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What are you afraid of standing at the door of marriage?

What are you afraid of standing at the door of marriage?

The fear at the door of marriage stood on the edge of marriage for the first time. I was 27 years old.

This is an age that is considered good by many people including my mother.

Not to mention that this man who wants me can be regarded as “advanced gray” according to current fashionable words.

According to him, when I was 16 years old, he was already ranked first in the team who planned to marry me home as my wife. With this sentence, I would date him 11 years later.

  The 27-year-old woman no longer dreams of her brain but counts with her fingers in the face of life-long events.

Many nights I lay my fingers on the bed: two houses + two cars + 300,000 annual salary + unconditional love for me = happiness.

In this way, he asked me if I could bring my household registration book and unit certificate to go with him to get married, and I nodded easily.

  I ran to the Civil Affairs Bureau in a taxi and halfway received a friend ‘s phone call. He said why you did n’t have a farewell meal with us and left with a man. I said I did n’t plan to say goodbye to you.How can we mix together after a while, my friend has no voice for a long time, and finally asked what marriage you married?

Later, for this problem, I turned around the sycamore tree in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau three times, and finally said sorry to the prospective groom who was watching me, I couldn’t marry you.

Having said that, I fled the scene at a sprint speed, and I didn’t dare go home to see my mother that night.

After that my mom didn’t cook for me for a month.

  After 6 years, it took me only three months to meet an honest man with a small house and be his wife. My mother asked me what I think about marriage, and I told her that I spent 6 years finallyI figured out the question when I turned around the sycamore tree and didn’t think of an answer: a woman needs to judge whether she can live with a man as a husband and wife, just ask herself, if his elaborate wife wants to work after workCome back home.

  Women running away at the door of marriage are often due to fear. After 27 years old, my fear was to start a family. I have no attachment to this family and another person in this family.

  Some people naively equate “free marriage” with “happy marriage” and ignore the two concepts that are completely different.

Honestly, after marriage has become a “private matter” for individuals to choose freely, it is far more fragile than “parent’s order”, “matchmaker’s word” or “routine formula” in the past.

It is difficult for people without certain knowledge and ability to truly understand and use the right to freedom of marriage. Moreover, the symbol and scope of this right to freedom are still changing with the times and individuals.

  In recent years, various new ideas about the right to freedom have flowed into our traditional society, which has been closed for many years, and have brought shocks to people’s ideas and behaviors regarding marriage.

Until recently, even today, young people are still struggling with various “unfree” marriages, such as arranged marriages, sale marriages, and compulsory marriages caused by external conditions such as property, housing, public opinion, and feudal morals.However, people have entered an empty “freedom world” in which they seem to recognize a kind of “freedom” emptiness and pressure.

If you do n’t see him, there are a series of possible contradictions and even crises in free marriage. Some couples who have enjoyed the right to freedom of marriage with joy and joy also surround the difficult situation of marriage breakdown.

Unfree marriages and free marriages can also become unfortunate, but truly happy marriages are so out of reach!

  If it is said that marriage from non-free to free must be corrected by the social revolution to change the “great environment”, then from free marriage to happy marriage, most of all rely on their own ideals and unremitting efforts to create an optimization.”Small environment”.

A happy marriage is like a variety of artistic creations, not a product that can be produced in large quantities. Society cannot design a standard model for it.

  When a person chooses a spouse to marry, has children, and creates a happy family and enjoys a happy life, the process is the same as a sculptor chooses a raw material to process into a work of art.

If a person intends to create a happy and beautiful marriage, then he must start from the point of choosing a spouse and step by step.

Marriage has a creative beginning, and then uses its unique technology and willpower to continuously process, modify, decorate, and improve, because the standard of happiness is constantly increasing, and one’s psychological desire for happiness is endless.

If there is a problem at some stage of the marriage process, or even a total failure, then find the cause from each branch.

It is a pity that many people do not understand that successful marriage is a creative process. They often attribute the unsuccessfulness to the improper choice of their spouses, without investigating their ability and patience for creativity.

When they encounter setbacks, they blame each other, and even “abandon old plans and new ones” easily, thinking that changing a spouse will solve the problem.

