Qilian Mountain (600720) 2019 Semi-annual Report Commentary Comment: Do n’t be afraid to wait for the increase of western infrastructure construction

Qilian Mountain (600720) 2019 Semi-annual Report Commentary Comment: Do n’t be afraid to wait for the increase of western infrastructure construction
Report Summary: Event: The company released a 2019 interim report performance forecast. The forecast shows that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother is around 5, an increase of about 128%, and the non-attribution net profit is at 4.About 1.5 billion, an annual increase of about 93%, and the expected return is about 0.64 yuan. Demand is picking up, volume and prices are rising, and cost control performance is increasing.The company’s main market is located in Qinggan, with a 42% market share in Gansu.From January to May 2019, the fixed assets investment quota in Gansu Province increased by 4%.1%, much higher than the -10 in the same period last year.8%.Investment in real estate development is growing by 13 per year.9%, far more than 2.8%.The rebound in infrastructure and land demand has driven cement demand expansion. From January to May 2019, cement production in Gansu Province increased by 17%.5%, about -9% of last year, actually turned positive.The company’s home base in the Gansu market is showing a rise in both volume and price. In Q2 2019, it achieved net profit attributable to its mother.8.7 billion, a record high for the second quarter of the calendar year.The company mentioned in the performance forecast that one of the reasons for the performance improvement was to strengthen the control over costs. The price level is not high, and there is still a lot of price space compared with East China.From the perspective of price, the price of cement in Ganqing area is the highest, and the average price in Lanzhou and Xining markets is only 364.69 yuan, the average market price of the earlier Dongdong capital cities is 466.The gap between 03 yuan is still large, and there is room for growth.Since the beginning of the year, the price of Lanzhou cement has increased by 18.24%, leading the country.At present, the storage capacity ratio of cement enterprises in Northwest China is 52.67% is at a historical low level, and regional cement demand is strong. In May 2019, the two new 5000T / D lines were put into production and digested well. The increase in sales volume led 杭州桑拿网 to the growth in performance, and the integration of CNBM increased the company’s market space.In the first half of 2019, the company’s sales volume increased by 31%, and the price increased overall in 2019. The regional industry is in a state of high prosperity. The company’s production capacity reached 100% in the second quarter.56.60 million yuan, after excluding the performance growth rate is also more than 100%.CNBM promises to integrate the two cement companies in the Qilian Mountains and other regions by 2020, so as not to damage the interests of Qilian Mountains, the company’s market space will be enhanced in the future. Earnings forecast and investment rating: We expect the company’s earnings from 2019 to 2021 to be 1.33 yuan, 1.54 yuan and 1.75 yuan, corresponding to PE, 7 times, 6 times, and 5 times. Considering that the Ganqing region is a key area for new infrastructure in the west, and the synergy and market space brought by the integration of China Construction Materials and the combination of cement companies, coupled with the low level of company scaleThe price elasticity space is large, maintaining the company’s “strongly recommended” investment rating. Risk reminder: The pace and intensity of new infrastructure construction in the western region has fallen short of expectations.

Listed companies gathered together to increase the market

Listed companies gathered together to increase the market

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  Mergers & Acquisitions | New refinancing rules show power!

Listed companies gathered together to increase the market and have revised their merger and acquisition plans . Source: IPO Daily Original Original Wu Mingzhou Refinancing New Regulations were released, and supporting financing for listed companies’ mergers and acquisitions and restructuring has also begun to respond.

  On the evening of February 25, Lubei Chemical announced that the company intends to adjust the merger and acquisition 杭州桑拿 and restructuring plan, mainly in the issue price of supporting funds raised, the issue target and the lock-up period are slightly adjusted.

  01Increasing the titanium dioxide business Specifically, Lubei Chemical intends to issue shares to the controlling shareholders Lubei Group and Jinjiang Group and pay cash to acquire 100% of its equity in Jinhai Titanium. Lubei Chemical intends to pay cash to Lubei Group for acquisition.It holds 100% equity of Xianghai Titanium Industry.

After the acquisition, Jinhai Titanium and Xianghai Titanium will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of the listed company.

  The plan shows that the transaction price of Jinhai Titanium is determined to be 13.

8 trillion, the corresponding value of 100% equity of Xianghai Titanium Industry is 20 million.

Among them, the stock pays 5.

4.9 南京夜网 billion yuan, cash payment 8.

5.1 billion yuan.

  At the same time, the company’s merger to raise matching financing does not exceed 5.

US $ 4.9 billion, all of which are used to pay the transaction consideration and intermediary fees related to the transaction.

  At present, Jinhai Titanium has a titanium dioxide production line with an annual output of more than 10 tons. The main business is the production and sales of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide, and Xianghai Titanium 6 chloride titanium dioxide production line is still under construction.

After the completion of the merger and acquisition, the main business of Lubei Chemical will increase the titanium dioxide business on the basis of reorganizing the fertilizer business, the cement business, the salt business and the synthetic chloride business.

  Data show that from 2017 to 2018 and from January to September 2019, the operating income of Jinhai Titanium was 11 respectively.

02 billion, 12.

02 billion, 12.

