Autumnal | Health secrets, how to live properly


Autumnal | Health secrets, how to live properly

= Heavy news = Every autumn on September 23 will be set up as “China Farmers Harvest Festival” farmers have holidays too!

The “Farmers’ Harvest Festival” was established by the State Council only this year.

This autumn is the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the autumn season can also be a holiday.

In addition to being a distinctive symbol of farming culture, the 鈥淔armers Harvest Festival鈥?is also known as the new era connotation, representing the organic integration of traditional culture and modern civilized life.

Moreover, the autumnal mark represents the autumn harvest of spring, the intersection of busy and rest, more worthy of thinking about the busy life, how to properly live a healthy life?

Qianjun is coming to find the answer with you.

Health theory, Qingfeng autumn and autumn have a strange phenomenon, any object will find their own shadow.

This is because the direct sun shines on the equator without hesitation, and the night will grow white.

Qian Yijun believes that living on time and maintaining health is the theme of late autumn.

Drink plenty of water, eat clean, warm food, thousands of boxes of fresh horses, fruits and vegetables, detoxification and beauty change 30 minutes of ingredients close to the doorstep autumn exercise, nourish the lungs, enhance immunity, Millennium City Confucius, international synchronization courses, topFitness equipment is open 24 hours a day for you to exercise perfect body and autumn. The reeds are melodious and the chickens are getting more and more late. The crabs will become more and more fat. They will make friends and find a bar. When the lights are on, they will have a drink.

If you don’t like drinking, you can have a hearty drink and a delicious meal in the cool autumn.

The leaves have autumn colors, the screen blocks the autumn wind, and there is no need to listen to music in the walnuts. The signature roast chicken, shrimp and crab will enjoy for 15 hours, satisfy your hearing and taste buds, the cold dew, the hot drink is high, the coffee has the style, drinks,The delicious meal is the smell of human fireworks. The thought is that when the moon is shining in the rain, the autumn and autumn winds in the color district are bleak and silent, but the favorite books and music will still be enriched.

Although the “Autumn Tiger” is dancing and dancing, but looking at the autumn blue and pure white rogue clouds, the inner poetry is constantly annihilated.

The autumn is busy with farming, reading can ease the minds of the Millennium City Bookstore, bathe in the afternoon sun and read quietly, let the heart go home like a harvest festival, harvest the fruits, and let the heart enrich the Millennium City Art Center, the opera lecture experience straight face artLet the art and the soul have no distance to contact the Millennium City, bearing in mind the 5,000-year history of farming and longing for a new experience of future life in Hankou.

300,000 square full custom theme, immersive commercial block.

Have self-sustaining business, select brands.

Around the hundreds of warehousing, Metro, Wal-Mart, CapitaMall and other community alcoholic matching ring waiting, and Wuhan Tiandi, Wuguang, New World, Southland Xihui, IKEA and other high-end business district, to create a billion business engine.

Let life live a high quality, taste a cup of tea, taste the heart, and count the delay light.

K2-A plot 12 building new product plus construction surface about 114-148m2 luxury wide house, please pay attention!

Millennium City is located at the intersection of Gutian 3rd Road and Nanniwan Avenue