As everyone knows, if you don’t create the artistic talent for a happy marriage yourself, even the best “raw materials” will be scrapped in your hands.

Moreover, as the spouse of the “raw material” for creating a happy marriage, they are living people with great plasticity and potential for cooperation. If they cooperate well, they can achieve “multiple results with less effort”. Even if there are mistakes, they can be easily restored or corrected.

Compared with the creation of ordinary works of art, the difficulty of creating a happy marriage with quality that can change at any time has increased the difficulty of creation.

  Unfortunately, modern people seem to be increasingly lacking courage and patience in the matter of creating a happy marriage. They have no intention to give enough effort, and some people do not have the ability and skills to create, and the perseverance to learn and practice.

Of course, the scientific research and knowledge dissemination of marriage and family in the society also lags behind the times. The lack of convenient institutions and personnel to provide scientific help and guidance to people in difficulties is also the reason for the increasing number of marriage tragedies.

This involves the necessity and possible issues of previous extensive marriage counselling.

Eating coarse grains a day or two can improve your irritability

Eating coarse grains a day or two can improve your irritability

If you find that you have a bad temper, it is most likely due to the vitamin B inherent in your body.

Eating one or two coarse grains a day can improve your temper.

  Women who lack vitamin B are grumpy, nervous, and moody.

Vitamin B deficiency can also cause beriberi and affect heart health.

Chen Feisong, president of the Beijing Association of Asian Medical Colleges, reminded that people with a bad temper should check their cumulative structure.

Vitamin B in coarse grains, if you want to improve your temper, you should ensure that you eat one or two coarse grains a day, eat more oats, barley, millet, corn, beans, whole wheat bread and sweet potatoes.

And drinking less can reduce the loss of vitamin B.

Deceive your wrong life common sense

Deceive your wrong life common sense

Eating acne with chocolate The good news for chocolate lovers is that this statement is also a false health legend.

Eating acne with chocolate has not been proven experimentally.

The current treatment of common acne is based on controlling sebum secretion, ensuring unobstructed hair follicles, keeping the skin clean and controlling bacterial infections.


hzh{display:none;}  牛奶生痰许多妈妈不敢给感冒的孩子喝牛奶,理由是牛奶生痰。A research team in the United States recruited some volunteers to infect them with rhinovirus (a common cold pathogen). After 10 days of observation, they did not find any association between milk and sputum secretion.

The subjective perception that people form milk and sputum is that milk makes our saliva sticky, so it feels like sputum.

  Vitamin C can prevent colds The 1954 Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize winner American chemist Pauling wrote a book titled “Vitamin C and the Common Cold.”

The main point in the book is that taking 1,000 milligrams or more of vitamin C daily can prevent a cold; vitamin C can be antiviral.

However, several large-scale experiments have confirmed that although vitamin C can help relieve symptoms in cold patients, once there is no credible evidence for adults or children, taking large doses of vitamin C can prevent colds.

  It is important to note that continuous high-dose vitamin C supplementation can cause diarrhea, anemia, and urinary stones.

Doctors recommend not to exceed 200 mg of vitamin C daily.

It ‘s easy to get fat before bedtime. People often warn girls who want to be slender to not eat before bedtime. The reason is that while sleeping, people’s metabolism is slow, and calories cannot be “burned out” by the body.

  In fact, the calories taken at night are no different from the calories taken during the day.

The reason for this misunderstanding is that people often eat snacks before bedtime and often choose snacks such as biscuits and potato chips, which are highly transformed foods.

  Ginkgo biloba tea is good for health. Ginkgo biloba leaves contain a lot of flavonoids with antioxidant properties.

Experiments have shown that flavonoids can improve the cardio-cerebral vascular function of experimental animals and have a certain anti-tumor effect.

However, ginkgo biloba leaves also contain another substance-ginkgoic acid, which is also a substance that causes people to eat ginkgo poisoning.

Eat more spinach iron supplement Spinach and other green leafy vegetables have almost the same iron content, and spinach spinach acid, which in turn affects iron absorption.

The source of this legend is a report on iron content in spinach published by scholar Wolf in 1870.