7 trillion, net profit was 8068.

510,000 yuan, 9600.

260,000 yuan, 6277.

730,000 yuan.

  Although both revenue and net profit have grown steadily, Ginhai Titanium’s gross profit margin has shown a significant downward trend, with a total of 16 reported.

2%, 14.

42% and 12.


  At the same time, Xianghai Titanium has not yet generated operating income, and its net profit was -90.

370,000 yuan, -277.

02 million and -268.

560,000, has been allowed in the past three years.

  To this end, Lubei Chemical stated that this is because Xianghai Titanium 6 Injection Chlorinated Titanium Dioxide production line is in the process of being established and has not yet officially started production and operation activities. Therefore, the scale of financial statements is simple, and assets, liabilities and income are at the highest level.Good level.

  It is worth mentioning that the listed company and the counterparty have not signed a performance commitment compensation agreement.

  02 Activate the merger and acquisition plan adjustment, the Democratic Party raised funds 5.

The amount of $ 4.9 billion has not changed, but changes have been made in the number of shares issued, the objects to be issued, the issue price and the lock-up period.

  In terms of number of issuances, it should not exceed 20% (7019) of the total share capital of the listed company before the transaction.

730,000 shares), change the number of shares issued does not exceed 30% of the total share capital of the listed company before the transaction (1.

0.5 billion shares); the issue price has changed from not more than 90% of the company’s stock transaction average price of 20 trading days before the pricing benchmark date to no less than 80%; on the lock-up period, the shares subscribed by specific objects have been newly addedShares shall not be transferred within 12 months from the date of listing, and shall not be transferred within 6 months.

  On February 14, the Securities and Futures Commission issued new refinancing regulations, and revised the regulatory requirements for refinancing of listed companies, including removing the three “restrictions” on the GEM, changing the lock-up period for fixed-income shares, and adjusting the issuance of fixed-income sharesMechanism, etc.With the index of previously implemented rules, the new refinancing rules have the most obvious relaxation of supervision of GEM listed companies’ refinancing.

  According to incomplete statistics of the IPO daily report, since the release of the new regulations, nearly a hundred listed companies have issued or revised their fixed-income plans, and the listed companies have gathered in the fixed-income market for a while.

Comparatively speaking, there are still a few listed companies that have adjusted their M & A plans or issued M & A plans that apply the new regulations, including Jiangfeng Electronics, Jinyu Auto City, Bohui Innovation, etc.

  However, there are generally three purposes for listed companies to plan and increase, namely, acquisition of high-quality assets, project financing, and supplementary funds.

Therefore, many listed companies, especially the GEM companies, will expand and expand their performance through fixed increase mergers and acquisitions, and the mergers and acquisitions market will be activated.

Some listed companies whose main businesses are sluggish and whose market value is small, but whose cash flow is good, are turning to restructuring. The new rules for refinancing will boost the sector’s M & A expectations.

  Anxin Securities Research Report pointed out that fixed increase is a powerful weapon for enterprises to develop from “small and beautiful” to “big and strong”. Fixed increase financing can promote the endogenous expansion of enterprises, and fixed increase mergers and acquisitions are also an important way for corporate growth.

Through preliminary mergers and acquisitions, listed companies can control a large number of key raw materials and sales channels, effectively control parallel activities, and improve the barriers to entry and differentiated advantages of enterprises in their fields.

Through horizontal mergers and acquisitions, listed companies can increase market share, form economies of scale, and become market leaders.

  However, blind cross-border, flickering or follow-up M & A and restructuring will still be strictly regulated, and mergers and acquisitions in line with industry trends are the mainstream, and the M & A and restructuring bubble in 2013-2015 will not reappear.

  The CITIC Securities strategy team believes that with the advancement of the registration system, IPOs of high-quality assets are declining, and efficiency is improving. Backdoors will no longer become the mainstream of major asset restructuring, and the decline in shell value is far from over.

In other forms of asset restructuring, it is becoming more difficult for listed companies to acquire quality assets at reasonable prices.

It is expected that in the new wave of mergers and acquisitions, the listed companies will be more pragmatic, the investment logic and industrial integration strategies will be more detailed, the parties to the merger and acquisition will be more sensitive to transaction prices, and industrial mergers and acquisitions will become more mainstream than market diversification.

Hao Haishengke (688366) New Share Pricing Report: A Leader in Down-to-earth Biomedical Materials

Hao Haishengke (68合肥夜网 8366) New Share Pricing Report: A Leader in Down-to-earth Biomedical Materials

Highlights of the report Deeply cultivating biomedical materials, leading the sub-sectors Haohai Biotech is a high-tech biomedical company focusing on R & D, production and sales of medical biomaterials, focusing on the rapidly growing therapeutic areas in the medical biomaterial market, including ophthalmology, plastic surgery and beautyWith wound care, orthopedics, anti-adhesion and hemostasis, four major business areas have achieved industry-leading advantages.

  Multi-field layout of biomaterials, pipeline products market can be expected ophthalmology: coordinated layout of intraocular lens, opto-optic materials and products, ophthalmic viscoelastic agents, etc., will help to benefit from the growing cataract surgery and myopic demand for myopia.

