper on a soft sofa.

銆€銆€Sedentary sofa reading and reading newspapers, it is easy to cause the above symptoms, especially for the elderly with cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.

The reason is that the sofa is relatively speaking, and its elasticity is that the person sits up to the hip and the back muscles are elongated at the back of the pelvis.

銆€銆€Reading in this position, if the two hands raise the book, close, the alignment and the eyes are comfortable, but the support will not last long and will naturally sag.

At this time, both eyes naturally look down and at the same time reach the bend.

銆€銆€After a long time, it is easy to cause eye muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.

If you put the book on your lap and look down at the book, the back muscles are stretched and stretched due to the gravity of the head. The same muscle has been stretched in front of the pelvis and stretched again.It can make people feel back and neck pain.

銆€銆€For people with severe cervical spondylosis, suddenly raising their heads after reading a book, it is easy to cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms due to temporary cerebral palsy, and may also cause a sudden stroke.