  It was not until 1937 that it was discovered that Wolfe had put the decimal point backward by one.

However, the content of vitamins A, E and carotene in spinach is relatively high. Eating more spinach is indeed good for health.

5 key ways to improve your skin’s texture

5 key ways to improve your skin’s texture

At present, people can fully protect their faces. However, if your skin quality is not completely improved, then more care is only a matter of appearance. Starting from five points, come to the field to “make a big turn.””Oh!

  A, skin problems can be solved by washing the face, especially the skin with excess oil secretion and insufficient moisture, which will cause the excess oil to oxidize, resulting in thickening, hardening of the stratum corneum, hiding dirt and bacteria, and breeding of bacteria.

This kind of skin problem can be solved by correct face washing method.

  B, make full use of the rich additional effects of cleansing products. Now the face wash products can not only clean the dirt, but also various additional effects.

For example, some can gently remove melanin-containing keratin to achieve the purpose of whitening; some can clean the oil deep in the pores to prevent acne; some can remove old horny and improve dull skin tone.

A little treatment of skin problems during the face washing phase can make the following skin care products more effective.

  C, replace the appropriate cleanser according to the skin condition of the day Many people replace a cleansing product and use it daily until they are used up.

Does this slow approach help the skin return to its ideal state every day?

If your face wash cleans sebum too much, even if you moisturize it later, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Moreover, the state of the skin changes every day, and it is considered that it is type XX, and the changes of the skin are ignored. Such a blind approach violates the first rule mentioned above.

It is recommended to prepare a full range of cleaning products and choose to use according to the skin condition of the day.

  D. According to the actual needs, choose the thickness and shape of the cleansing products. For cleansing products, people easily have their own preferences.

Those who like to use cleansing oil always feel unclean with other products; those who like to use lotion feel that other products are too dry.

Even if you choose different brands of valuable products, the shape and shape of cleansing products generally rarely change.

It is necessary to consciously break through the preconceived notions and choose products that truly suit you.

  E, healthy face washing method, make pores smaller and dry, pore problems, stains . almost all skin problems can be solved by decontamination.

However, if you cannot clean it and make the skin react with resistance, it will be more difficult to remove dirt, which will cause problems such as dullness and enlarged pores.

If you continue to wash your face in the wrong way, sebum can clog your pores and form acne.

The correct cleaning method is to improve the body’s own metabolic capacity and let the skin excrete dirt and oil.

If you use the healthy face wash method described below, the stain will disappear after 10 days, even if you use only lotion and no skin care products, you can moisturize all day long.

Ten ways to cultivate children’s autonomy

Ten ways to cultivate children’s autonomy

We noticed that there are no more children in life who have no doubt about what should be handled by themselves. Everything depends on the parents. Some children, although young, are very conscious.

I get up on time in the morning on my own; go to school by myself; go home from school and hurry up to do my homework . asking for advice from these parents, we have found that they have a common approach, that is, when children are very young, they should pay attention to developing their sense of autonomy.
We summarize these parents’ successful experiences as-autonomy: refers to the independence and initiative of people in activities, which manifests itself as a state in which individuals control their words and actions freely and independently.

The child’s autonomy is mainly reflected in his ability to make free choices for his actions.

  First, give the child space to let him walk forward. Of course, the baby likes to live in the arms of his mother, but he cannot live like this forever.

There is such a mother, the child is already in the second grade of elementary school, and sending him to school has to labor to carry him on his back until he is tens of meters away from the school. He was reluctant to put the child down because he was afraid that the teacher would see it.
… Why can’t he talk about the autonomy of a child who has been taken care of by his mother?

As a parent, you should expand your child’s space for free activities based on his or her own characteristics and abilities, such as encouraging him to find friends to play with, and let him be his own master in this space.

  Second, give the child time to let him arrange for many parents to think that the child is still young and do not know how to arrange his own activities.

However, if the adult completely arranges the child’s time schedule and the child just executes it, then the child’s autonomy will never be cultivated.

  One father, when the child was over 3 years old, gave the child a period of time that he could freely control. As long as there was no danger, the child could arrange what he was willing to do: play, watch TV, draw pictures, puzzles, Or do nothing . Boring, he will eventually come to his parents, and the parents will give their children some guidance.