The follow-up pipeline market is expected. The development of orthokeratology is about to enter the clinic, and it is expected to be launched in about three years.

  Medical Beauty: China’s leading cross-linking technology, priority is given to dual-phase single-phase and dual-phase hyaluronic acid filled products.

The third-generation new-type linear cross-linking and painless cross-linking of the follow-up pipeline are coming out soon. Organic cross-linking products are under development, forming a long product line, and taking advantage of the prosperity of the Chinese medical beauty market, promoting the growth of this sector.

Recombinant human epidermal growth factor has been transformed into medical insurance, and sales have grown significantly. The company is expected to continue its volume after expanding production.

  Orthopedic and surgical anti-adhesion: stable business, has become a few leading companies of similar products.

  The endogenous and extended performance has grown rapidly, and long-term growth is still expected. The company will gradually complete a series of mergers and acquisitions, and its revenue will increase, with a CAGR of 24.


  19H1 growth rate has improved, but long-term growth is still cocoa.

After the rectification of the medical beauty industry, the industry standardization will increase, and it is expected to increase the market share of large-scale products. The strong one will be Hengqiang; the artificial crystal may be affected by the collection of consumables.

The company maintains its hyaluronic acid pricing system as much as possible through its multi-layered product layout. The company is well versed in mergers and acquisitions and the integration of high-quality resources to achieve business synergy development along the way. It will continue to advance its experience in this area to help improve performance.

  Estimate and pricing At present, the company’s main business is divided into ophthalmology, wound care and tissue filling, and the application of sodium hyaluronate and medical chitin.

For the corresponding sections, please refer to Guanhao Biological, Opconvision; Allergan; Jingfeng Medicine.

  Taking into account that the company is still in the merger and acquisition integration period, we predict that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

55, 5.

08, 杭州夜网论坛5.

7.2 billion, an increase of 9 each year.

85%, 11.

70% and 12.


Considering the 2019 PE TTM and comparable profit forecasts for 2019 and 2020 of comparable companies and companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, combined with the growth potential of comparable companies and target companies, we give Haohai Biotech 20-30 times the corresponding profit forecast for 2020PE, it is estimated that the reasonable market value range corresponding to the predicted profit in 2020 is 127-152 trillion, corresponding to the target price of 71 after the IPO.


69 yuan.

  Risk prompts iterative risks of new product technology upgrades; risk of high-value consumables collection and price reduction; risk of fluctuations in the medical and aesthetic industry; and goodwill impairment risk.

Caesars Travel (000796) Annual Report 2018 & 2019Q1 Comment: Asset impairment drags down performance and equity changes continue to advance

Caesars Travel (000796) Annual Report 2018 & 2019Q1 Comment: Asset impairment drags down performance and equity changes continue to advance

Brief description of performance: In 2018, it achieved revenue of 81.

80 ppm / + 1.

67%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

94 ppm / -12.

03%, deducted non-net profit 1 from the mother.

7.2 billion / + 13.

68%, the basic EPS is 0.

24 / -12.

01%, net operating cash flow was 2.

26 ppm / -54.


In Q4 2018, it achieved revenue of 12.

52 ppm / -30.

64%, net profit attributable to mother -1.

18 ppm (mainly due to the industry’s highly competitive gross profit margin increase, and the asset impairment provision of 77.54 million yuan in 2018Q4).

2019Q1: Achieved revenue of 18.

06 ppm / + 0.

41%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

30 ppm / + 8.

41%, attributable to non-net profit of -0.

11 ppm / -139.

91%, the basic EPS is 0.

0377 yuan / + 8.


Net operating cash flow-0.

6.4 billion / +53.

77% (mainly due to the increase in the company’s advance receipts and the decline in payments made).

Non-recurring items mainly come from non-current assets disposal gains and losses.

The growth rate of tourism business affected by the industry is slow, and the effect of differentiated strategies has significantly improved the unit price of passengers.

The company achieved revenue of 81 in 2018.

80 ppm / + 1.


Among them, the tourism business achieved revenue of 70.

15 ppm / + 0.

23%; food business achieved revenue 11.

53 ppm / + 11.


In the tourism business: ① Citizen Wholesale Revenue 12.60 ppm / -2.

33%, revenue is slightly offset by industry influence, but the customer unit price has increased significantly8.

87%; ② Citizen retail business revenue 47.

07 ppm / + 1.

32%, revenue has grown steadily, and the customer unit price has increased significantly by 10.

35%; ③Corporate award business revenue 10.

48 ppm / -1.

51%, the unit fare is 7.


Overall, tourism business income has grown steadily.

23%, the effect of the differentiated strategy is significant, and the customer unit price has increased significantly7.


The gross profit margin remained stable as a whole, and the gross profit margin of the tourism business dropped slightly due to the drag on the wholesale business.

The overall gross profit margin for 2018 was 18.

10%, increase 0 by 2017.


Aviation catering and service business continued to improve1.

26pct to 42.

69%; Tourism business gross margin breakdown range is 0.

61pct to 13.

34%, specifically: Citizens ‘gross profit margin for wholesale business decreased by 1.

17 points to 4.

