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Five medicated recipes for arthritis patients

Five medicated recipes for arthritis patients

Rheumatoid arthritis, anciently known as rehabilitation card, includes rheumatoid arthritis, gout, periarthritis, fibrositis, tenosynovitis, and bone spurs in modern medicine.

Another type of heat palsy is redness, swelling, and pain in the joints.

However, wind cold and dampness is most common. After the cold and dampness invades the human body’s muscles and meridians, the qi and blood can not run smoothly, and the muscles, bones, and meridians are blocked, causing pain and numbness in the muscles and joints, and even uncomfortable extension or swellingEtiology, when dredging wind and dispersing cold, dehumidification Tongluo as a cure.

  People with rheumatoid arthritis are suitable for high protein, high vitamin, and low stool foods. They should eat more alkaline foods and less acidic foods. They can eat more snake meat, lamb, dog meat, catfish, barley, papaya, cherry, ginger., Trotters, black rice leaves, etc.

If it can be supplemented with medicinal diet for removing wind and dampness, the effect will be better.

Generally, onion and ginger are used for wind-induced paralysis, and dried ginger and pepper are used for cold-induced yang, and barley and poria are selected for hot bile, and Poria for heat-billing, and loofah and winter melon for heat-reducing.

Patients can choose a suitable diet based on their own condition and taste: deer antler and leopard bone sprinkle ingredients: antler 5g, leopard bone 20g, wolfberry 30g, liquor 1000mL.

  Method: Wash the velvet antler, leopard bone, and wolfberry separately, put them in a bottle of white wine, seal, and soak them for 1 week before replacing. After the white wine is consumed, add another 1000 mL of white wine and soak again.

25 times a day, once a day?
40mL, half a month is a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: This formula has the effects of warming the Yang and dispersing cold, relaxing the muscles and rejuvenating, and can treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis of the elderly, hypertrophic spondylitis, symptoms of joint pain, exacerbation of wind and cold, and local swelling.

  Ingredients of yam black snake soup: 500g of black snake meat, 15g of yam, 10g of Poria, 10g of indica rice, 5 slices of ginger, salt, lard amount.

  Method: Wash and cut black snake meat into small pieces and yam, Poria, indica rice, add casserole, add appropriate amount of water, boil, add lard, salt, ginger, monosodium glutamate, etc., and eat soup and meat.

  Efficacy: This formula dispels rheumatism, and Wushen snake has rheumatism and detoxification functions. It can be used in combination with barley, poria and other dehumidifying drugs to strengthen the rheumatoid effect of snake meat.Have better adjuvant treatment.

  Raw materials of yellow croaker: cucumber 150g, perilla 10g, scutellaria baicalensis 500g, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.

  Method: Scutellaria baicalensis removes sacrum and abdominal debris, scrub with salt, use boiling water to remove blood and mucus, and cut into small pieces.

Pour the oil in the pot, heat to 80%, stir-fry the yellow scallion, add perilla and cucumber, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on fire, add condiments such as refined salt and monosodium glutamate, stir well and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, removing dampness and strengthening tendons.

“Suixiju · Diet Spectrum” refers to “Hangan heat, tonicity and help, good at removing cold and dampness, blood circulation, and muscles and bones.”

Perilla leaves have the characteristics of good anti-fish and crab poisoning, as well as aromatic spleen and flavor.

  American Ginseng Stewed Black Snake Ingredients: American Ginseng 5g, Black Snake, Pork Leg Meat 250g, Moderate Seasoning.

  Method: Slice American ginseng, peel off black snake, mix, wash, and chop.

Take a large stew pot, put the snake plate in the pot, then put the pork leg meat, ginger and citrus peel, add Shao wine, rice vinegar, and salt in place of the water for the ginseng slices and ginseng.Cover, seal the lid of the cup with a piece of wet water gauze paper, and simmer for 4 hours.

  Efficacy: Yiqi Yangyin, Qufeng dehumidification.

  Sanwu sprinkle materials: Chuanwu, Caowu, Wuxiao snake, windproof, Chuanxiong, safflower, raw licorice 30g each, chicken blood vine, papaya, paeonia lactiflora, all angelica, 50g each raw astragalus, 1500go: Place the medicine in sealed white wine for 15-20 days, then drink.

15mL each time, 2 times a day, 30 days as a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: Shufengsanhan, Tongli joints, blood circulation.

Applicable to rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and waist pain.

