Yoga helps you to recover from physical stress and relieve stress!

Yoga helps you to recover from physical stress and relieve stress!

In the final relaxation phase of a yoga class, sometimes a slight snoring sound can be heard-some people usually have insomnia, but can quickly fall asleep in the studio after each practice.

In the busy modern life, continuously receiving various sensory stimuli and emotional pressures, coupled with the explosion of information, our limbs are like a glass filled with water, which will cause people to collapse without stimulation at all.

Practicing yoga is how I get my physiology to zero every day.

  Every time I go to the gym, I always take two sets of sportswear. After a long walk on the treadmill, I take a bath, put on clean clothes and then practice yoga.

  The music of yoga is always soothing, soft, peaceful, and the movements are slow, but I can sweat heavily every time.

Many yoga movements are anti-joint exercises. The reason why the body feels tired is often to maintain a certain posture and cause local muscle tension, such as at desk, watching a computer, using a mouse, etc. When practicing yoga, it is like “rebounding lute”. ManyThe anti-joint exercises can stretch and stretch these tight local muscles, just like applying lubricating oil to these “impact” joints.

  It is better to practice yoga at any time of the day on an empty stomach.

But the best time is to wake up in the morning, go to the toilet, brush your teeth, wash your face . all you have to do before practicing yoga.

Be sure to practice some nerve-stabilizing postures before eating breakfast, before noon, before dinner, and before going to bed. Get up in the morning and do some active nerve postures to refresh your spirit throughout the day.

  If you have time, practice once without getting involved for forty minutes.

In the beginning, the coach will always remind everyone to listen to your body’s feelings. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t move on.

Sometimes the signal from the body is better than any teacher gives you.

  In addition to stretching on the body, yoga has one of the most important exercises-meditation.

In the beginning, in the practice room, after practicing physical movements, the coach will always arrange meditation at the last moment to help everyone relax physically and mentally.

  Keep your eyes closed, even in the high-rise concrete buildings, but yoga music can take you into that natural world of birds and flowers, absorb the yoga instructor whispered and point: relax your scalp, let go of your wrinkledBrow, relax your face, mouth corners, neck, shoulders . everywhere you talk, your body naturally relaxes with her, and the stress and unhappiness of the day are temporarily put down. At this time, you don’t think about anything.
  Yoga instructors often say that yoga is actually a way of life. It is not just a sport. It also includes lifestyle, ways of making friends, and ways of thinking to make you more peaceful, clear-minded, and able to start from that impatient mood.The median comes out.