At 40%, the gross profit margin of citizens’ retail business decreased slightly by zero.

24pct to 16.

22%, the gross profit margin of corporate bonus business decreased by 1.

98pct to 11.


Market competition has intensified. The sales expense ratio has risen, and asset impairment losses have weighed on performance.

2018 sales rate increased by 1.

10pct to 8.

83%, we think it is mainly because ① the industry is in a bad climate and the market competition is intensifying. ② the company integrates diversified marketing work online to promote the “new, strange, special, high” series, “wise choice”, “Kaiser famous place”, “Kaiser Vacations” and other characteristic brands, speed up the incubation speed of sub-brands, increase marketing costs; management + R & D expense rate decreased by 0.

44 points to 3.

92%, indicating that the company’s management efficiency has been improved; the increase in financial expense ratio has increased by 0.

21 points to 1.

37%, mainly due to the increase in interest expenses and the decrease in exchange gains.

The accrued asset impairment loss of 82.98 million yuan in 2018 severely dragged down the performance, resulting in the company’s performance growth was not obvious under the low base in 2017 (2017 ① Provision of 1 million US dollars in financial assets sold by Jiaxing Fund Leshi Sports ProjectImpairment provisions were made; ② through the restriction of government policies, the amount of accounts receivable of the “Shuangqiao” was 1249.

530,000 yuan in full provision for bad debts).

Impairment losses in 2018 mainly came from bad debt provision, of which other receivables of Five Star Real Estate Development Company were 4,984 million, and other receivables of Baoji Changle Electric Co., Ltd. were 2,900 million. The ageing has been over 5 years and replacement may be earlierSmall, so a total of 7,884 million bad debt losses.

The performance of the first quarter of 2019 increased steadily, and the company’s operating management efficiency remained at a stable level.

2019Q1 company achieved revenue of 18.06 ppm / + 0.

41%, gross profit margin 14.

86% /-3.

11 points.

Selling expense ratio 10.

43% / + 0.

28pct, management expense ratio 3.

09% /-0.

39pct, financial expense ratio is 0.

98% /-0.

08 points.

The decrease in the gross profit margin contraction caused the non-net profit to be deducted.

The competition in the outbound tourism industry in 2019Q1 is fierce, and the overall growth rate is relatively slow. As a result, intensified industry competition has led to a decline in gross profit margin.

The overall level of the company’s expense rate remained stable, indicating that the company’s operating management efficiency remained at a stable level.

Equity changes continue to advance, and Jiaxing Fund is transferred to HNA, and control may change.

On March 21, 2019, Caesars Tourism announced that HNA Tourism and Daichi Holdings had received the notice of Hongxin Securities. Due to HNA Tourism, Daiji Holdings pledged the shares of Hongxin Securities in breach of contract.The pledged shares involved in the breach of contract shall be disposed of in breach of contract.

As of March 27, 2019, HNA Tourism and Daji Holdings converted into passive reductions to account for 0 of the total share capital through centralized bidding.

94% equity; On March 28, HNA Tourism and Daji Holdings, through centralized bidding, passively reduced their holdings to account for the total share capital2.

35% equity; On March 29, HNA Tourism and its concert parties signed a “share transfer agreement” with Jinyu Investment, about 90% of the closing price of a listed company on the previous trading day held about 44.17 million shares (Accounted for total equity 5.

50%) The agreement was transferred to Jinying Investment Sub-Fund.

So far, HNA Tourism and its concert parties have held approximately 30 listed companies in total.

28% equity.

Currently, Caesar’s leadership system holds approximately 29 shares.

97%, the shareholding ratio of the first and second largest shareholders is extremely close.

Investment suggestion: 杭州桑拿 Caesars Tourism’s upstream resources + downstream brands have obvious advantages and the company’s stable operation. If the original team realizes holding, it will further improve the company’s management and operation efficiency.

The profit forecast for 2019-2021 is expected to be EPS 0.



48. The investment rating of Buy-A is given with a target price of 9.

50 yuan, corresponding to 25xPE in 2019.

Risk reminder: the progress of equity changes is less than expected, unexpected events (natural disasters, wars, epidemics, politics) affect the flow of outbound tourists, the decline in currency exchange rates reduces the demand for outbound tourism, and integration is less than expected

TCL Group (000100): 2Q19 meets expected business restructuring drives extreme efficiency costs

TCL Group (000100): 2Q19 meets expected business restructuring drives extreme efficiency costs

Performance review 2Q19 revenue is in line with expectations TCL 19Q2 annual revenue reached 14.2 billion US dollars, equivalent to an increase of 47%, net profit attributable to mothers reached 1.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 54%.

The second quarter of 19 was the first quarter of the company’s completion of the asset reorganization of intelligent terminals and ancillary services. Operating costs have been greatly improved. For the sake of reference, revenue and net profit have increased by 24% and 70%.