Is secretly destroying your face

Is secretly destroying your face

Washing your face is the first step in skin care. What you can’t think of is that even a small face wash also contains this university question. Many skin problems like acne and blackheads are caused by washing your face.

Skin care was wrong initially, and skin care after that was futile.

See if you have made ten mistakes in washing your face.


hzh {display: none; }  误区一:泡沫型洗面奶洗完后皮肤紧绷营养流失  纠错:洗完脸之后的紧绷感是由于清洁剂洗去了皮脂和含在角质中保持水分的天然Caused by humectants.
The fine foam can penetrate the pores to clean the skin stains. If the foam-type facial cleanser rich in nourishing ingredients can also make the nourishing ingredients enter the pores smoothly.

Completely non-foaming facial cleanser should be used in combination with a foaming facial cleanser, otherwise it cannot be thoroughly cleaned, causing oil accumulation and causing skin problems.

  Misunderstanding 2: The more the function of the facial cleanser, the more expensive, the better the cosmetic effectIf it enters the pores, it will cause a burden on the skin.

So facial cleanser needs to meet two basic conditions: clean thoroughly and moisturize the skin.

  Misunderstanding 3: Washing your face with a towel will be more clean.
Therefore, it is best to wash your face with a soft cleansing sponge, and often dry it.

  Misunderstanding 4: Washing your face with hot water can more thoroughly clean your skinIn addition, if too much oil is washed off, it will also accelerate skin aging.

Washing the face with water at the highest temperature increases the skin’s pores and prevents the sebum and dirt from accumulating on the face.

The correct way is to wash your face with warm water at 35 ° C and then rinse with cold water.

  Misunderstanding 5: Use cleansing milk to clean your face. Correction: For women who often make-up, washing their face must be divided into two steps: first remove the makeup with liquid, and then wash the face with cleansing milk.

The cleansing milk can only wash away sweat, sebum, aging cuticle cells and hydrophilic emollients, while the makeup remover is rich in vegetable oil, oil-water emulsifier, and surfactant, which can thoroughly wash off makeup and remove it.Dirt falling deep.

  Misunderstanding 6: Naturally air-dry after washing the face, reorganize and hydrate the skin. Correction: Because the skin evaporates naturally, the skin becomes cold, and the blood vessels constrict, but it can cause dry and peeling skin, which is prone to wrinkles.

So after washing your face, you should use toner immediately, and then use a moisturizing cream.

  Myth # 7: Sweating in hot weather, washing your face several times a day will be cleaner. Correction: The normal situation should be once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you run outside for a day and sweat and dust make your skin uncomfortable, you can do a deep cleansing once in this case.

It can be increased once a day in hot weather.

  Misunderstanding 8: After thickening the makeup, wipe it with a paper towel first to make it easier to clean the makeupAfter rubbing into the skin pores, it will add a little to the cleaning work later, and the skin will become rough.

You should use a good makeup remover, and make sure that the makeup remover is light.

  Misunderstanding 9: Clean with only powerful cleansing products. Correction: When choosing cleaning products, you should choose products with moderate cleanliness. Excessive washing of oil often causes dry and sensitive skin. When redness and peeling appear on the face,When you are allergic to the usual skin care products, you need to check whether your face wash is too irritating and the cleaning power is too strong. At this time, it is better to use another mild face wash product, otherwise over-cleaning will not only be beneficial to skin health.Too dry skin is also prone to small fine lines, which is worth the loss.

  Misunderstanding 10: Wash every corner of the white people. Correction: T-shaped area is the place where dirt is most likely to be contaminated. It is best to rub it several times.

Wash your cheeks gently from bottom to top, because the stratum corneum cells on the face are distributed like fish scales from top to bottom. If you clean it in the opposite direction, it will be cleaner.

Hair buns and temples are very susceptible to styling accessories, so you must pay special attention to cleaning. The skin of the eyes is particularly sensitive and should be left at the end to clean to prevent the irritation of cleansing products.

