Twelve bad habits that are easy to get a stream


Twelve bad habits that are easy to get a stream


The driving time is too long. The researchers found that people who drive every day for more than 4 months can get more than 4 times more likely to get sick than the walker.


A survey of second-hand smoke in the United States shows that 300,000 children with respiratory tract infections are caused by secondhand smoke each year, and 3,000 people who die of lung cancer are harmed by secondhand smoke.

Therefore, those friends who can’t quit smoking should leave your family and children when smoking.


Do not eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast, most of the work in the morning lacks energy support.

Under the regulation of nerves and endocrine, the body will use its tissues, lipoproteins and sugars in the cells, affecting the maintenance and function of immune cells and immune protein structures.

There are also studies that the long-term effects of not eating breakfast on the body are more pronounced after 20 or 30 years.


Eating too much fine food is too fine and can lead to an expected imbalance.


Regular diet pills, some weight-loss drugs that accelerate metabolites, disrupt the normal tricarboxylic acid cycle involved in sugar and protein in the body, and metabolic disorders reduce the production of immune cells and immune proteins.


Abuse of antibiotics without targeted replacement of antibiotics may lead to dysregulation of the bacteria in the body, making certain pathogens recognizable and reducing immunity.

The study found that people who use antibiotics when they have a cold are more likely to catch a cold.


Mental depression Repressing affects the production of endorphins, resulting in a decrease in natural killer cells and a decrease in vitality.


Pessimistic and frustrated studies have found that the wound healing of the losers in the war is much more difficult than the winner.

Surgeons are reluctant to perform surgery on pessimistic patients because these people have low levels of immune protein in their blood and are particularly prone to complications after surgery.


A well-known friendship study found that people with more than 6 friends had fewer people than their friends, and their ability to fight colds was 4 times stronger.

Long-term loneliness and worry can reduce the activity of immune cells.


Lack of humor and humor to achieve happiness, excitement, reduce stress, increase the number of immune cells, stimulate the activity of immune cells and immune proteins, can effectively resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses.


Lack of sleep A study by the University of Chicago in the United States showed that people who sleep less than four hours a day have an immune protein activity in their blood that is 7 times better than a sleep.


The number of people in 5 hours is reduced by half.


Too lazy to wash some public goods, such as public telephones, bus handrails, door handles, etc. are often contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Wash hands in public places and wash your hands with soap.