We believe that in the long run, the near-end of the LCD investment cycle will gradually improve the oversupply situation in the industry. At the same time, the company will further improve operating efficiency. However, the short-term panel industry is still in a cyclical cyclical panic. It will continue to cause unit price and gross profit margin.pressure.
  Development trend Business reduction and improvement of benefits are gradually realized: the company has restructured its business,都市夜网 streamlined its organization, and its operating efficiency has been greatly improved. The 1H19 pro forma group expense ratio dropped from 15% to 12%, the asset-liability ratio dropped from 68% to 61%, and inventory turnoverAccelerating 3 days a day, operating cash flow of 6.2 billion.

The company still maintained the industry-leading profit margin during the downward cycle, and responded to the downward pressure on the cycle significantly changed its competitors in the industry. At the same time, the company’s T1 production line swap depreciation was completed, and it will reduce 1.1 billion depreciation booth fees in 2019, further improving profitability.

  The panic at the bottom of the large-scale panel cycle continued to decrease, and long-term supply and demand were gradually balanced: The company pointed out that the current demand side was under the influence of the macroeconomic pattern, so it was in an oversupply state, and prices were still under pressure from vicious competition.

But in the long run, 1) overseas withdrawal of production capacity partially replaces China to increase production capacity; 2) competition will accelerate the concentration of the industry, and some companies with weak operating capabilities will be eliminated; 3) incremental markets will still appear on the demand side, such asNew applications such as commercial display; 4) The product structure can be further optimized, and the company’s profitability through differentiated products is higher than that of the same industry.

  Small size continues to cultivate LTPS, and OLED is developing steadily: the company’s T3 production line was fully produced and sold in the first half of the year (corresponding to the global industry’s capacity utilization rate is only 70%), and the design capacity was increased from 45K / month to 50K / month.

The company’s market share in LTPS mobile phone panels has risen to No. 2 in the world.

The company is optimistic about the development of OLEDs in small size. The T4 production line will begin mass production from 4Q19. We expect that the unit price of small size panels will grow by 12% next year.

  Earnings Forecasts and Estimates We maintain our 2019 revenue forecasts unchanged, but lower our net profit by 1%, mainly reflecting the pressure on gross margin in the first half of the year.

We raise our 2020 revenue / net profit forecasts by 2% / 29%, respectively, mainly due to the launch of new production lines and continued government subsidies.

At present the company corresponds to 1.

3x 2019E P / B, maintain neutral rating and 4.

A target price of 00 yuan, based on 1.

6x 2019EP / B (24% upside).

  Risks The amount of terminal TVs and smartphones failing to meet demand has led to a gradual deterioration of the supply-demand relationship.

Women eat soy and have smooth skin like silk

Women eat soy and have smooth skin like silk

At present, there are soy isoflavone nutritional tablets extracted from soybeans in the Shanghai market. For example, each tablet contains 25 mg of pure soy isoflavones. Since 1998, it has been exported to the United States, and is favored by women in Japan, Europe and the United States.


hzh {display: none; }  大豆营养极为丰富是众所周知,但大豆对女性健康十分有益并非人人都了解.
Soy’s effect on women’s health mainly determines the soy isoflavone content.

Soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens that are similar in structure to estrogen and have estrogen activity. They can make female cells age, keep skin elastic, maintain beauty, reduce bone loss, promote osteogenesis, lower blood lipids, and reduce women’s menopause.Syndrome symptoms, etc.

  After women enter menopause, due to the decline of ovarian function, insufficient estrogen synthesis and secretion in the body can lead to complications and metabolic disorders, autonomic dysfunction, and make menopausal women’s blood lipids and hypertension, emotional depression, insomnia, and susceptible to cardiovascular disease.。Soy isoflavones can effectively regulate blood lipids, lower cholesterol, protect cardiovascular and stabilize mood.

  In addition, foreign scholars have found through long-term epidemiological investigations: whether it is expanding in Europe and the United States, or in Asian countries, the daily consumption of soybean products by transfer residents increases, and the relative risk of resonance is decreasing. The mechanism is that soybean isoflavones have the ability to prevent fluorideBreeding, gradually eliminating the role of death.

  Medical research shows that after entering middle age, women need to add more than 50 mg of soy isoflavones daily, which can effectively delay aging, retain youth, and improve menopausal symptoms.

However, there is only about 1 millimeter of soybean isoflavones per 100 grams of soymilk, so it is not enough to continuously improve the aging by using only ordinary soy products.

At present, there are soy isoflavone nutritional tablets extracted from soybeans in the Shanghai market. For example, each tablet contains 25 mg of pure soy isoflavones. Since 1998, it has been exported to the United States, and is favored by women in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Spring diet health follows the three principles

Spring diet health follows the “three principles”