10个简单方法 提升宝宝的免疫力

10个简单方法 提升宝宝的免疫力
有了宝宝后,父母们最担心生病问题。而生活中的一些简单方法,就可提升宝宝的免疫力,减少生病的次数。  第1招:母乳喂养――人生的第一次免疫  母乳中含有大量的免疫物质,能增加婴儿机体免疫力及抗病能力,可防止婴儿受病毒的侵入而生病。可以说母乳是人生的第一次免疫,因此不要错过给宝宝母乳喂养的机会。  第2招:抚触――改善宝宝的血液循环  在自然分娩中产道收缩,挤压胎儿,是一种有益的身体接触,有利于宝宝神经系统的发育。出生后,母亲的身体接触,会让小婴儿有很大的安全感,可以促进宝宝的身体发育,对出生时体重较轻的早产儿尤其有益。抚触可以改善宝宝的血液循环,提高免疫力,并能增进食物的消化与吸收,减少哭闹,改善睡眠。  第3招:免疫预防接种――积极主动应对  为宝宝预防接种是人类抵御传染性疾病而采取的积极措施,如接种卡介苗预防结核,口服脊髓灰质炎疫苗预防脊髓灰质炎(小儿麻痹症),接种乙肝疫苗预防乙肝等。父母们一定要按时为宝宝接种疫苗。  第4招:规律的生活习惯――让生物钟有节奏地转动  父母足够耐心地对待孩子,帮他们找到自己的生活规律。成长中的孩子每天需要充足的睡眠,如果你的孩子晚上睡得不够,可以让他白天小睡一下。周末多带宝宝到空气清新的公园玩一玩,对身体大有益处。  第5招:均衡饮食――提升防御功能  孩子偏食,营养不均衡会造成抵抗力下降。肉、蛋、新鲜蔬菜水果品种尽可能多样,少吃各种油炸、熏烤、过甜的食品。  第6招:不要吃得过饱――避免脾胃负担过重  婴幼儿脏腑娇嫩,消化吸收功能尚未健全。虽然发育旺盛,对营养物质需要迫切,但是,脾胃运动消化功能相对不足。若吃得过饱,会使胃肠负担加重,消化功能紊乱,容易发生积食、腹痛,导致胃肠炎、消化不良等疾病。  第7招:多喝白开水――保持黏膜湿润  多喝水可以保持黏膜湿润,成为抵挡细菌的重要防线。上幼儿园、外出时让孩子背着水瓶,渴了随时喝。注意,要喝白开水,而不是各种含糖饮料。  第8招:不必过于干净――形成免疫记忆  免疫系统能对传染病原形成免疫记忆,万一再次遇上,可以很快将其消灭。如果你家太干净,孩子没有机会通过感染产生抗体,抵抗力反而减弱,并可能导致过敏和自体免疫失调。  第9招:良好的卫生习惯――防止病从口入  虽然过分抗菌、干净无益健康,但仍要培养孩子基本的卫生习惯,尤其在吃饭前和上厕所后把手洗干净,可以防止病从口入。  第10招:不要随意使用抗生素――让免疫系统得到锻炼  当感染不是很严重时,尽量不要用抗生素,而是靠自身的抵抗力,使免疫系统得到锻炼。这样当下次再遇到同样的”敌人”时,已经训练过的免疫细胞便会产生出有针对性的免疫力,从而保护身体安全。

Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

Toilet paper is not unfamiliar to many people, because toilet paper has almost become an indispensable product in our lives, but many of us still have misunderstandings about toilet paper, thinking that as long as toilet paper is “white, soft, thickPoint “, the quality is just fine.

In fact, there are many unsanitary factors in toilet paper.


hzh{display:none;}  (1)颜色过白:有些生产厂家为了迎合消费者的心理,提高纸的白度,在生产中一是使用荧光增白剂,而荧光增白剂是一种具有Carcinogenic compound organic compounds; the second is the use of a large amount of bleaching powder, causing the paper’s internal fibers to be severely damaged, the paper’s tensile force is particularly small, weak, and the number of uses has increased significantly.

  (2) Adding talc powder: Some production units have added talc powder to reduce the cost in the production of toilet paper. To increase the retention rate of talc powder, starch is also added at the same time.hard to use.

  (3) Odor: The raw materials used by some manufacturers to produce toilet paper are mainly wheat straw and third-level household waste paper. The bacteria are seriously out of specification. A large number of chemicals must be used for disinfection. However, no measures must be taken to remove the odor in the paper.Consumers can cause a variety of diseases after use.

  (4) Puffing: In order to increase the volume of paper, some manufacturers add a large amount of puffing agent to the raw material like popcorn. The volume of toilet paper produced is particularly large, which creates the illusion of consumers-“a small amount of toilet paper is large in quantity and soft”, But the effect is particularly poor, the pulling force is very small, and there is almost no water absorption.