Over time, children gradually understand how to cherish time and learn to arrange time.

  Third, to give the child the conditions to allow him to exercise and train the child to use the seedlings to encourage this practice that violates the objective law is definitely a failure, but a negative and completely “let it go” attitude is not conducive to the growth of the child.

Following the objective norms and actively creating conditions for children to exercise, this is the correct approach we should take.

  A mother saw that a 5-year-old child was interested in washing dishes, so he prepared a small bench for the child and said to the child, “I know you love working hard and want to do the dishes yourself, but the faucet is too high and you can’t, Mom prepared a small bench for you . “the child shouted excitedly:” Thank you Mom!

“As soon as I got on the small bench and happily learned the way of an adult to wash the dishes.

  Fourth, give the child a question and let him find the answer. The child usually asks the answer immediately.

This seems simple and easy, but when such a child grows up, he will not think about the problem, and always hope that others can provide ready-made answers.

This directly interferes with children’s autonomy in intellectual labor.

  One parent’s successful experience was that the child asked me for a word. Although I knew him, I didn’t tell him, but let him look up the dictionary.

In the future, if he didn’t know any more words, he wouldn’t come to ask me anymore, instead he would look up the dictionary by himself.

  Fifth, give the child difficulties and let him solve the saying that “the children of the poor are heading home early.” For the children living in poor families, the severe living environment naturally prepares him for hard exercise. Now his living standards have generally improved.Parents should think of ways to set some difficulties for their children, and let them solve them; if the child encounters difficulties in life, he also needs to solve them by himself, so as to cultivate his children’s ability and will to cope with the future.

  Sixth, give your child a chance and let him catch a person’s life. There will be too many opportunities, but if he is not good at grasping it, he may pass you by.

The task of the parent should be to provide or point out various possibilities, to inspire the child to seize it, and to cultivate the child’s ability to seize the opportunity and participate in fair competition.

  A primary school student accidentally talked to her mother about the English trials in school. The mother encouraged children with good English grades to compete for it and told her that this is a rare opportunity. Grasping an opportunity means to be on the road to successA step forward.

In elementary school and junior high school, the results of this competition were used as an important reference factor.

The child is very grateful for the reminder and will take the initiative to express himself at various opportunities in the future.

  Seventh, conflict for the child, let him solve it by himself. Just like adults, conflicts are inevitable when children are together.

The process of resolving conflicts is the process of children’s healthy growth and maturity.

When a child tells his parents about the contradiction between some kind of interpersonal communication he encounters, the parent should encourage the child to face it and instruct the child to solve it by himself, instead of avoiding it, and it is more inappropriate for the parent to solve the problemproblem.

  Eight, give the child an opponent and let him compete on his own. In order for the child to improve his ability to adapt to society, the child must learn to cooperate and learn to compete.

The effective way is to always establish a friendly approach with him.

  There was a student who was poor at school, and at one stage was actually the last in the class.

Parents have repeatedly encouraged their children not to be discouraged and to dare to compete with others, first of all, compared with children who are slightly better than themselves, as long as they work hard to catch up with him.

After the child’s victory, the parents inspired him to find new participants and start a new round of secret competition . Nine, give the child the right to let him choose the child’s autonomy. The autonomy of his choice is most obvious.
But many parents are afraid that their children will make the wrong choice and never give them the right to choose.

When such children grow up, they will not be able to adapt to the competitive social life.

Parents should take the initiative to give their children the right to choose and tell them to take responsibility for their choices.
  One parent took the child to the Children’s Palace to sign up. The original expectation was for the child to learn the piano, but found that she could see God at the entrance of the dance group, so the parents thought of the child’s choice and also asked: she askedBe responsible for your choice, and you must stick to a stage to learn dance well.
  X. Transform your child and let him create and create the highest level of autonomy.

The creation of children does not occur naturally, and it also requires the active guidance and transformation of parents.

One child is particularly fond of playing mud, and he can make some tricks.

So parents took the initiative to buy a variety of clay sculptures and plasticine for their children, and said to the children: “If you want to play, learn well, pinch, practice, and have new ideas.

