Is a woman doing sit-ups for a long time?

Is a woman doing sit-ups for a long time?

Gynecological diseases are common diseases in women. Improper treatment can easily lead to infertility and even canceration.

In addition to drug treatment and physical therapy for gynecological diseases, women can insist on sit-ups at home, which is an auxiliary method for treating gynecological diseases.

  Learn to breathe for good results.

If you don’t grasp your breath well, your physical strength will drop very fast, and it will not reach the expected effect of movement.

For standard sit-ups, exhale when you bend forward, and inhale when you are supine.

Can not mechanically complete the entire inhalation process when supine, it should be in the process of supine backwards to start inhalation, the moment the shoulder next to the ground touches the breath to close the abdomen, the upper body gradually lifts, when the upper body is lifted until the abdomen has a feeling of bloatingExhale quickly, pull your head forward and pull down to complete the movement.

  Persist for 1 and a half seconds.

The best results of sit-ups for women under the age of 30 are 45-50 per minute, which is equivalent to 1 in 1.5 seconds; 40 per year should be 35 per minute; 50 years old should strive to reach 25-30/minute.

  Do sit-ups with patience. Occasional exercise can make your body unbearable.

In addition, do not do sit-ups during menstruation. Exercise at all times may cause menstrual blood to flow back from the uterine cavity to the pelvic cavity. Endometrial debris may also form cysts on the ovaries.

At the same time, do sit-ups without grasping heavy objects, squeezing or bumping the abdomen, this may cause fractures and cause lower abdominal pain.