  Therefore, when purchasing “toilet paper”, consumers should increase their awareness of self-protection and achieve the “four look”: ① look at the product packaging: whether the health permit number and factory address, zip code, contact phone, and whether there is an implementation standard;Look at the color: pure wood pulp without any additives, the color is natural ivory white, the texture is relatively uniform; ③ look at the endurance strength: pure wood pulp paper has long fibers, large tensile strength, good enough, not easy to break; and poor quality of poor quality paper hasIrregular holes and falling powder; ④ Look at the result of burning: good toilet paper is white and gray after burning, while poor quality toilet paper is black and gray.

  It seems that some people think that toilet paper is disinfected, so ordinary toilet paper is also used as tableware, fruit, and even a child’s mouth.

Do you see some restaurants placing ordinary toilet paper on the dining table?

  According to laboratory inspection results, many toilet papers can be sterilized or incompletely sterilized, contain a large number of bacteria, and are not sanitary.

Only highly sanitized high-quality toilet paper or napkins are hygienic.

If you have doubts about the disinfection quality of toilet paper, you can leave the paper in the sun for 1 hour before using it.

Is the narcissistic mentality wonderful or helpless

Is the narcissistic mentality wonderful or helpless

In fact, everyone will have a more or less narcissistic tendency-as small as a dedicated modification of a nail, and as big as loving oneself and not falling in love with another person.

Everyone should love themselves, but over love can be dangerous.

Narcissists appreciate themselves and care about others, and expect to be recognized or praised by others. However, because they have the ability to get along with others and communicate with each other, they live very tired.

  Diary writing may be one of the manifestations of narcissism. On the surface, diary writing can record major events and exercise writing skills, but from the initiation of intention, it may be to satisfy narcissism.

There is a group of foreign comics-“A Day of a Girl”, which adds a day-to-day experience of a 11-year-old girl: getting up, looking in the mirror, dressing up, playing with a boy of similar age, and the boy giving her a flower,She also kissed her, then went home, wrote a diary, and finally fell asleep sweetly in the good mood after finishing the diary.

It can be imagined how satisfied the little girl is with herself, and her experience during the day proves how correct she is with herself.

This kind of thing should of course be written down with a warm diary, step down and repeat it in the future to satisfy the narcissistic complex.

  If the diary is a book, there is usually only one reader for the book-the author himself.

Those who show their diaries have enlarged their narcissism.

However, elementary school students are under pressure from teachers and parents to keep a diary, and it has nothing to do with narcissism.

  Men and women who are more narcissistic are more humorous: one asks, is the mosquito resting on the mirror male or female?

Another replied: It must be a mother.

This is a manifestation of the characteristics of women’s behavior, it seems that women like to look in the mirror is an indisputable fact.

In this regard, we can talk about the differences between men and women in narcissism.

Who is more narcissistic, man or woman?

This question seems difficult to answer.

A psychologist did an experiment, put a big mirror on the side of the road, and then observed who would take a picture.

The results of the experiment surprised the psychologist: men prefer to look in the mirror than women!

However, there are cracks in this experiment. Some people will say that women spend several times more time than men to groom themselves before going out. Of course, they don’t have to use roadside mirrors.

  Perhaps men and women who are more narcissistic are always a matter of debate, but there are differences in the way men and women are narcissistic.

Looking in the mirror is a strong evidence of a woman’s narcissism, chasing higher authority, and the success of size is a typical manifestation of a man’s narcissism.

  General narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing.

For example, narcissism of artists to a certain extent is sometimes not a problem, but can increase their personal charm.

But moderation is important. Narcissism is like salt for cooking. If it is less, it will be light and tasteless.

  The expansion of narcissistic narcissistic personality is one of the personality disorders. The third edition of the International Manual of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Illness describes this personality as a self-righteous and self-intoxicated personality.

Its main characteristics are: a strong desire for self-expression and a desire to get attention and envy from others; consistently high self-evaluation, self-righteous talent, superior ability, and often unrealistic exaggeration of their achievements, rather than extreme self-focus; Good to produce a fantasy of the vast sky, the content is mostly self-intoxicating, such as fantasy of their own brilliant achievements, honor and enjoyment come one after another; power is obvious, expect others to give themselves special preference and concern, unwilling to bear responsibility for each other, extremelyIt is selfish and imperious that it rarely occurs; it lacks a sense of responsibility, common arrogance, arrogance, rhetoric, and shirking and other attitudes to justify its irresponsibility and ignore correct self-respect and self-esteem.Lack of emotional communication with others, like to take advantage of others; in the face of criticism and frustration, they show disdain, thus showing strong anger, humiliation or emptiness; easy to give people the illusion of indifference and cynicism, but in factPays great attention to the attention and praise of others;只Would like to enjoy, I do not want to pay more.