“With the encouragement of parents, the children gave full play to their talents. When they graduated from junior high school, they could easily grasp the characters of lifelike characters, and they were admitted to the School of Arts and Crafts.

  The creation of the above conditions is only conducive to the development of the child’s autonomy. In the process of concrete practice, parents must continue to have good communication with the child, encourage the child, evaluate his achievements, propose new tasks, and make his progress permanent.non-stop.

Qi deficiency and cold first need to replenish Qi

Qi deficiency and cold first need to replenish Qi

The cold of qi deficiency is a common type of cold. After the illness, the chills are severe, the fever is light, the body temperature is generally below 38 ° C, or even the high fever, sore joints, and muscle pain.

Mostly due to inadequate diet, exhaustion and injury to the spleen, spleen and stomach qi deficiency.

Li Dongyuan’s “Spleen and Stomach Theory” points out: “Injury to the spleen and stomach internally hurts its qi, and exogenous wind and cold hurt its shape.

There is more than injury, if there is more than one, there is a diarrhea, if there is an injury, there is a deficiency, if there is insufficient, make up for it . but what?

However, when the agent of Xinganwen is used to supplement it and raise its yang, Ganhan is cured by diarrhea.

Jing said: The laborer is warm, the loser is warm.

You Yun: Wen Neng removes the heat, and a large dose of bitter cold damages its spleen and stomach. “Cube Buzhong Yiqi Decoction.

The author realizes that the social rhythm is accelerating, people’s habits and habits are changed, and irregular diets lead to spleen and stomach damage. There are more and more people with false fires.

Deficiency fires flourish in the interior and are susceptible to cold outside. After the cold, the doctors will often give antibiotics or heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs.

In clinical practice, Xiaotong Yiqi Decoction or “Zai Zao San” from the Six Books of Febrile Diseases have been used in the treatment of Dongyuanyuan.


The patient of the Buzhong Yiqi Decoction case, Chang ××, female, 26 years old.

Visited in June 2008.

After reporting a cold, she had a high fever for more than one month and was hospitalized in a tertiary general hospital. These tests were normal.

The tuberculin test was negative.

Symptomatic treatment was given, and the fever persisted at 39 ° C.

Introduced to the doctor: the body is small, white and white, chills and cold, low voice, timid, dry and long, poor appetite, bloating, and tasteless.

The tongue is pale, the moss is thin and white, and the number of pulses is large.

Differentiation: Spleen and stomach Qi deficiency, wind cold depression table.

Rule: Buzhong Yiqi, Gan Wen removes heat.

Prescription: Astragalus 18g, Atractylodes 15g, Codonopsis 18g, Angelica 15g, Cimicifuga 6g, Bupleurum 6g, Chenpi 15g, Guizhi 30g, Baiji 30g, Date Licorice 30g, Dried Ginger 15g, Black Aconite 30gFry for 1 hour), 12 jujubes, a total of 7 doses.

Each dose is fried with 1600ml of water to 600ml, 200ml each time, 3 times a day.

After taking the first dose, the body temperature was over 38 ° C. After taking the third dose, the body temperature replaced 37.

5 ° C.

After taking 7 doses, the body temperature was controlled at 37 ° C.

Sometimes the temperature rises to 37 after exhaustion.

5 ° C.
A total of more than 30 doses were taken above and below the case, and the body temperature was normal.

It is required to take regular supplement Buzhongyiqi pills to avoid fatigue and fasting.

For the past two years, I have had a cold, and the ginger brown sugar water has been prescribed.


Zhang Xxx, female, 45 years old.

Visited in July 2007.

Suffering from bronchial hypertension, taking hormones all year round.

In recent days, I feel wind chills, chills, coldness, runny nose, phlegm in my throat, and muscle aches.

Red tongue, thin white fur and fine veins.

Dialectics: Qi deficiency shows sparseness, wind and cold hit the network.

Governance: qi and yang, expelling cold.Prescription: Codonopsis 15g, Astragalus 15g, Guizhi 15g, Chuanxiong 15g, Asarum 12g, Black Aconite 15g (with ginger 45g, fry for 1 hour), Chuanxiong 15g, Windproof 15g, Red Radix 18g, Brassica licorice 12g, Chinese bellflower 12g, Almond 15g, a total of 5 doses.

