Can the exercise be more harmful in the haze?

Can the exercise be more harmful in the haze?

Haze is a hot topic for the whole people, and for weight loss and sports enthusiasts, it is also worth paying attention to whether the haze is suitable for exercise and the harm of sports in the haze.

Experts recommend stopping all sports on haze days, including sports in the park and indoor sports.

  Hazardous sports in the haze days Haze weather can easily lead to the decline of the defense function of the respiratory system and lung function. Those who have exercise habits should stop outdoor running and walking. It is best not to perform cardiopulmonary exercise, such as high-intensity running.

Because during blood pressure exercise, the breathing rhythm speeds up and deepens, and the harmful gas inhaled by the body will be several times more than usual.

  Some harmful substances combined with water vapor will become more toxic. For example, sulfur dioxide becomes sulfuric acid or sulfite, chlorine gas is decomposed into hydrogen chloride or hypochlorous acid, and fluoride is decomposed into hydrogen fluoride.

Therefore, air pollution in haze days is more severe than usual.

In addition, foggy exercise is also likely to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Will the air move better in the park on a hazy day?

  The answer is no!

When PM2.

5 When the report form is severe, the adsorption effect of plants is very weak. Only strong winds or heavy rains can blow away or wash away the haze particles in the air. The plants in the park cannot.

  Would it be better to exercise indoors?

  The answer is no, the air is flowing, and in severe haze, indoor PM2.

The 5 index is not much lower than the casino.

Unless you have a very good quality air purifier and keep doors and windows tightly closed.

  Even on non-smoggy days, do n’t move on the side of the road. Many runners choose to jog on the side of the road to exercise, which is actually not very healthy.


The current traffic on urban roads can easily make the dust.

Running on the side of the road will inhale more harmful gases and harmful particles, which actually increases physical injury to the body while exercising.

Therefore, whether running or exercising, it is best to choose a quiet and clean place such as guides, parks.

  Will interrupting exercise affect the effect of exercise for a few days? The two people worried that the interruption of exercise will affect the effect of exercise.

  In fact, otherwise, in general, for people who exercise regularly, various benefits brought by exercise, such as reducing resting heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and increasing metabolism, will gradually disappear after two weeks after interrupting exercise.

In other words, you don’t have to worry too much about interrupting your exercise for a day or two, or even a week.

It’s also important to remember proper rest and exercise.

Harmful exercise does more harm than good to the body, and it’s better not to exercise.