In spring, everything recovers and the climate warms.
In order to rehabilitate, many people began to pay attention to diet.
The reporter checked the relevant information and reminded the general public that the spring diet should pay attention to the “three principles.”
  Principle 1: Adding heat and strengthening the body’s resistance In the early spring, the climate is still cold. In order to protect the cold, the human body must consume a certain amount of energy to maintain the basic body temperature.
Therefore, the nutrient composition during early spring should be based on high-calorie food.
  In the spring daily diet, in addition to cereal products, you should also use foods such as soybeans, sesame seeds, peanuts, and walnuts, because these foods can replenish energy in a timely manner.
In addition, some high-quality protein foods such as eggs, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, rabbit and soy products need to be added during the early spring.
These foods are rich in methionine, which has the ability to enhance the body’s cold tolerance.
  Principle 2: Anti-viral food should be selected for spring diet. In spring, the climate is warmer from cold to cold, and the temperature changes are relatively large. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses also begin to multiply, and their vitality is enhanced, which easily invades the human body and causes diseases.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the anti-viral principle in diet.
In the spring diet, you should pay attention to adequate intake of vitamins and inorganic salts. For example, cabbage, rape, pepper, spinach, citrus, red dates and other foods are rich in vitamin C, which has antiviral effect.
  Principle 3: Eat more sweets and eat less sour food Because the liver is prosperous in spring, it will affect the spleen. Therefore, the symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness are prone to occur in spring.
If the sour food is eaten more, it will make the liver function hemiplegia, so the spring diet should choose Gan Wenzhi, avoid soreness.
Diet should be light, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.
In addition, spring is the off-season of vegetables, but the growth period of wild vegetables and mountain vegetables is often earlier than ordinary vegetables, and is rich in vitamins, which can be eaten in moderation.

Wrong way to shrink pores away from thick pores

Wrong way to shrink pores away from thick pores

Everyone knows that pores are the skin’s breathing passages. When the pores are blocked, it will affect skin health, dirt division, poor living habits, excessive oil absorption, etc., which cause the capillary pores to become enlarged.

In fact, many people only pay attention to pores after they have enlarged pores, acne, blackheads, etc. If the care is not correct, the pores will become larger and larger!

  First, let’s take a look at three common pores, so that we can more clearly ask what will be entangled with large pores: 1. Sebum pores: The main part is in the T-shaped area, where sebum secretion is strong and the pores are quite conspicuous.

The secretion of oil is strong and cannot be metabolized in time, which will cause excess oil to accumulate in the hair follicles and expand the pores, which will gradually build up.

Blackheads are more likely to appear on the nose, and whiteheads are more likely to appear on the nose.

  2. Drooping pores: The cheek area under the eyes is deeply related to the problem of aging.

If skin elasticity decreases and skin collagen begins to loosen, which is not enough to support surrounding pores, the pores will appear oval in shape.

  3, pore acne: too many people are easy to ignore, the skin here is often easy to dry, hard skin can also cause corner plugs or short circuit.

  Second, why do I take care of my face every day, but I still get entangled with large pores?

Let ‘s take a look at these wrong ways to shrink pores: 1. Washing face with ice water Shrinking pores Ice water can achieve a certain effect of shrinking pores, but ice water is difficult to dissolve dirt, it is difficult to wash off cleansing products on the skin, and pores are prone to appearThe phenomenon of clogging, although the low temperature shrinks the pores, it also reduces the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients, causing the skin to not be fully hydrated and nourished. Over time, facial skin will appear dry, loose, and pores will appear.Coarse phenomenon.

  2, by exfoliating to shrink pores, many girls have large pores on the end face of the paper. I hear others say that exfoliating can shrink pores.

However, if the reason for the large pores on your body is blackheads caused by the accumulation of cuticles, then the method of removing keratin and shrinking pores is really effective, but if the pores on the face are caused by a lot of dirt or skin aging, exfoliating is not soIt is useful, but it will reduce the skin’s moisturizing ability and accelerate the atrophy of pore cells, so that the pores become larger.

  3, depending on the alcohol content to condense the water to shrink the pores Although the astringent water containing alcohol content can instantly shrink the pores, this is because the cooling sensation of alcohol plus the effect of keratin protein coagulation, so as to achieve the effect of tightening the pores, but once the alcohol componentThe upper pores quickly volatilize, and the pores at both ends will be enlarged and beat back.

Frequent use of alcohol-based skin care products will get drier, so pores will become larger.

  4. I like squeezing acne to cause acne on the smooth and clean skin. Squeeze it out first. The pores on the side become thicker over time. After all, this type of pores are thick and handy.

This is because in the process of squeezing the acne, the connective tissue of the pores around the acne is compressed and deformed, which eventually causes the pores to become enlarged.

  5. Large pores caused by excessive cleaning due to improper cleaning, metabolism is not smooth, aging dead skin can not be displaced as scheduled, dead skin will be separated in the pores, which will cause pores to enlarge.

However, if the cleaning force is too strong, the skin will appear dry and peeling, tense and dry, but it will easily cause the skin’s keratin metabolism to be abnormal or aging, which will make the pores larger and larger.

  6. One of the methods of controlling oil on the face during the day and shrinking pores is to effectively control the oil on the skin. This can shrink the pores of the face to a certain extent. Many girls do not know that people’s oil on the surface of the skin during the day isIt is secreted by the sebaceous glands at night, so it is necessary to take targeted care at night to effectively control the luster on the skin surface during the day.

  Third, how to take care of the skin daily to get rid of the enlarged pores?

  1. Cleansing must be in place. The cleaning of the nose must be in place, but to avoid over-cleaning, it is recommended to clean it twice a day.

For oily, combination skin, you can choose a gel-like cleansing product. You can gently massage and clean the face in a circular manner on the wing area, or use a neutral facial cleanser to gently wash the entire face once, and then use an oil-control cleansing product on the wing area.Wash it again.