Each dose is fried with 1600ml of water to 600ml, 200ml each time, 3 times a day.
After taking 3 doses, the symptoms disappeared, and after 5 doses, the disease was cured.

After that, the method of tonifying the kidney and benefiting the lungs was used to treat the rehabilitation and both the cold.

  Words: The cause of Qi deficiency and cold is due to insufficient spleen and stomach, and Weiyang is not solid.

The law is to nourish the spleen and stomach, lift yang, and evacuate external evils.

Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, reconstituted San use ginseng, quantum, grass.

Dongyuan said that the three flavors are sweet and warm, “the holy medicine for dehumidification, heat and irritability”, and Ke Qin said, “please the spleen and stomach and get angry”.

The difference is that Buzhong Yiqi Decoction is mainly supplementing, and the evacuation is slightly inadequate.

Case 1 was lingering with colds and continued to have high fever. Therefore, it is advisable to replenish Zhongyiqi Decoction with Guizhi Decoction and Sini Decoction to reflect Gan Wen’s intention of eliminating great heat.

Case 2 takes hormones for a long time, the watch is not solid, and the cold is constant. It is mainly based on aversion to cold, and it is used to reconstitute Wenyang and Qi to disperse cold.

Nutritional Value of Duck Eggs and Songhua Eggs

Nutritional Value of Duck Eggs and Songhua Eggs

Except for salted duck eggs and pine eggs, people do not like to eat duck eggs.

Some people think that duck eggs have a fishy smell, and some people think that duck eggs are not as nutritious as eggs.

In fact, according to scientific analysis, duck eggs are also nutritious.

Can prove beautiful with eggs.

Songhua egg, also known as preserved egg, is an egg food marinated with lime and other ingredients.

It is named because the jelly-like protein often has pine needle-like crystals or patterns after removing the egg shell.

  The content of protein in duck eggs is the same as that of eggs.

The accumulation of various minerals in duck eggs is much larger than that of eggs. In particular, iron and calcium urgently needed in the body are more abundant in duck eggs, have a flash on bone development, and can prevent anemia.

Duck eggs contain vitamin B2, which is one of the ideal foods to supplement B vitamins.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck eggs have the effect of nourishing yin, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and nourishing the lungs and skin.

Compared with duck eggs, the content of inorganic salts in Songhua eggs increased significantly, the trace contents decreased, and the total contents decreased slightly.

The final product of proteolysis, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, has unique flavors, which can stimulate the digestive organs, increase appetite, make nutrients easy to digest and absorb, and have the effects of neutralizing gastric acid, cooling and lowering blood pressure.

  It is edible by the general public.

It is most suitable for those with yin deficiency and fire as a dietary supplement.

  Just 1 every day.

  Duck eggs are heavier and should not be eaten too much.

Songhua eggs should not be eaten too much. When eating, you should also add some ginger and vinegar to detoxify them.

Duck eggs are cold, so the spleen is insufficient, and those with cold and wet diarrhea should not eat.

Duck eggs also have a high cholesterol content. People with cardiovascular disease and liver and kidney disease should eat less.

Analysis of Women’s Love Psychology

Analysis of Women’s “Love Psychology”

