Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

Toilet paper is not unfamiliar to many people, because toilet paper has almost become an indispensable product in our lives, but many of us still have misunderstandings about toilet paper, thinking that as long as toilet paper is “white, soft, thickPoint “, the quality is just fine.

In fact, there are many unsanitary factors in toilet paper.


hzh{display:none;}  (1)颜色过白:有些生产厂家为了迎合消费者的心理,提高纸的白度,在生产中一是使用荧光增白剂,而荧光增白剂是一种具有Carcinogenic compound organic compounds; the second is the use of a large amount of bleaching powder, causing the paper’s internal fibers to be severely damaged, the paper’s tensile force is particularly small, weak, and the number of uses has increased significantly.

  (2) Adding talc powder: Some production units have added talc powder to reduce the cost in the production of toilet paper. To increase the retention rate of talc powder, starch is also added at the same time.hard to use.

  (3) Odor: The raw materials used by some manufacturers to produce toilet paper are mainly wheat straw and third-level household waste paper. The bacteria are seriously out of specification. A large number of chemicals must be used for disinfection. However, no measures must be taken to remove the odor in the paper.Consumers can cause a variety of diseases after use.

  (4) Puffing: In order to increase the volume of paper, some manufacturers add a large amount of puffing agent to the raw material like popcorn. The volume of toilet paper produced is particularly large, which creates the illusion of consumers-“a small amount of toilet paper is large in quantity and soft”, But the effect is particularly poor, the pulling force is very small, and there is almost no water absorption.

  Therefore, when purchasing “toilet paper”, consumers should increase their awareness of self-protection and achieve the “four look”: ① look at the product packaging: whether the health permit number and factory address, zip code, contact phone, and whether there is an implementation standard;Look at the color: pure wood pulp without any additives, the color is natural ivory white, the texture is relatively uniform; ③ look at the endurance strength: pure wood pulp paper has long fibers, large tensile strength, good enough, not easy to break; and poor quality of poor quality paper hasIrregular holes and falling powder; ④ Look at the result of burning: good toilet paper is white and gray after burning, while poor quality toilet paper is black and gray.

  It seems that some people think that toilet paper is disinfected, so ordinary toilet paper is also used as tableware, fruit, and even a child’s mouth.

Do you see some restaurants placing ordinary toilet paper on the dining table?

  According to laboratory inspection results, many toilet papers can be sterilized or incompletely sterilized, contain a large number of bacteria, and are not sanitary.

Only highly sanitized high-quality toilet paper or napkins are hygienic.

If you have doubts about the disinfection quality of toilet paper, you can leave the paper in the sun for 1 hour before using it.