  Narcissism is a widespread phenomenon in human nature, but only a few meet the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality.

  Narcissism also hurts itself. On the surface, a person with a narcissistic personality disorder considers his own material and psychological interests. In fact, all his interests are damaged because of narcissism.

  First, narcissism is a symptom of addiction to praise. To get praise, narcissists will do whatever it takes.

For example, someone who is in danger of life and seeks the popularity of “Who in the world does not know the King” has moved to the opposite of narcissism-self-destruction and self-treatment.

  Second, narcissism is an irrational force. The narcissist cannot control it, so he will never get inner peace, he will always be beaten by an invisible whip, he only runs forward, but no one can feel it.Realistic goals.

  Third, the narcissist will also subconsciously understand that it is impossible to always get praise from others, so he will unconsciously limit his range of activities to avoid any possible harm and narcissistic factors from the outside world.

  Fourth, in the interaction with others, the narcissist will lose what he values most because of his selfish performance-praise from others, which is a devastating blow to him, and can enter into praise-failure-More intense pursuit — in a vicious circle of overall failure.

Narcissists are prone to depression, and this is why.

  In addition, narcissism sometimes manifests in unreasonable and even uncomfortable ways.

A narcissist often cares too much about his health and always suspects that he has a certain disease that cannot be detected by any instrument. Even if he thinks that this method is ridiculous, he cannot doubt it.

Online dating husband also has extramarital affairs

Online dating husband also has extramarital affairs

Hazy love in middle school. My first love was in middle school. Now I think of it, the love at that time was really pure and romantic.
In fact, in high school, bold little lovers gradually appeared on campus. Classrooms, cafeterias, and libraries can see a pair of intimate actions between men and women.
The pictures of their reluctance on the sports field, and their intimate look in the cafeteria will always attract many people’s eyes.
Who doesn’t yearn for love, let alone we are in adolescence.
  Love does not consciously fall on my head.
His name is Gang, and he is my classmate.
During that time, we mixed up every day.
Wherever couples haunt, we have left our footprints.
He helped me with physics, and I helped him with English.
At that time, it is still sweet to want to come, and the sun is always bright.
The classmates started to make fun of us: “Please eat candy.
“But we ignored it, because the clear one cleared himself.
  After graduating from high school, I was admitted to an undergraduate college, and he became famous because of too much waste.
After college, although we still have contact, due to the distance between each other, our feelings are becoming indifferent.
But after all, he was my first love, so he still had a special feeling for him.
He said he wanted to get married while I was still in school, and my family would not agree.
I don’t think I can marry him. I am still a child myself. How can I take care of a husband like an older child?
Later, when he proposed to break up, I didn’t feel a little sad, but felt a relief.
  In my junior year, I met a student who claimed to be a university on the Internet in another city.
  I have chatted with him a few times and it seems that he looks very ordinary, but he feels honest and cares about people.
At that time, my classmates were all contacting the internship. I was very depressed because I could not contact the internship unit.
I was suddenly disgusted with the city I stayed in, and frantically wanted to flee this city, so when he offered to ask me to go to his city to see him, I agreed without much thought.
  I walked into life from online dating. One weekend afternoon, I got on the bus bound for that city, and arrived at more than nine in the evening.
I later learned that he had already opened a room and was waiting for me at the station.
Thinking of it now, I was really young and daring at that time. I was running to the city where he was. In case he was a liar or a pervert, what could a little girl do to him?
He just booked the room directly, hehe, our guts are big enough.
Of course, these were what I thought of later. Maybe it was just an impulse at that time. I went to buy a ticket and didn’t think too much.
  @ pagebreak @ Maybe everything is fate, we gave each other the first time we met.
I think he sees me very affectionately.
I clearly remember that when I woke up the next day, I kept looking at him who was asleep and felt very happy, so I wrote three words in his palm with my hand: “I love you”.
He awoke, but didn’t speak, and hugged me tightly . I kept crying, because I thought I was going back to school in the afternoon, and the feeling of separation was really uncomfortable.
I told him I was in love with him.
What I didn’t expect is that he loves me even more, he is not a juggler.
He told me that he really loved me.
Later, he came to my school to see me every weekend.
During the winter vacation, he also took me to meet his parents.
That’s how our relationship has been established.
  After marriage, after graduating from extramarital affairs, we married as a matter of course.Thinking of it now, he was really good to me at that time.