Use a cleansing mask 1 to 2 times a week. It is best to replace the cleansing mask with a slime type, especially on the nose, to perform deep cleaning to remove dirt and reduce pores.

In terms of cleansing, pay attention to choosing cleaning products with oily ingredients, melt the oil with oil, and melt away the dirt and excess oil to wash away the pores.

After experiencing the temperature of your hands, cover your face with a hot towel, and then wash it off.

  2. After controlling the oil, do a gentle cleansing. You can use skin tightening water to drain the sebum at the mouth of the hair follicles, or use the oil control products to further control the oil on the nose. The method is to soak a small piece of cotton pad with skin tightening water and thenApplying it on the cleansed face and skin can prevent the skin from getting too much oil and the pores become enlarged. Applying oil control products with an oil content of less than 1% from the outside to the inside can enhance the degreasing effect.

  3, hydration can not be ignored oil control will not remove all the oil, but the normal skin oil and water secretion should be in a balanced state, if only oil control, and hydration, will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

Dry and dehydrated skin can cause pore problems, so choose a refreshing moisturizing toner or lotion, so that the skin can absorb the moisture more easily, it is best to use a cotton pad to apply.

  4. Do a good job of moisturizing. A large part of the reason for the large pores is caused by skin dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated, the skin will secrete metabolized oil, causing the pores to become blocked, which will cause the pores to become larger and larger.

So be sure to do a good job of moisturizing the skin, so that the skin is full of water every day, so that your pores will naturally be much smaller.

  5, regular cleaning mask oily skin should be 2 every week?
Apply steaming + cleansing mask to the skin 3 times to dredge pores and remove oil.

Combination skin, can do 1 week?
2 times.

Dry skin can be done every two weeks.

To clean the face is to absorb the “boring” force and soften the semi-solidified sebum at the pore mouth. The goal is to clear the oil tube for sebum metabolism and keep the pores clean.

  6. Insist on exercise. Exercise is also a very simple, healthy and effective way to detoxify your pores.

In the process of exercise, blood circulation will accelerate, skin metabolism will also accelerate, and the dirt that is placed in the pores of the body’s perspiration will also be discharged, allowing the pores to breathe freely. Therefore, exercise is also a way of skin care.
  7, to develop good habits, you must first adjust your diet, eat less oily foods, go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, do not smoke, drink less.

Keep your skin cool and do not expose it to the sun. It is mainly an endocrine problem. Various bad lifestyle habits will cause adverse effects on the skin. You should try to quit.
And unless faced with work, try to face the computer as little as possible.

Studies have shown that continuously facing the computer will cause the skin pores to expand, and the dust absorbed by the display screen will stick to the body, causing the pores to become clogged.

Remember to wash your face after using the computer every time to wash away the dust particles on the face.

  Fourth, let ‘s take a look at some small tricks to shrink the pores: 1. After the green tea is brewed, let it stand for a while, wait for the green tea to cool, and then take a suitable amount of green tea with a clean cotton pad.Take a photo, this can tighten the skin on the face, and also achieve the effect of shrinking pores.

  2. Cooling agent or ice towel is used to maintain the drink virus’s cooling agent. It is also very helpful for shrinking pores. When the skin sebum secretion angle is felt, the skin’s touch becomes very greasy. At this time, you can take out the cooling agent.Or use an ice towel and gently apply it to the skin of the face. This will instantly tighten the pores on the face and prevent the pores from becoming enlarged due to high temperature.

  3, aloe vera has the role of calming the skin is known to the girls, in addition, aloe also has the effect of shrinking pores.

Before going to bed every night, apply fresh aloe vera juice to the face. When you wake up the next morning, wash the aloe juice from the face. You can find that the pores on the face gradually become smaller for a month.

  4. After applying the mask, a lot of deep cleansing masks will expand the pores so that the oil and dirt in the pores can be taken out of the pores. Therefore, after finishing the cleansing mask, you need to use shrinking water to shrink the facial pores.
You can use a cotton pad to apply a lotion containing salicylic acid or witch hazel on the face.

This allows the shrinking water to quickly enter the skin, thereby achieving the effect of shrinking pores.

  When we were young, we all had tender, smooth and fair skin, but as we grew older, sad aging came quietly, and one day I suddenly found that my pores were thick and large.

After sharing the method of shrinking pores, you can slowly restore fair skin by conditioning.

Eating coarse grains a day or two can improve your irritability

Eating coarse grains a day or two can improve your irritability

If you find that you have a bad temper, it is most likely due to the vitamin B inherent in your body.

Eating one or two coarse grains a day can improve your temper.

  Women who lack vitamin B are grumpy, nervous, and moody.

Vitamin B deficiency can also cause beriberi and affect heart health.

Chen Feisong, president of the Beijing Association of Asian Medical Colleges, reminded that people with a bad temper should check their cumulative structure.

Vitamin B in coarse grains, if you want to improve your temper, you should ensure that you eat one or two coarse grains a day, eat more oats, barley, millet, corn, beans, whole wheat bread and sweet potatoes.