Express your chest.
For intellectual women, it is better to express their love than to talk about it.
A woman who pursues rationality must first attract her with a strong magic of love, attack in a straightforward manner, or express her chest.
Overcoming reason with affection is the best way to pursue a rational woman.
Because, generally speaking, a sane woman gives people a sense of intimidation due to her wisdom, and many men tend to stay away from it.
Reasonable women have less chance of receiving love, and when they are loved, they can feel the existence of love more.
For an introverted woman, if she wants to pursue, she can show care and consideration, which will allow her to talk patiently when she is in a bad mood, and create an opportunity for her to vent her feelings.
Because introverted girls usually do not like to express their feelings, it is easy to have a sense of depression in the heart due to small things, so that it is easy to produce a violent burst of feelings.
If you can balance and coordinate her heart, you will slowly become her target and lover.
  Cozy room.
If a woman who pursues a strong self-esteem needs to make room for her self-esteem when she is rejected, then when her attitude changes, she seizes the opportunity to tenderly express her heart, often receiving magical results.
This is because women with strong self-esteem are often very confident in their looks. When there is a suitor, they often give a frosty return.
Because of this, they pay special attention to the impression they make on others.
After they refuse the suitors, they usually have some introspection and understanding. The feelings that were originally beyond rationality gradually cooled and cooled, and a kind of worry arose in their hearts.
They would think that if the facts prove that they are too unforgiving, they will be considered as cruel and uneducated.
This is exactly what they care about and don’t want to accept, and this kind of worry will make them weigh the gains and losses, thus generating the willingness to re-evaluate the suitors.
At this time, it is also a great opportunity for the suitor to confess. Don’t miss this opportunity.
  Use static braking.
Sometimes, women seem to care nothing about you on the surface, but in fact they are full of contradictions, because repeated rejection will keep the suitor away and may make them taste the taste of being alone.
And if you chase too closely, women’s “defense instincts” will reject you. This is also a kind of stubbornness, unwillingness to admit defeat, and curiosity of women.
As long as you can seize this mentality of women and master the rhythm of chasing, you will definitely be able to hunt down your heart and get happy love.
  Go straight.
Most women like straightforward expressions. Although they are a little embarrassed to express directly on the first date, they will find such men attractive and difficult to reject straightforward expressions.
On the contrary, they hate the kind of men who are meandering, babbling, talkative and overly implicit.
Therefore, men should be frank when inviting women. If the other party does not like it, she may refuse it by suggestion or other reasons. If the other party is silent, you can judge that she will not reject your invitation.
At the same time, you also need to make her feel “refused because she can’t find any reason to do so.” This will give her comfort. She is not a casual girl, but only because of your hard request.of.
  Knock sideways.
Women have a mental defense instinct. They often use language to disguise their own instincts, and don’t like other people’s ingenious words.
If a man is clever and speaks out of a woman’s mind, it often causes resentment.
Therefore, when pursuing women, you must master the art of speaking, look at words and words, speak euphemistically, and be precise.
  Chic and calm.
Women have a natural instinct for self-defense and are wary of men.
They don’t like the following two kinds of men, one is to stay in front of a woman and be a whisperer, and the other is to talk exaggeratedly in front of a woman.
Both people are unnatural.
Therefore, men should maintain a sense of chicness, calmness, sincerity and naturalness in order to eliminate women’s alertness and win their hearts.
Women want to find a safe haven through marriage.They like men who are resolute, decisive, enthusiastic, hearty, and responsible, but disdainful of men who are fearful, indecisive, and hesitant.

Therefore, men should fully demonstrate the excellent qualities of men in front of women.


Of course, girls’ lives are bland, and their desire to change is also very strong. They hope that something unexpected will happen to add some changes to their lives.

So they don’t like stereotyped, conventional men.

Of course, before catering to this kind of stimulating and changing psychology of women, you must first let them rationally confirm that you are a stable person, and then you can break through the rules and create new ideas to make them full of interest.

Otherwise, it will be self-defeating, and women will have the impression that you are frivolous and procrastinating.

  Preemptive role.

The emotions of the speaker can infect the listener.

Knowing this psychology, one of the ways to impress a woman’s heart is through her superb personality.

When talking to a woman, always infiltrate your personal feelings about the event, strengthen the subjective color in the narrative, and thereby increase her concern for what you say.

Therefore, men have to enter the role first when they are personal with women, take the initiative, replace their own emotional likes and dislikes in subjective consciousness, and passionately create a personality atmosphere.

Remember not to suppress your inner feelings and extinguish the fire of passion.

  Sincerity is spirit.

Women like to be sincere and considerate and attentive. On the contrary, they have a “bad heart” and “don’t try” feelings towards a man who is overly diligent.

Therefore, a good way to open a woman’s heart is to be kind and sincere.

  A woman’s state of mind is diverse and complex.

In fact, the world does not have a master key to solve the mystery of women.