He started a company with the help of his family.

I didn’t find another job, but I devoted myself to his company and helped him through the difficulties one after another.

Because of his popularity and willingness to endure hardship, the company’s business is booming under his management.

We bought a car and got our own new house.

I am pregnant too.

Everything seems to be going smoothly.

  Unexpectedly, there is a crisis hidden in the smooth.

With the increase in entertainment, he began to neglect me, and sometimes he did not go home.

The kind sister told me that seeing him outside was very close to other women.

I found the woman’s long hair in his car.

He began to argue with him. He didn’t listen, saying that it was inevitable for men to entertain outside, and so on.

  The most worrying thing still happened, he had hidden me from having a relationship with a woman.

I made trouble with him and he couldn’t listen.

He said that I was pregnant and couldn’t live a husband and wife. He just went out and “vented”.

  Extramarital love is obviously the flower of evil, but what else should be said!

I am really angry.

Why is he doing this?

  I have a good figure. Many men like me and have many temptations, but I have refused because I don’t want to be sorry for my husband.

Why can’t he bear it?

Why do men play tricks on the grounds that their wives are pregnant and cannot “done”?

Also called “extramarital affairs”?

Chinese cabbage is not popular

Chinese cabbage is not “popular”

Cabbage is a popular vegetable that people often eat. It is native to northern China and is commonly known as Chinese cabbage.
Introduced to the south, cultivated in all parts of the north and south.
In the 19th century, it was introduced to Japan, Europe and the United States.
There are many types of Chinese cabbage. The Chinese cabbages in the north include Shandong Jiaozhou Chinese cabbage, Beijing Qingbai, Tianjin green, Northeast short dwarf cabbage, and Shanxi Yangcheng’s big edging.
  Chinese medicine believes that the sweetness of cabbage has a variety of effects, such as dispelling wind, relieving the cough, nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing away heat and annoying, conditioning the stomach and intestines, urinating urine, detoxifying and swelling.
Here are a few recipes for Chinese cabbage to cure diseases for patients to choose from.
  1. Cabbage and white radish are 100 grams each, and sweet almonds are 30 grams (peeled tip).
After cooking, eat vegetables and soup twice daily.
Can cure general cough.
  2. 60 grams of cabbage and 15 grams of hemp kernels (separate package). After cooking, go to hemp kernels and eat soup.
Can cure habitual constipation.
  3, 100 grams of cabbage root, light onion, ginger 50 grams each.
Shuijianbi 3 times a day.
Can cure colds.
  4, 250 grams of cabbage, 30 grams of barley kernels, cooked vegetables (even barley kernels) drink soup, twice a day.
Can cure glaucoma.
  5, 200 ml of Chinese cabbage mashed juice, slightly warmed before drinking and serving, twice a day; or an appropriate amount of Chinese cabbage, whole plant smashed juice, add an appropriate amount of sugar, warm 30 ml each time.
Can cure gastrointestinal ulcer bleeding.
  6, 500 grams of cabbage, add a little salt, smash to get juice, take 20 ml at a time, 3 times a day.
Can cure urethral infections.
  7, the amount of cabbage, smashed, rub the affected area.
It can treat patients with erysipelas and lacquer sore.

The retina of the body is healthier and it affects the circulation of the meridians.


The retina of the body is healthier and it affects the circulation of the meridians.

The retina of the body is a bit healthier. It affects the circulation of the meridians. For most people, they want their skin to be fine and smooth, so it looks younger, but do you know?

In fact, this part of the body will be more conducive to everyone’s health, and this part is the sole of the foot.

Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction of why it is said.

Why the soles of the feet are slender and the healthier feet are an important part of the human body, and there are a lot of meridians and acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Therefore, everyone will pay special attention to the maintenance of the feet in their daily life. It should be said that the soles of the feet are regularly removed.Cuticle.
Because the soles of the soles have more stratum corneum, they can be particularly rough on the foot, and they also affect the circulation of the meridians.