And drinking less can reduce the loss of vitamin B.

Qi deficiency and cold first need to replenish Qi

Qi deficiency and cold first need to replenish Qi

The cold of qi deficiency is a common type of cold. After the illness, the chills are severe, the fever is light, the body temperature is generally below 38 ° C, or even the high fever, sore joints, and muscle pain.

Mostly due to inadequate diet, exhaustion and injury to the spleen, spleen and stomach qi deficiency.

Li Dongyuan’s “Spleen and Stomach Theory” points out: “Injury to the spleen and stomach internally hurts its qi, and exogenous wind and cold hurt its shape.

There is more than injury, if there is more than one, there is a diarrhea, if there is an injury, there is a deficiency, if there is insufficient, make up for it . but what?

However, when the agent of Xinganwen is used to supplement it and raise its yang, Ganhan is cured by diarrhea.

Jing said: The laborer is warm, the loser is warm.

You Yun: Wen Neng removes the heat, and a large dose of bitter cold damages its spleen and stomach. “Cube Buzhong Yiqi Decoction.

The author realizes that the social rhythm is accelerating, people’s habits and habits are changed, and irregular diets lead to spleen and stomach damage. There are more and more people with false fires.

Deficiency fires flourish in the interior and are susceptible to cold outside. After the cold, the doctors will often give antibiotics or heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs.

In clinical practice, Xiaotong Yiqi Decoction or “Zai Zao San” from the Six Books of Febrile Diseases have been used in the treatment of Dongyuanyuan.


The patient of the Buzhong Yiqi Decoction case, Chang ××, female, 26 years old.

Visited in June 2008.

After reporting a cold, she had a high fever for more than one month and was hospitalized in a tertiary general hospital. These tests were normal.

The tuberculin test was negative.

Symptomatic treatment was given, and the fever persisted at 39 ° C.

Introduced to the doctor: the body is small, white and white, chills and cold, low voice, timid, dry and long, poor appetite, bloating, and tasteless.

The tongue is pale, the moss is thin and white, and the number of pulses is large.

Differentiation: Spleen and stomach Qi deficiency, wind cold depression table.

Rule: Buzhong Yiqi, Gan Wen removes heat.

Prescription: Astragalus 18g, Atractylodes 15g, Codonopsis 18g, Angelica 15g, Cimicifuga 6g, Bupleurum 6g, Chenpi 15g, Guizhi 30g, Baiji 30g, Date Licorice 30g, Dried Ginger 15g, Black Aconite 30gFry for 1 hour), 12 jujubes, a total of 7 doses.

Each dose is fried with 1600ml of water to 600ml, 200ml each time, 3 times a day.

After taking the first dose, the body temperature was over 38 ° C. After taking the third dose, the body temperature replaced 37.

5 ° C.

After taking 7 doses, the body temperature was controlled at 37 ° C.

Sometimes the temperature rises to 37 after exhaustion.

5 ° C.
A total of more than 30 doses were taken above and below the case, and the body temperature was normal.

It is required to take regular supplement Buzhongyiqi pills to avoid fatigue and fasting.

For the past two years, I have had a cold, and the ginger brown sugar water has been prescribed.


Zhang Xxx, female, 45 years old.

Visited in July 2007.

Suffering from bronchial hypertension, taking hormones all year round.

In recent days, I feel wind chills, chills, coldness, runny nose, phlegm in my throat, and muscle aches.

Red tongue, thin white fur and fine veins.

Dialectics: Qi deficiency shows sparseness, wind and cold hit the network.

Governance: qi and yang, expelling cold.Prescription: Codonopsis 15g, Astragalus 15g, Guizhi 15g, Chuanxiong 15g, Asarum 12g, Black Aconite 15g (with ginger 45g, fry for 1 hour), Chuanxiong 15g, Windproof 15g, Red Radix 18g, Brassica licorice 12g, Chinese bellflower 12g, Almond 15g, a total of 5 doses.

Each dose is fried with 1600ml of water to 600ml, 200ml each time, 3 times a day.
After taking 3 doses, the symptoms disappeared, and after 5 doses, the disease was cured.

After that, the method of tonifying the kidney and benefiting the lungs was used to treat the rehabilitation and both the cold.

  Words: The cause of Qi deficiency and cold is due to insufficient spleen and stomach, and Weiyang is not solid.

The law is to nourish the spleen and stomach, lift yang, and evacuate external evils.

Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, reconstituted San use ginseng, quantum, grass.

Dongyuan said that the three flavors are sweet and warm, “the holy medicine for dehumidification, heat and irritability”, and Ke Qin said, “please the spleen and stomach and get angry”.

The difference is that Buzhong Yiqi Decoction is mainly supplementing, and the evacuation is slightly inadequate.

Case 1 was lingering with colds and continued to have high fever. Therefore, it is advisable to replenish Zhongyiqi Decoction with Guizhi Decoction and Sini Decoction to reflect Gan Wen’s intention of eliminating great heat.

Case 2 takes hormones for a long time, the watch is not solid, and the cold is constant. It is mainly based on aversion to cold, and it is used to reconstitute Wenyang and Qi to disperse cold.