What has been described above are just some of the basic psychological characteristics of women.

As a man in love, you should know more about women ‘s psychology. According to the specific situation and specific analysis, it is appropriate for the time and for the person. Use superb techniques to seize the woman ‘s heart and pick the tempting flower of love.

Readers are wary of three diseases

Readers are wary of “three diseases”

In the Ming Dynasty’s note essay “Good Book Man’s Three Diseases”, people who like to read books have three problems: First, envy of a temporary name, just for the good looks on the shelves, such people can say no books; Second, exhaustive, extensiveIn the collection, I only want to collect more books, not to read books. This can be called a bookstore. Third, I study diligently throughout the year, memorizing it, but reading a book of death.
  Looking around the relatives and friends, it is not difficult to find this “three diseases”.
Some people in the small “Palace” with a golden wall decoration, with a large bookshelf, put some books to show off, in order to increase the face, do not read.
Some people collect books richly, just for the arty, showing that they have culture.
Although some people have read a lot, the dogma has been backed up a lot, that is, it will not be used. The essays of reading Chinese are unreasonable. If you learn the economy, you will not find the North.
As President Washington of the United States said: “If you can’t use reading, then reading is equal to waste paper.
How should a scholar treat a book?
Read books and read living books.
“Live a book is a mind, not a book servant.
The mud was eliminated, and the only pearl was taken.
(Ye Shengtao) In this respect, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are our model.
Mao Zedong read the Marxism-Leninism, found a revolutionary road with Chinese characteristics, and made the Chinese people stand up; Deng Xiaoping read Ma, Lie, Mao, and found a road of Chinese characteristics to make the Chinese people rich.

Yoga helps you to recover from physical stress and relieve stress!

Yoga helps you to recover from physical stress and relieve stress!

In the final relaxation phase of a yoga class, sometimes a slight snoring sound can be heard-some people usually have insomnia, but can quickly fall asleep in the studio after each practice.

In the busy modern life, continuously receiving various sensory stimuli and emotional pressures, coupled with the explosion of information, our limbs are like a glass filled with water, which will cause people to collapse without stimulation at all.

Practicing yoga is how I get my physiology to zero every day.

  Every time I go to the gym, I always take two sets of sportswear. After a long walk on the treadmill, I take a bath, put on clean clothes and then practice yoga.

  The music of yoga is always soothing, soft, peaceful, and the movements are slow, but I can sweat heavily every time.

Many yoga movements are anti-joint exercises. The reason why the body feels tired is often to maintain a certain posture and cause local muscle tension, such as at desk, watching a computer, using a mouse, etc. When practicing yoga, it is like “rebounding lute”. ManyThe anti-joint exercises can stretch and stretch these tight local muscles, just like applying lubricating oil to these “impact” joints.

  It is better to practice yoga at any time of the day on an empty stomach.

But the best time is to wake up in the morning, go to the toilet, brush your teeth, wash your face . all you have to do before practicing yoga.

Be sure to practice some nerve-stabilizing postures before eating breakfast, before noon, before dinner, and before going to bed. Get up in the morning and do some active nerve postures to refresh your spirit throughout the day.

  If you have time, practice once without getting involved for forty minutes.

In the beginning, the coach will always remind everyone to listen to your body’s feelings. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t move on.

Sometimes the signal from the body is better than any teacher gives you.

  In addition to stretching on the body, yoga has one of the most important exercises-meditation.

In the beginning, in the practice room, after practicing physical movements, the coach will always arrange meditation at the last moment to help everyone relax physically and mentally.

  Keep your eyes closed, even in the high-rise concrete buildings, but yoga music can take you into that natural world of birds and flowers, absorb the yoga instructor whispered and point: relax your scalp, let go of your wrinkledBrow, relax your face, mouth corners, neck, shoulders . everywhere you talk, your body naturally relaxes with her, and the stress and unhappiness of the day are temporarily put down. At this time, you don’t think about anything.
  Yoga instructors often say that yoga is actually a way of life. It is not just a sport. It also includes lifestyle, ways of making friends, and ways of thinking to make you more peaceful, clear-minded, and able to start from that impatient mood.The median comes out.