But Xiao Bian wants to tell everyone today that the soles of the feet are slender and will be healthier. The thick finger here is to let the soles of the feet properly leave the stratum corneum. Do not remove the stratum corneum from the soles of the feet.Leftover, if it is not good for the feet, and even for physical health, then what kind of benefits will it have for the health of the soles?

The first is to leave some stratum corneum on the sole of the foot, which can resist external impact and thus protect the foot.

This is mainly because the stratum corneum itself has a certain elasticity and is connected to the dermis layer. In the face of external stimulation, the stratum corneum will bear the brunt of the protection of the sole, thus maintaining the health of the blood vessels and the dermis.After maintenance, it will be more conducive to the normal metabolism in the body, thus maintaining everyone’s health.

Also, because the soles of the feet often sweat, under such circumstances, the feet will be in an acidic state, and bacterial reproduction most likes such an environment, so under such circumstances, the stratum corneum can begin.To a good isolation, so that the bacteria on the soles of the feet, or foreign microorganisms, are not easy to cause damage to the feet, and have the effect of preventing foot diseases.

Another point is that the stratum corneum is attached to the sole of the foot as a transparent cortex. In addition to helping the foot to resist some external damage, it can effectively store the nutrients and moisture in the skin of the soles, thus effectivelyHelp the soles of the feet to delay aging.

Therefore, if you want to make yourself healthier in your normal life, then under such circumstances, it does not prevent your feet from retaining some cuticles, which is very beneficial for maintaining your health.thing.
How to deal with too much stratum corneum on the soles of the feet. As mentioned above, keeping some cuticles on the soles of the feet is good for maintaining everyone’s health. Then in the normal life, the stratum corneum of the soles of the feet is allowed to develop without going.Remove it?

In fact, this is not the case. When you touch your own soles with your hands, if you find that the skin on your soles is obviously stiff and has no elasticity, then under such circumstances, you need to properly remove some of the cuticles.
Because the stratum corneum of the sole is too thick, it will affect the movement of the foot meridians and blood vessels, thus affecting the health of the sputum. Therefore, when the stratum corneum of the sole is too thick, then under such circumstances, everyone needs normal time.Regularly remove the stratum corneum of the soles of the feet in life.

So under such circumstances, Xiaobian teaches you several ways to remove too much stratum corneum from the soles of the feet.

The first is that everyone should wear as few hard shoes that will wear their feet in the usual life, and develop a good habit of wearing socks, so that the skin of the feet can be reduced to avoid the excessive stratum corneum.appear.

In addition to paying attention to this, you can also remove it with white vinegar.

The specific method is to stir the white vinegar in a ratio of one to three, more water, and less white vinegar.

Then you can soak your feet in the water for an hour, then use the exfoliating stone and grind it.

There is also a way to remove too much stratum corneum from the feet, but also to protect the skin of the feet. The specific method is to pour the yogurt in the water, then put the feet in the soak, use the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt and acid to helpThe stratum corneum is removed from the sole of the foot.

But when using this method, one thing that needs your attention. If you have a wound on your foot, then don’t use this method. If it is not, it may cause bacterial infection in the foot.

10 minutes before bedtime makes you healthy and beautiful

10 minutes before bedtime makes you healthy and beautiful

The skin is immersed in cosmetics, sunlight, dirty air, and radiation during the day, and it can finally breathe at night.

What should you do for your skin 8 hours after falling asleep?

Simple 3 steps before bedtime maintenance will make your skin care more effective.

The human body’s metabolism is being carried out every moment, for the body to burn and change, and maintain the normal operation of the body.

The skin’s metabolism is most active from 10pm to 2am, and at the same time at night is the time when the skin’s “toxin” free radicals are most active. If you can grasp these hours smartly, the metabolism at night will become the skinThis is the glorious secret weapon, “Sleeping Beauty” was born!

  Beautiful people teach you, simple 3 steps before bedtime maintenance: 1.

Cleaning must be timely and thoroughly cleansing the face makeup, this is the first step in skin care before going to bed.


Moisturizing Face Moisturizing Spray on the whole body and combined with mineral toner before going to bed, it has a moisturizing effect; if the skin is very dry, you can spray it several times repeatedly.

After the toner, it is night cream.

Night cream can also be used with serum to ensure that skin can be repaired and rejuvenated at night.

  Lip moisturizing first remove the dead skin of the lips, in addition to using scrub lip balm, you can also use some original methods.

For example, rubbing lightly on the lips with sugar, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove dead skin, and then apply lip balm before you can rest assured.


