Readers are wary of three diseases

Readers are wary of “three diseases”

In the Ming Dynasty’s note essay “Good Book Man’s Three Diseases”, people who like to read books have three problems: First, envy of a temporary name, just for the good looks on the shelves, such people can say no books; Second, exhaustive, extensiveIn the collection, I only want to collect more books, not to read books. This can be called a bookstore. Third, I study diligently throughout the year, memorizing it, but reading a book of death.
  Looking around the relatives and friends, it is not difficult to find this “three diseases”.
Some people in the small “Palace” with a golden wall decoration, with a large bookshelf, put some books to show off, in order to increase the face, do not read.
Some people collect books richly, just for the arty, showing that they have culture.
Although some people have read a lot, the dogma has been backed up a lot, that is, it will not be used. The essays of reading Chinese are unreasonable. If you learn the economy, you will not find the North.
As President Washington of the United States said: “If you can’t use reading, then reading is equal to waste paper.
How should a scholar treat a book?
Read books and read living books.
“Live a book is a mind, not a book servant.
The mud was eliminated, and the only pearl was taken.
(Ye Shengtao) In this respect, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are our model.
Mao Zedong read the Marxism-Leninism, found a revolutionary road with Chinese characteristics, and made the Chinese people stand up; Deng Xiaoping read Ma, Lie, Mao, and found a road of Chinese characteristics to make the Chinese people rich.