Facial treatments Facial massage before bed, make your facial skin firm up!

The easiest way is to pat the face lightly after applying toner, so that the facial muscles can fully beat and restore elasticity.

  Eye Care Eye skin is very thin, and it is most susceptible to severe age. Wastes such as fine lines and dark circles appear, so eye cream and eye mask are indispensable.

  Engaging in care for women most minds exposing fine lines because it will betray your age.

Therefore, you should use a moisturizing lotion or cream to massage instead, which will cause complications for the skin to absorb nutrients.

Note that when you apply the lotion, massage gently to show your gentle side as much as possible!

Otherwise it will be self-defeating.

  Hair care Long straight hair Before bed, apply the conditioner without washing on the hair roots, massage it carefully, and have black hair in the morning.

  Curly hair is allowed to air dry naturally before bedtime, and the hair roots are loosely tied with ribbons. When you wake up in the morning, you just comb it a little, and your hair will be fluffy and full.

  Special reminders: 1.

Good sleep is a prerequisite for skin care. Minimize staying up late, fall asleep between 10:00 and 12:00, and grasp the golden time for skin renewal.


People who are prone to insomnia do not prevent drinking milk before going to bed because of the decaying nerves contained in milk.

Autumnal | Health secrets, how to live properly


Autumnal | Health secrets, how to live properly

= Heavy news = Every autumn on September 23 will be set up as “China Farmers Harvest Festival” farmers have holidays too!

The “Farmers’ Harvest Festival” was established by the State Council only this year.

This autumn is the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the autumn season can also be a holiday.

In addition to being a distinctive symbol of farming culture, the 鈥淔armers Harvest Festival鈥?is also known as the new era connotation, representing the organic integration of traditional culture and modern civilized life.

Moreover, the autumnal mark represents the autumn harvest of spring, the intersection of busy and rest, more worthy of thinking about the busy life, how to properly live a healthy life?

Qianjun is coming to find the answer with you.

Health theory, Qingfeng autumn and autumn have a strange phenomenon, any object will find their own shadow.

This is because the direct sun shines on the equator without hesitation, and the night will grow white.

Qian Yijun believes that living on time and maintaining health is the theme of late autumn.

Drink plenty of water, eat clean, warm food, thousands of boxes of fresh horses, fruits and vegetables, detoxification and beauty change 30 minutes of ingredients close to the doorstep autumn exercise, nourish the lungs, enhance immunity, Millennium City Confucius, international synchronization courses, topFitness equipment is open 24 hours a day for you to exercise perfect body and autumn. The reeds are melodious and the chickens are getting more and more late. The crabs will become more and more fat. They will make friends and find a bar. When the lights are on, they will have a drink.

If you don’t like drinking, you can have a hearty drink and a delicious meal in the cool autumn.

The leaves have autumn colors, the screen blocks the autumn wind, and there is no need to listen to music in the walnuts. The signature roast chicken, shrimp and crab will enjoy for 15 hours, satisfy your hearing and taste buds, the cold dew, the hot drink is high, the coffee has the style, drinks,The delicious meal is the smell of human fireworks. The thought is that when the moon is shining in the rain, the autumn and autumn winds in the color district are bleak and silent, but the favorite books and music will still be enriched.

Although the “Autumn Tiger” is dancing and dancing, but looking at the autumn blue and pure white rogue clouds, the inner poetry is constantly annihilated.

The autumn is busy with farming, reading can ease the minds of the Millennium City Bookstore, bathe in the afternoon sun and read quietly, let the heart go home like a harvest festival, harvest the fruits, and let the heart enrich the Millennium City Art Center, the opera lecture experience straight face artLet the art and the soul have no distance to contact the Millennium City, bearing in mind the 5,000-year history of farming and longing for a new experience of future life in Hankou.

300,000 square full custom theme, immersive commercial block.

Have self-sustaining business, select brands.

Around the hundreds of warehousing, Metro, Wal-Mart, CapitaMall and other community alcoholic matching ring waiting, and Wuhan Tiandi, Wuguang, New World, Southland Xihui, IKEA and other high-end business district, to create a billion business engine.

Let life live a high quality, taste a cup of tea, taste the heart, and count the delay light.

K2-A plot 12 building new product plus construction surface about 114-148m2 luxury wide house, please pay attention!

Millennium City is located at the intersection of Gutian 3rd Road and Nanniwan Avenue